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McKenzie Grubb

by User Not Found | Jun 06, 2019

McKenzie Grubb, admissions counselor for Manchester University Pharmacy Programs, discusses why she loves MU and her advice for students considering pharmacy school.

“What is your favorite part of being an admissions counselor?”

“My favorite thing about my job is helping people. I just love the student interaction every day – from the inquiry stage, the advocate stage, to becoming a student. I just think it’s so awesome to be there through every step of the way and helping these students achieve their goals.”

“What kind of experience would you recommend to our Pharmacy Program applicants?”

“Manchester is all about service, so we look for applicants that have service components behind them. We also look at [job] shadowing, leadership experience, and we really look for the holistic admission of a person. We look at your GPA, but we also look at who you are as a whole person, and I think that’s really neat.”

“What advice would you give to students thinking about pharmacy school?”

“I would recommend that you have a plan. Study hard in all of your classes, even those not directly related to pharmacy, volunteer and always reach out for advice. I have students that text me, call me and email me for help on an application. They can reach out and I’ll give them advice and help students through the entire admissions process. You don’t have to go in blindsided, you can always ask for help and have support the entire way through.”

“What would you recommend at the high school level?”

It’s the same thing in high school. College, let alone graduate school, may seem far away, but it’s always best to work toward your goals even at a young age. Get involved in your community – United Way, American Red Cross, National Honor Society – any programs that you can volunteer in will look great on an application. And, as always, work hard and get good grades. Hard work will always pay off.”

“What’s one thing people might not know about you?”

“My life is like a reality show! I am getting married in June, and I have two children, a 9-year-old and a 1 ½-year-old. Life is absolutely crazy at the moment and it’s constantly one thing after the next. But, life moves fast and I wouldn’t change my life for anything.”