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Sarah Lauck

by User Not Found | Oct 30, 2019

Sarah Lauck, administrative assistant for the Office of Academic and Student Affairs on MU's Fort Wayne campus, shares her favorite part of Orientation Week at Manchester University. 

“What is your favorite part about the job?”

“I would say planning all of the events that we do here on campus! That’s a main responsibility that I have, coordinating all the fun activities that the students get to do.” 

“What is your favorite event?”

“I really [have] fun with Orientation Week. It’s a good way for new students to get introduced to Manchester, especially the international students who are new to the country. We come up with a lot of fun stuff for them to do and get to know their new classmates.” 

“What do you think the best part of Orientation Week is?”

“This past year we did team-building activities, which is a great opportunity for new students to interact with current students. I think they had a lot of fun with the different activities we planned and, more importantly, they were able to get to know one another in a fun way!”           

“What advice would you give to a student considering pharmacy here?”

“Definitely get to know your co-students. They become your support system. Each year, I see students keeping to themselves the first week, but as we move into the semester, I get to see them making friends and hanging out outside of class and on the weekends. A lot of students are here without family, so it’s really important to have those people to lean on when you’re stressed out about your next test. Put yourself out there and make friends with other students.” 

What do you like about Fort Wayne?”

“There’s always something going on; it doesn’t matter what time of year. Any weekend that we don’t have stuff planned with our kids, we can always just go downtown to an event or easily find something fun to do.” 

“What is one of your favorite events in Fort Wayne?”

“We really like the Three Rivers Festival, because they have Junk Food Alley and fun stuff! My husband loves this Korean pork on a stick they have there. We also are always going to Tincaps and Mad Ants games.”