The world needs more
Manchester grads.


"Rather than learning about it by reading a textbook ... I was able to learn about it by doing."
Frederick Balagadde `01

Manchester alumni are successful and satisfied.

“The world needs more Manchester grads,” says President Dave McFadden. Why?

Manchester alumni are change-makers. They're health care professionals, business leaders, educators and social workers. They're engaged in their workplaces and communities. They're persons of ability and conviction that fulfill Manchester's missions. And according to the June 2016 Gallop poll, "Great Jobs and Great Lives" they're active, well-adjusted and fulfilled.

Approximately 2,500 Manchester alumni took part in the study. And when compared to data gathered from colleges and universities in Indiana and throughout the U.S., Manchester's results were outstanding. Watch the videos below to hear how our alumni value their Manchester education.

"The faculty and staff here ... set the tone for your ability to be successful."
Stan Hooley `80

"My Manchester experience really opened my eyes to the world."
James Butler `02

"A well-rounded education really allowed me to ... pursue a very different, unexpected career path."
Loa Traxler `85

"Manchester threw me off guard. That was the start."
Beverly Ott `80

"The relationships that I built were invaluable."
Ben Tapper `12

“Being my best self means … continuing the fight, whatever it is, to make the world a better place.”
Steve Viehweg `82

“I found that my chemistry education was very good background for medical school.”
Kathy Driver ’71 Long