Software engineers are in demand!

In the computer-dependent world of the 21st century, software engineering – the art and science of building efficient, resilient software systems – is a vital and indispensable science. It’s an applied discipline with many applications, calling for skills in problem solving, requirements engineering, software architecture/design, software quality and construction and testing of software systems.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 30 percent growth for software developers by 2026 with an average annual wage of more than $100,000!


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Software engineering student

Rich Experiences

Go beyond programming, with research, design, software testing and app development, working with a team of other dedicated students.

Prepared to Succeed

Your internship in Software Engineering lets you build and test real-world software solutions while enriching your personal portfolio

A Well-rounded Education

As a Manchester graduate, you’ll hone your technical skills in a liberal arts curriculum, giving you an edge in a highly competitive and expanding job market.