The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Manchester University

Reason 1 - Campus tour

Reason #1 - See it Firsthand

See it all on a campus tour!

Meet current students

Reason #2 - Make Friends

Meet current students (your future classmates!)

We're a Great School at a Great Price, says U.S. News

Reason #3 - Excellence

U.S.News says we’re a “Great School at a Great Price” and a “Best College.”

Oak trees line our beautiful campus

Reason #4 - Oak Trees

Tall, sturdy, stately, shady oak trees help define our beautiful campus

Friendly squirrels

Reason #5 - Squirrels!

Where there are oak trees, there are squirrels. Don’t worry, they’re friendly, like our students.

70 areas of study

Reason #6 - Options

Choose from more than 70 areas of study.

Division 3 NCAA athletics

Reason #7 - Athletic Opportunities

Div. III NCAA athletics means you can take your sport to the next level.

Inspiring faculty and coaches

Reason #8 - Passionate Faculty

Talk with faculty and coaches. You don’t have to wait to enroll here to be inspired.

Successful graduates

Reason #9 - Successful Graduates

Our graduates get jobs or into graduate schools at rates higher than the national average.

Earn $500 by visiting Manchester!

Reason #10 - $$$

You’ll earn $500 toward your tuition for visiting! (For H.S. seniors only)

As if those aren't enough reasons ...

With all those great reasons to visit Manchester University, the fact is you’ll never know if we’re a good fit until you do. And did you catch Reason #10? Who can’t use an extra $500 added to their scholarship award – applied each of your four years at MU? That’s in addition to the generous scholarships and financial aid Manchester gives to ALL students. (List us on your FAFSA to receive a financial aid notification.)

So why wouldn’t you visit? Register below! Or if you’re ready to apply, we’re ready, too!