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May 13-15, 2011

1776 Cast


2nd Continental Congress

President, John Hancock – Ham Sadler of Wabash, Ind.

Secretary, Charles Thomson – Alex Drew, sophomore music education major of Howell, Mich.

New Hampshire Delegation

Dr. Josiah Bartlett – Matt Winger, sophomore business major of Chicago

Massachusetts Delegation

John Adams – Daniel Myers-Bowman, junior music major of Manhattan, Kan.

Rhode Island Delegation

Stephen Hopkins – Tony Moore, first-year exercise science and fitness major of Avilla, Ind.

Connecticut Delegation

Roger Sherman – David Myrick, first-year music major of Mooresville, Ind.

New York Delegation

Robert Livingston – Robert Bucher of Huntington, Ind.

Lewis Morris – Elizabeth Waas Smith of North Manchester, Ind.

New Jersey Delegation

John Hart – Aimee Hoffbauer, sophomore of Freemont, Ind.

Rev. John Witherspoon – Jim Chinworth of North Manchester, Ind.

Pennsylvania Delegation

John Dickinson – Eric Reichenbach of North Manchester, Ind.

Benjamin Franklin – Mark Huntington of North Manchester, Ind.

James Wilson – Nick King of Winona Lake, Ind.

Delaware Delegation

Thomas McKean – Heidi Lovett of North Manchester, Ind.

George Read – Darcy Robins, sophomore music education major of Huntertown, Ind.

Caesar Rodney – Andy Rich of North Manchester, Ind.

Maryland Delegation

Samuel Chase – Charles Lovett of North Manchester, Ind.

Virginia Delegate

Thomas Jefferson – Jeremy Walters, first-year student of North Manchester, Ind.

Richard Henry Lee – Nicholas Kenny, senior music major of Fort Wayne, Ind.  

North Carolina Delegation

Joseph Hewes – Chris Teeters, junior music education major of Fort Wayne, Ind.

John Penn – Chris Garber of North Manchester, Ind.

South Carolina Delegation

Edward Rutledge – David Moan of North Manchester, Ind.

Georgia Delegation

Dr. Lyman Hall – Gabe Hoagland of Wabash, Ind.

Congressional staff

Custodian Andrew McNair – Nikki Glassley, junior English major of Westville, Ind.

Courier – Jeremiah Sanders, first-year music major of Marion, Ind.

Employee in Leather Apron – Kaylee Hawley, sophomore history major of Winchester, Ind.

Other cast members

Abigail Adams – Stephanie Green, senior music education major of Fort Wayne, Ind.

Martha Jefferson – Cassandra Whitaker, sophomore music major of Beavercreek, Ohio.

Painter –  Emilie Hunt, first-year accounting major of Springboro, Ohio.




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