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spring 2010 Dean’s List

A total of 303 students earned a spot on the spring 2010 Dean’s List of Manchester College, reports Registrar Lila Hammer.

To receive the distinction, students achieved a 3.5 GPA or higher during the spring 2010 semester while enrolled in at least 12 credit hours of classes.

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Spring 2010 Dean's List

Student Class Major Hometown
Emily Abraham senior biology-chemistry Jackson, Mich.
Afadelyya Adam junior biology-chemistry North Manchester
Ryan Adams junior elem. education/mild interventions Akron, Ind.
Jasmyne Ahmad senior political science Dayton, Ohio
Dylan Alltop first-year general business Clayton, Ind.
Tiffany Alva senior environmental studies, biology Medaryville, Ind.
Caleb Asbury junior biology, environmental studies Fort Wayne, Ind.
Cho Aung first-year biology-chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Brandon Baccari first-year biology-chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Leslie Bailey first-year elementary education Ogden Dunes, Ind.
Alison Baker senior elem. education/mild interventions Bristol, Ind.
Jared Baker senior political science New Haven, Ind.
Emily Ballinger junior exercise science, fitness/sport mgt. Delaware, Ohio
Kristen Barker sophomore biology-chemistry Decatur, Ind.
Sara Barker first-year biology-chemistry Goshen, Ind.
Janel Barsich senior management Crown Point, Ind.
Daniel Bartoli sophomore biology-chemistry Knox, Ind.
Briana Bass junior English Manassas, Va.
Kirk Bates senior accounting Bourbon, Ind.
Emily Bauman senior elementary education South Whitley, Ind.
Jennifer Beakas junior elem. education/mild interventions Auburn, Ind.
Ronald Berish senior biology-chemistry Columbia City, Ind.
Tiffany Berkebile senior communication studies, Spanish Walkerton, Ind.
Brittany Betz senior social work North Liberty, Ind.
Ashlie Biddle first-year history Wolcottville, Ind.
Alina BigJohny junior English/language arts education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Sarah Blake first-year elementary education Plymouth, Ind.
Thomas Blake sophomore accounting Plymouth, Ind.
Zachary Blatz senior chemistry Wabash, Ind.
Austin Blomeke senior art Kendallville, Ind.
Kara Bolinger senior elementary education Columbia City, Ind.
Deandra Borkholder sophomore educational studies Bremen, Ind.
Kristen Bowen junior management Anderson, Ind.
Chelsea Bower senior health & physical education Galveston, Ind.
Joshua Bowling senior biology-chemistry Richmond, Ind.
Kelsey Box senior sociology Mooresville, Ind.
Katherine Brelje senior philosophy, art Fort Wayne, Ind.
Jessica Bremer junior exercise science Howe, Ind.
Matthew Brian first-year life science education Mattawan, Mich.
Ashley Bright junior psychology Vevay, Ind.
Kristi Brown senior elementary education Veedersburg, Ind.
Rachel Brown sophomore elementary education Auburn, Ind.
John Bruce sophomore physics, mathematics North Manchester
Korey Bucher senior elementary education Plymouth, Ind.
Kalie Carlisle senior adapted physical education Evansville, Ind.
Kyle Carlson junior biology-chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Samuel Carsey senior accounting Swartz Creek, Mich.
Erin Cartwright junior peace studies Indianapolis
Samantha Carwile senior peace studies Anderson, Ind.
Samantha Chapman sophomore political science Fort Wayne, Ind.
Michael Chaykowski junior biology-chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Shaina Clark sophomore elem. education/mild interventions Cromwell, Ind.
Erin Cole senior biology-chemistry Mooresville, Ind.
Natalie Collar senior mathematics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Karla Conrad junior mathematics education Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Calvin Cook first-year exercise science & fitness Plymouth, Ind.
Amanda Cooper first-year biology-chemistry New Haven, Ind.
Shelby Covington first-year English Indianapolis
Rebecca Creath junior peace studies Fort Wayne, Ind.
Benjamin Crim sophomore political science Dayton, Ohio
Sarah Curry senior biology, environmental studies Fishers, Ind.
Taylor Daggett first-year exercise science & fitness Cincinnati, Ohio
Catherine Davis senior art Argos, Ind.
Christine de Kater sophomore social work Indianapolis
Danielle DeFries first-year life science education Kouts, Ind.
Anthony DeMarco sophomore environmental studies, biology Goshen, Ind.
Alison DeNeve junior art New Carlisle, Ind.
Alyssa Dibley first-year psychology Elkhart, Ind.
Mary Dickey senior elem. education/mild interventions Goshen, Ind.
Amanda Dickman sophomore elem. education/mild interventions Batesville, Ind.
Hajer Dlame sophomore computer science Baghdad, Iraq
Hannah Doenges senior French, political science Fort Wayne, Ind.
Tracie Doi first-year undeclared Granger, Ind.
Alexander Drew first-year music education Howell, Mich.
Benjamin Ellam first-year accounting Granger, Ind.
Jason Elliott senior accounting Goshen, Ind.
Matthew Ellis first-year biology-chemistry Bristol, Ind.
David Erpelding senior accounting, finance Lowell, Ind.
Lisa Ewing senior Spanish Auburn, Ind.
Jonathan Fagan senior religion Indianapolis
Kyle Fahey sophomore exercise science Rockville, Ind.
Stephen Fakoyejo senior biology-chemistry Abuja, Nigeria
Brandon Fancher senior exercise science Indianapolis
Kristina Faudree sophomore elementary education Fishers, Ind.
Melissa Faudree senior communication studies Fishers, Ind.
Nathan Felver sophomore sport management Upland, Ind.
Carol Fike senior elem. education/mild interventions Pearl City, Ill.
Aaron Flenar sophomore physics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kelly Fogle senior psychology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Aaron Foster senior accounting Mentone, Ind.
Ty Foster junior fitness & sport management Danville, Ind.
Scott Fox first-year history Greenwood, Ind.
Eric Francisco senior accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Austin Freels senior life science Education Auburn, Ind.
Cody Freels sophomore life science education Auburn, Ind.
Josalyn Frye senior psychology Alexandria, Ind.
Eloise Fulmer sophomore psychology Buford, Ga.
Traci Fuqua junior accounting Indianapolis
Allison Gallahan junior elementary education Peru, Ind.
Emily Gallmeyer junior elem. education/mild interventions Albion, Ind.
Kathryn Garrett senior political science Wolcott, Ind.
Lauren Gazdick first-year accounting La Porte, Ind.
Stacia Gerardot junior athletic training Fort Wayne, Ind.  
Trent Gerbers junior accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Amanda Gibson sophomore biology-chemistry Michigan City, Ind.
Laura Gladfelter first-year biology Goshen, Ind.
Charlene Glassley senior social studies education, history Westville, Ind.
Nicole Glassley sophomore English Westville, Ind.
Jaclyn Gore senior elementary education Valparaiso, Ind.
Jessica Grandlinard sophomore elementary education Berne, Ind.
Stephanie Green senior choral music education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Lynette Griffin first-year communication studies Monon, Ind.
Stephanie Griffith first-year elem. education/mild interventions North Milford, Ind.
Olan Griffiths sophomore sociology Kendallville, Ind.
Kay Guyer sophomore peace studies Woodbury, Pa.
Daniel Haffner senior mathematics education Ridgeville, Ind.
Erica Hahn senior finance, economics Walkerton, Ind.
Adam Hall senior social studies education Wabash, Ind.
James Hall junior biology Warsaw, Ind.
Elizabeth Hamman junior biology Claypool, Ind.
Clifford Hannon sophomore social studies education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Robin Harmon senior elem. education/mild interventions Warsaw, Ind.
Taylor Harris first-year athletic training Huntington, Ind.
Carl Hartstein junior social studies education Walkerton, Ind.
Benjamin Harvey senior religion Ann Arbor, Mich.
Kaylee Hawley first-year history, Spanish Winchester, Ind.
Kate Helm first-year elementary education Elkhart, Ind.
Matthew Helm first-year undeclared Elwood, Ind.
Katherine Herrington junior exercise science, athletic training Saint Johns, Mich.
David Herrmann first-year computer science Fort Wayne, Ind.
Katie Hileman senior social work Akron, Ind.
Nathan Hodges senior communication studies Crawfordsville, Ind.
Stephanie Hofer sophomore Spanish education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Amanda Hoff sophomore English Wabash, Ind.
Amanda Hoover sophomore accounting Zionsville, Ind.
Lauren Houser senior elem. education/mild interventions Middlebury, Ind.
Benjamin Houston sophomore history Bargersville, Ind.
Kaitlin Hughes junior music, choral education Osgood, Ind.
Andrew Jackson senior accounting Jackson, Mich.
Alexandra Jansen sophomore psychology Noblesville, Ind.
Devin Jenkins first-year accounting Niles, Mich.
Chaitra Jewell senior elem. education/mild interventions Akron, Ind.
Heather Johnson sophomore accounting Columbia City, Ind.
Kaitlin Johnson junior chemistry Huntington, Ind.
Wesley Johnson junior biology-chemistry Decatur, Ind.
Braden Jones senior health & physical education Walton, Ind.
Kelli Jordan junior mathematics education, mathematics Danville, Ind.
Adelaide Kamagaju junior biology-chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Joshua Kapla senior exercise science Hudsonville, Mich.
Katrina Kardys senior English Hoagland, Ind.
Kessie Karg senior psychology North Manchester
Carmen Keller senior accounting Urbana, Ind.
Phylicia Kelly junior elementary education Lake Village, Ind.
Thomas Kesling sophomore engineering science La Porte, Ind.
Adam King senior English Bluffton, Ind.
Jordan Kinn first-year elem. education/mild interventions Hicksville, Ohio
Sahara Kipfer senior elementary education Bluffton, Ind.
Brianna Knight senior psychology Peru, Ind.
Sarah Knoch junior accounting Leo, Ind.
Stacie Koch sophomore social work Nappanee, Ind.
Paige Koomler senior elementary education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ashley Kopla first-year biology-chemistry Valparaiso, Ind.
Sarah Kuborn sophomore psychology Darien, Ill.
Joshua Kunkel junior history Huntertown, Ind.
Andrew Kurtz first-year psychology Plymouth, Ind.
Ashley Lafferty first-year elem. education/mild interventions Bremen, Ind.
Casey Lambert senior English Chesterton, Ind.
Shae Lauer first-year elem. education/mild interventions Wabash, Ind.
Matthew Linn sophomore biology, environmental studies Columbia City, Ind.
Delanie Losey junior environmental studies, chemistry Butlerville, Ind.
Casey Loshe junior elem. education/mild interventions Decatur, Ind.
Rebecca Lowden sophomore psychology Kokomo, Ind.
Alyca Lupkin senior psychology Yoder, Ind.
Alyssa Machamer senior biology-chemistry Winamac, Ind.
Lindsey Machamer senior biology-chemistry Winamac, Ind.
Karla Madrigal first-year engineering science Elkhart, Ind.
Daniel Maringer first-year accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ryan Marshall first-year elem. education/mild interventions Laotto, Ind.
Corey Martinez junior biology-chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Sally Maxwell senior elementary education Delphi, Ind.
Caleb McAfee first-year psychology Ossian, Ind.
Lauren McCoy sophomore English/language arts education Goshen, Ind.
Carson McFadden first-year English Elgin, Ill.
Kathryn McFadden senior psychology Goshen, Ind.
Robert McKerr senior social studies education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Amber Melick sophomore biology-chemistry Geneva, Ind.
Jessica Mertz senior athletic training Kendallville, Ind.
Matthew Mest first-year general business Bloomington, Ind.
Justin Miller first-year biology-chemistry Bristol, Ind.
Kathryn Miller first-year elementary education Winchester, Ind.
Megan Miller junior sociology Goshen, Ind.
Michelle Miller senior math. education, mathematics La Porte, Ind.
Elizabeth Mishler senior biology-chemistry Phoenix, Ariz.
Allison Moore senior elementary education South Bend, Ind.
Holly Morris sophomore psychology Eaton, Ind.
Kelsey Morris senior elem. education/mild interventions Bellefontaine, Ohio
Matthew Morris sophomore social studies education Bellefontaine, Ohio
Joshua Mote senior marketing, management Russiaville, Ind.
Jessica Mullin senior biology-chemistry Indianapolis
Bradley Murphy first-year economics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Bryce Murphy first-year accounting Ossian, Ind.
Douglas Murphy junior accounting Ossian, Ind.
Jamie Murray junior accounting Hamlet, Ind.
Lauren Nash junior educational studies Sellersburg, Ind.
Aida Nattabi sophomore economics Kampala, Uganda
Maria Neff sophomore management Greenville, Ohio
Whitney Nesbitt senior psychology Rome City, Ind.
Aja Neumann junior political science Milan, Ind.
Abby Niederman sophomore English Huntington, Ind.
Kerry Nielsen junior environmental studies Medaryville, Ind.
Nadia Nubani senior biology-chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Quenton Oakes sophomore philosophy Rochester, Ind.
Sara Olson senior marketing Portage, Ind.
Allison O'Neill sophomore English North Manchester
Samuel Ott first-year philosophy, religion Churubusco, Ind.
Kyle Patterson junior religion Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kristen Patz senior social work North Manchester
Ryan Peterson senior environmental studies Marion, Ind.
Kyle Pletcher senior accounting Walkerton, Ind.
Justin Podell junior exercise science, athletic training Walkerton, Ind.
Zachary Prater first-year computer science Tippecanoe, Ind.
Jonathan Price senior accounting, finance Etna Green, Ind.
Sarah Purdy senior health & physical education North Manchester
M. Ramirez Mendez senior computer science Akron, Ind.
Alexandria Rans sophomore psychology Plymouth, Ind.
Jason Ray junior political science Liberty, Ind.
Ian Reed sophomore biology-chemistry Kentland, Ind.
Kourtney Reed first-year political science Bluffton, Ind.
Kirk Rennaker senior accounting Marion, Ind.
Amber Resor first-year social work Troy, Ohio
Teagan Rhoades sophomore biology-chemistry Brownsburg, Ind.
Sheena Richard senior religion, sociology Rochester, Ind.
Jessica Rinehart first-year music, psychology, Spanish Granger, Ind.
Alma Rodriguez sophomore political science Goshen, Ind.
Jessamy Rogers junior mathematics, physics North Manchester
Ashley Roth first-year elem. education/mild interventions Goshen, Ind.
Matthew Sarber senior history Plymouth, Ind.
Veronica Schilb sophomore political science, commun. studies Fort Wayne, Ind.
Dustin Schutte senior history Walton, Ind.
Abigail Schwendeman sophomore elem. education/mild interventions Warsaw, Ind.
Nicholas Seman junior biology-chemistry Howe, Ind.
Linsey Shannon senior English, English/language arts educ. Churubusco, Ind.
Erin Shay sophomore English/language arts education Mishawaka, Ind.
Jay Sheets junior elem. education/mild interventions Goshen, Ind.
Edward Shei sophomore political science Hanna, Ind.
Harrison Sibert sophomore psychology, philosophy Hobart, Ind.
Amber Skelton sophomore psychology Westville, Ind.
Brett Smalley senior health & physical education Forest, Ohio
Bryan Smethers senior finance Columbia City, Ind.
Harry Smith senior political science Bringhurst, Ind.
Logan Smith senior elementary education Lima, Ohio
Tasia Smith senior elementary education Warsaw, Ind.
Tyler Smith senior health/phys. educ., exercise science Lima, Ohio
Margaret Squires junior biology-chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Steven Stapleton senior accounting Claypool, Ind.
Whitley Starnes first-year elementary education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Jesse Steffen junior mathematics education Goshen, Ind.
Brittany Stevens first-year elem. education/mild interventions South Bend, Ind.
Jessica Stiffler senior elementary education Akron, Ind.
Chelsie Stout sophomore sport management Rockville, Ind.
Deana Strantz senior social studies education, history Monticello, Ind.
James Stuart junior peace studies Mount Vernon, Ohio
Marshall Stutzman first-year accounting Goshen, Ind.
Mark Sudhoff senior management, marketing Warsaw, Ind.
Kevin Swift first-year biology-chemistry Lake Odessa, Mich.
Benjamin Tapper sophomore Political Science Hobart, Ind.
Kristen Tentler first-year biology-chemistry Pendleton, Ind.
Rebecca Tepes sophomore management, marketing Knox, Ind.
Cambria Teter junior English Upland, Calif.
Clorinda Tharp first-year elementary education Winchester, Ind.
Kathleen Thayer sophomore accounting Elkhart, Ind.
Christopher Thomas sophomore political science Alexandria, Ind.
Rodney Tigaa sophomore biology-chemistry Navrongo Upper East Region, Ghana
Emily Toole senior educational studies, psychology Osceola, Ind.
John Topsoglou sophomore environmental studies Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kameron Troxell sophomore mathematics education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Jonathan Ulrich sophomore peace studies, philosophy Richmond, Ind.
Ashley Vance junior sociology, psychology Mooresville, Ind.
Ryan Wallace sophomore biology-chemistry Noblesville, Ind.
James Ward senior finance, accounting Monticello, Ind.
Zachary Washington junior philosophy, peace studies Kokomo, Ind.
Kyle Watson senior chemistry Winona Lake, Ind.
Hayley Weagant first-year exercise science & fitness Chico, Calif.
Lauren Weaver first-year history Elkhart, Ind.
Trenton Weisser senior political science Milford, Ind.
Adam Welcher senior elementary education Crawfordsville, Ind.
Brandon Wells senior exercise science Woodburn, Ind.
Jacob Wenger senior environmental Studies, biology Petersburg, Pa.
Laban Wenger first-year music education Petersburg, Pa.
Kira Wennerholm sophomore management Iowa City, Iowa
Whitney Whitehair senior elem. education/mild interventions Albany, Ind.
Rachel Wilkinson senior marketing, management North Manchester
Jessica Williams junior elementary education Auburn,
Bethany Wilson first-year communication studies Cincinnati, Ohio
Kayla Wiseman first-year elementary education Morocco, Ind.
Corrine Wolpert first-year elem. education/mild interventions Decatur, Ind.
Joshua Worch senior chemistry Richmond, Ind.
Daniel Wyant junior accounting Bunker Hill, Ind.
Samuel Wysong senior math. education, mathematics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Katrina Yoder first-year management Goshen, Ind.
Jordin Youst senior accounting Plymouth, Ind.
Kayla Zehr sophomore biology-chemistry Goshen, Ind.
Ellen Zemlin senior history, sociology Carmel, Ind.
Alisha Zuber senior biology Auburn, Ind.