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Presentations provide “taste of Manchester”

for 9th annual Dean’s Symposium on March 9


       The depth and scope of the topics students have prepared for the 9th annual Dean’s Student Scholarship Symposium offer a hint of what students are finding at Manchester College these days. The public is invited to the presentations on Friday, March 9 in the Science Center.

       Athletic training major Chris Hamlyn will present research on wrist strength comparisons between non-active students and Ultimate Frisbee athletes. Chemistry/psychology major Will Patch will talk about ritalinic acid.

       Secondary education/English major Kyle Coffman will present his paper on demythologizing women in Shakespeare and history/German major Sam Cox will talk about German-Americans confronted with anti-German fervor during World War I. And that’s just a fraction of what students will have to say on March 9.

       A total of 26 students will present 23 research and other scholarly reports in competition for the annual Jo Young Switzer Award, which is accompanied by $100 cash. All presenters receive $25 gift certificates to the Campus Store.

       The public is invited to the presentations, which are in eight sessions – all in the Science Center, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Friday. A reception and awards ceremony follows at 4:30 p.m., in Flory Auditorium of the Science Center.  Each presentation will last a maximum of 18 minutes, evaluated by a faculty team.


Dean’s Symposium Presentations

3 to 4:30 p.m., Science Center


Session I   (Room: Science 101)

       Leticia Bitner (psychology) Service Learning and its Impact on the Retention of Classroom Knowledge

       Chris hamlyn (athletic training) Comparison of the Wrist Flexion and Extension Strength in Active Ultimate Frisbee Players to Non-active Students

       TAPASH DEB (chemistry & computer science) Synthesis and Characterization of a Tetrahedral Ni(II)-thiolate Complex Containing the ‘Scorpionateo’ Tris(Pyrazolyl)borate Ligand


Session II   (Room: Science 104)

       JOSH WOLFE (business) Bone Mineral Density Measurements in Collegiate Runners

       JOSH SOLLENBERGER (political science) Iran Hostage Crisis and International Law

       JARED MOBLEY (environmental studies & biology) Reproduction, Habitat Preference and Year-Class Strength of Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieui) in the Eel River Near North Manchester, Indiana


Session I II  (Room: Science 114)

       ZACHARY BLATZ (biology-chemistry), ELIZABETH MISHLER (biology-chemistry) The Use of Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis Concentrations as Biological Indicators in a Second Order Agricultural Stream Near North Manchester, Indiana

       JAMES TYNER (economics & business) Charitable Giving- Economic Irrationality or Intangible Good?

       JESSICA BAIR (political science) Television and Impeachment


Session IV   (Room: Science 122)

        CAMILO VELASQUEZ MEJIA (political science) United States’ Intervention in Nicaragua 1979 to 1990                   

        COLLEEN HAMILTON (French) No Spitting or Speaking Breton: A Study in Linguistic Imperialism              

        CHRISTOPHER COSNER (business) The Economics of Anaerobic Methane Digesters on US Dairies


Session V   (Room: Science 124)

       KYLE COFFMAN (secondary education - English) Reality & Cleopatra: Demythologizing Women in Shakespeare

       ANDREW HAFF (history) The Social and Cistercian Reaction to the Effects of the Commercial Revolution with a Focus on the Usury                                                                                                                                                      

        ASHLEE LIGHT (biology & environmental studies) Male Flight Distribution of Gypsy Moths


Session VI   (Room: Science 141)

        ANDREW LEAVENS (Spanish) Tangier Dialectal Development: The Potential Avoidance of Systematic Vowel Changes in the English Language

       WILL PATCH (chemistry & psychology) Novel Biodegradation of Alendronate Sodium and Ritalinic Acid

       MATT TALARICO (history) The Story of the Fighting Men of the Golden Acorn Division


Session VII   (Room: Science 202)

       HOLLY SMITH (athletic training) The Relationship Between Triceps Surae Flexibility and Vertical Jump Ability

        ELI HERSBERGER (social studies education) The Feasibility of the Two Cosmogonies

STACEY CARMICHAEL (elementary education) Benefits of ASL Integration into an Elementary School Curriculum Through Cultural Understanding


       Session VIII   (Room: Science 204)

        SAM COX (history & German) Proving Their Loyalty During World War I: German-Americans Confronted with Anti-German Fervor and Suspicion

ELIZABETH STRAHAMMER (biology-chemistry), EMILY TOOLE (elementary education), KYLE WATSON (chemistry), Spatial Variation and Distribution of Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees


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