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2006 Dean's Symposium schedule


MC scholars present projects

March 10 for Dean’s Symposium


       With topics ranging from Communist Russia and baseball to the Count of Monte Cristo and stream ecosystems, the 2006 Dean’s Student Scholarship Symposium is a showcase of Manchester College creativity and research.

       More than 20 students will present their projects to seven teams of faculty evaluators beginning at 3 p.m. on Friday, March 10. All presentations are in the Science Center, with awards and a reception beginning at 4:30 p.m. in Flory Auditorium.

       The top three presenters will receive $150. The public is invited to the presentations and the ceremony. Admission is free; reservations are not necessary. Presentation topics and locations are posted in the Science Center and on the College website.

       Student presenters and rooms:

       Science 101 – junior Aimee Gerdes of Mishawaka; senior Cameron Hollenberg of Elkhart;  and junior Kelly Picard of North Muskegon, Mich.

       Science 104 – senior Rebecca Miller of Arbela, Mo.; senior Benjamin Leiter of New Windsor, Md., and sophomore Jared Mobley of North Manchester.

       Science 202 – senior Levi Haupert of Wabash; sophomore Colleen Hamilton of North Manchester; and sophomore Jonathon Dutrow of McPherson, Kan.

       Science 204 – senior Blake Hike of Syracuse; and senior Travis Poling of North Manchester; sophomore Megan Leese of Kokomo; sophomore Fiona Mills-Groninger of  Whiting; and sophomore Amanda Patch of Otterbein.

       Science 124 – senior Sarah Reed of Mishawaka; senior Rachel Long of North Liberty; and senior Logan Condon of Naperville, Ill.

       Science 122 – senior Zachary Burton of Franklin; senior Judith Small of Algonquin, Ill.; and senior Joe Lamplot of Newport, Ky.

Flory Auditorium – sophomore Laranda Collins of  Atlanta, Ind.; sophomore Anna Grady of Anderson; sophomore Jahan Monirian of Fort Wayne; first-year student Tyler Yeager of Fort Wayne; junior Kyle Coffman of Heath, Ohio; and senior Steve Boyer of Bourbon.


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