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MC students join American Legion

in helping area needy families


It all came down to pennies when residents of Manchester College’s Garver Hall raised $1,525.66 to help the American Legion Auxiliary bring a merry Christmas to needy families.

Students in each wing of the residence hall staged a “Penny War,” garnering points for larger coins and bills and losing points for pennies collected. In the final hours of the two-week challenge, hundreds of dollars in cash were dumped into the collection containers, said Amanda Myers-Walls, Garver Hall director.

The students gave the cash to American Legion Auxiliary Post 286 to add to its holiday family fund.

While some wings solicited faculty and staff, “this was mostly from students, which is the part that is really cool about this,” said Myers-Walls.  About 230 students live in the residence hall. In addition to digging deep for the money at the end of the semester, the students also sacrificed laundry change. This is the second Christmas collection contest by Garver, which gathered $1,300 last year.

“There are angels among us and they live in Garver Hall at Manchester College,” said Dee Hoffman, president of American Legion Auxiliary Post 286. “We are honored to be the distributors of the results of their hard work and gifts of love.  We are blessed, and now, so will some local needy families.” The Post expects to help at least 10 families have a merry Christmas, she said.

Manchester, a church of the Brethren college, has a history of giving back. The college and its friends raised more than $15,235 for hurricane relief this fall. And last year, students contributed more than 10,870 volunteer hours.

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