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Manchester College's Symphonic Band

travels Godspeed! to Pennsylvania

NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. (Nov. 10, 2003) -- Manchester College's Symphonic Band will tour Godspeed! through Pennsylvania Nov. 19-22, with a campus homecoming on Sunday, Nov. 23.

The tour begins Nov. 19 at Everett Church of the Brethren in Pennsylvania, followed by performances at Everett High School and the 15th Street United Methodist Church in nearby Huntingdon. Next is Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren and then The Brethren Home Community in New Oxford.

The 33-member concert band will complete its fall tour with a 3 p.m. Godspeed! concert on Nov. 23 in Cordier Auditorium at Manchester College.

"We have been talking about going out (to Pennsylvania) for years now," said Band Director R. Scott Tomlison, assistant professor of music. "One reason is the prevalence of Brethren colleges and churches at which to perform. Secondly, it was time for us to extend our tour to a longer four-day event to experience a different part of the country." Manchester is a Church of the Brethren college; about 15 percent of its students are members of the church.

The 33-member Symphonic Band will perform Flourish For Wind Band and Toccata Marziale by Ralph Vaughan Williams, On A Hymnsong Of Lowell Mason by David Holsinger, Rejoissance by James Curnow, Godspeed! by Stephen Melillo, Big Band Spectacular arranged by John Higgins, and El Capitan by John Philip Sousa.

"Our tour audiences are primarily church congregations," Tomlison said. "So, I hope those folks can leave the concert with a feeling of hearing pieces they know from the past while also appreciating and learning from the new repertoire as well."

Tickets for the Manchester College performance are $3, available at the door.




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