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The Class of 2009

Magna cum laude chemistry graduate Chelsea Weimann receives

congratulations from Jeff Osborne, assistant professor of chemistry.

Last lessons for the Class of 2009:

Embrace the unexpected

… and say, “Thanks!”

The 201 members of the 120th class of Manchester College hugged their families about them, beamed from praises of very proud faculty, and pulled friends close for Facebook poses. It was Graduation Day, this very warm and perfect May 24, 2009.

The graduates received much advice on a day packed with speeches, reflections, prayer, music, cheering, and seemingly endless faculty applause. The College awarded 156 bachelor of science degrees, 45 bachelor of arts degrees, one associate of arts degree, and two honorary degrees – to 1968 graduate Marsha Link, who has co-founded a surgical products company and a consulting service, and ABC medical director and commentator Dr. Timothy Johnson.

“Believe it or not, you are in for some huge surprises … that you cannot begin to imagine,” Dr. Johnson told the more than 2,000 people assembled. He told two stories of life-changing surprises in his life.

He said a fellowship to Indonesia during medical school in the late 60s introduced him and his wife, Nancy, a nurse, to incredible experiences, medically, culturally, and to an abandoned, filthy 18-month-old child who would become the couple’s son.

He said his honorary degree is a personal tribute to Dr. Wilbur McFadden’s family, their hosts in Indonesia. Wilbur and Joyce McFadden are 1953 graduates. (Dr. Johnson’s mother, Eunice Danielson Johnson, graduated in 1928.)

Another life-changer came when he angrily rejected an invitation to join the American Medical Association after the group opposed the appointment of Dr. John Knowles, a proponent of universal health care, as the undersecretary of health. He wrote to Dr. Knowles, igniting a friendship. When Dr. Knowles and others took over operation of an ABC station in Boston, he turned to his new young friend to host in a program on medical matters.

In her baccalaureate address, President Jo Young Switzer urged the graduating seniors to remember how they arrived at this point in their lives, and to be grateful for support they have received.

“… You are sitting here today because a choir of family members, friends, teachers, neighbors, roommates, pastors, police officers, counselors, tutors, coaches, choir directors, siblings, and professors helped you. Today, amid the bustle and excitement of the day – and every day – I hope you will take a moment to breathe in deeply and consider – who helped me get here today?  Thank those persons, and tell them, ‘I couldn’t have done this without you.’ ”

At the ultimate top of the class is Colleen Hamilton of Rockford, Mich., whose summa cum laude degree in French is even more extraordinary because she achieved it taking rigorous honors courses. She addressed her classmates: “How you came to be here is only part of your story. I want to know if, beyond today and beyond this place, you can live a greater story that gives meaning to your life.”

In reflections earlier in the day, Nicolas Kauffman of Goshen, Ind., told his classmates: “… we can all be united in that need we feel to do something, to fix things, to make the world a better place. … The important thing is that we always be willing to stop and listen, to work toward understanding opposing viewpoints, and to explore our own and be willing to change them when they don't hold up.”

Class of 2009

    ***summa cum laude  **magna cum laude  *cum laude

Graduate               Degree       Major                                        Hometown                               

Harriet Abbey BS Biology-Chemistry Lawrenceville, Ga.
Latefa Abdel-Khaleq BS Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind.
*Jason Adams BA Communication Studies Bluffton, Ind.
Katherine Allen BA Accounting/Nonprofit Mgmt. Woodland, Mich.
Karen Ames BS History Union Mills, Ind.
Wesley Atkins BS History Bremen, Ind.
Shawn Baker BA Social Studies Education Middlebury, Ind.
Steven Ballard BS Biology Indianapolis
Kelli Barkey BA Accounting Decatur, Ind.
Michelle Basey BS Educational Studies Edinburgh, Ind.
Jeff Bates BS Accounting/Finance Bourbon, Ind.
Beau Beard BS Accounting Peru, Ind.
Paul Beutler BS Environmental Studies Roann, Ind.
Megan Bihn BS Accounting Portland, Ind.
Thomas Bimba BS Peace Studies Abuja, Nigeria
Sarah Bose BS Education/Mild Intervention Indianapolis
Laci Bower BS Ex. Science/Ath. Training Warren, Ind.
Lindsey Bradtmueller BS Exercise Science New Haven, Ind.
Amy Bricker BA Psychology Middletown, Ind.
Robert Brown BS Accounting/Management La Porte, Ind.
Ashlee Brown BA Marketing Hamilton, Ind.
Ayana Brown BA Psychology Lafayette, Ind.
Andrew Burton BS History N. Manchester, Ind.
Jenna Burton BA Education Claypool, Ind.
Leslie Butterbaugh BA French/Communication Wabash, Ind.
Monique Carr BS English South Bend, Ind.
Jillian Cartwright BS Education  Plymouth, Ind.
Megan Caudill BS Accounting/Management Batesville, Ind.
Justine Ciboch BS English Knox, Ind.
Daniel Ciccarello BS Fitness, Sport Management Noblesville, Ind.
Les Cintron BS Mathematics Hamilton, Ind.
Taylor Clifford BA Exercise Science Demotte, Ind.
Laranda Collins BS Biology-Chemistry Atlanta, Ind.
John Comas BS Environmental Studies Ridgefield Park, N.J.
*Amanda Cosaboom BS Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Mary Cox BS Peace Studies Kokomo, Ind.
*Amy Crow BS Accounting Saint Joe, Ind.
Ibrahim Daqqaq BS Marketing/Management Jerusalem, Israel
*Kristen Davidson BA Education Greenville, Ohio
Katherine Davis BS Ex. Science/Athl. Training Plymouth, Ind.
Ryan Deeter BA Political Science South Bend, Ind.
*Melanie DeGrandchamp BA Health, P.E., Adapted P. E. Fort Wayne, Ind.
Laura Dell BA Peace Studies Beatrice, Neb.
Christina DeLong BS Management Windfall, Ind.
Jonathan Dicken BS Educational Studies Kokomo, Ind.
Matthew Donis BS Accounting DeMotte, Ind.
Emma Eilts BS Environmental Studies Wabash, Ind.
Joshua Folk BS Biology-Chemistry Warsaw, Ind.
Amanda Foust BS English Roann, Ind.
Christopher Frankum BS Accounting/Management Peru, Ind.
Lauren Freel BS Biology-Chemistry Granger, Ind.
Heriju Gadzama BS Management/Marketing Jos, Nigeria
*Kelli Gates BS Chemistry Bluffton, Ind.
Kacie Gauby BS Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Angela Gethaiga BS Biology Nairobi, Kenya
Brittney Gick BA Political Science Fowler, Ind.
Zachary Glenn BS English Delong, Ind.
Stacey Goins BS Education/Mild Intervention Celina, Ohio
Yazmin Good BA Economics N. Manchester, Ind.
Britany Goodpaster BA Marketing/Management Alexandria, Ind.
Allison Gottschalk BS Athletic Training Rochester, Ind.
Chelsie Gowen BS Finance/Accounting Columbia City, Ind.
*Jeffrey Grabowski BS Biology Fort Wayne, Ind.
**Anna Grady BA Biology-Chemistry N. Manchester, Ind.
Darrin Grotrian BS Management Millersburg, Ind.
***Colleen Hamilton BA French Rockford, Mich.
*Julie Hamm BA Education/Mild Intervention Connersville, Ind.
Heather Haney BA Education Goshen, Ind.
*Heather Hannan BS Psychology Wabash, Ind.
Utsav Hanspal BS Biology-Chemistry New Delhi, India
Whitney Harden BS Athletic Training Gary, Ind.
Jennifer Hare BS Computer Science N. Manchester, Ind.
Kelly Harp BS Education/Mild Intervention Peru, Ind.
Joel Hawkins BS Finance Goshen, Ind.
Toni Hayward BS Biology-Chemistry Angola, Ind.
Lisa Heaton BS Education/Mild Intervention Gosport, Ind.
Torryn Heffelfinger BS Environmental Studies Thompsonville, Mich.
Melissa Heffner BS Management Lebanon, Ind.
Nora Heggen BS Social Work Elgin, Ill.
**Benjamin Helm BS Biology Elwood, Ind.
James Hertzler BS Ex. Science/Athl. Training Cincinnati, Ohio
Christopher Hindsley BA English, Lang. Arts, French South Bend, Ind.
**Katy Hobson BA Education/Mild Intervention Brownsburg, Ind.
Rachel Hoening BS Marketing Union City, Ind.
Russell Holl BS Business/Peace Studies Ononcock, Va.
*Matthew Holycross BA Social Studies Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
**Heather Hufgard BS Marketing/Nonprofit Mgmt. Valparaiso, Ind.
Marie Humpolick BS Communication Studies Terre Haute, Ind.
Christa Hunter BS Education New Haven, Ind.
Jennifer Husband BS Education South Bend, Ind.
DeRon Jenkins BS Exercise Science Indianapolis
Dwyane Jeter BS Sociology South Bend, Ind.
Daniel Jones BS P.E./Fitness, Sport Mgmt. N. Manchester, Ind.
Erin Julian BS Finance/Marketing Greenville, Ohio
Brandon Kastner BS History South Bend, Ind.
Nicolas Kauffman BA Peace Studies Goshen, Ind.
Joseph Klee BS Education/Mild Intervention Fort Wayne, Ind.
Erin Klepfer BS English/Language Arts Educ. Greentown, Ind.
Samantha Klutzke BA Management Mulberry, Ind.
Ashley Koldyke AA Education Silver Lake, Ind.
Chelsea Kunkel BS Accounting Bluffton, Ind.
Jessica Lade BS Biology Kentland, Ind.
Jennifer Lane BS Sociology Wabash, Ind.
Jonathan Largent BS Environmental Studies Muncie, Ind.
Donald Lawson BS Computer Science Anderson, Ind.
Fabian Leal BA Accounting/Management Logansport, Ind.
Joshua Leon BS Marketing Akron, Ind.
Madison Long BS General Business Larwill, Ind.
Michael Maciejewski BS Fitness,Sport Management N. Manchester, Ind.
Doniel Martin BS Biology-Chemistry Manton, Mich.
Aaron Martsolf BS Chemistry Elkhart, Ind.
Katherine McCann BA History/Social Studies Educ. Homewood, Ill.
Elizabeth McCartan BS Accounting N. Manchester, Ind.
Ryan McCool BS Biology-Chemistry Mishawaka, Ind.
Nicholas McCoy BS Sociology Stanford, Ky.
Laura McSpadden BS English N. Manchester, Ind.
Kelley Meiklejohn BS Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Jeffrey Mendenhall BS Education/Mild Intervention Richmond, Ind.
*Teresa Michaelis BS Environmental Studies Rochester, Ind.
Marci Mickelini BA Accounting/Finance Fort Wayne, Ind.
Matthew Miller BS Marketing Rochester, Ind.
**Natasha Miller BS Psychology/Sociology N. Manchester, Ind.
Zachary Miller BS Psychology Noblesville, Ind.
Clay Mishler BA Chemistry South Whitley, Ind.
*David Moan BA Music Goshen, Ind.
Jared Mobley BS Environmental Studies N. Manchester, Ind.
*Jahan Monirian BS Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Mark Moon BS Accounting/Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kathryn Moore BS Education/Mild Intervention Rochester, Ind.
Stephanie Moore BS Accounting Rochester, Ind.
Jennifer Moore BA Communication Studies Beech Grove, Ind.
***Stacey Morgan BS English, Language Arts Warsaw, Ind.
Joshua Murphy BS Management Akron, Ind.
Stacy Musselman BS Accounting Wawaka, Ind.
Ivan Mwesigwa BS Biology-Chemistry Watertown, Mass.
Elizabeth Myers BS Education Rockfield, Ind.
Dusti Netherton BS Psychology Tipton, Ind.
*Noelle Nubani BS Biology-Chemistry Oldsmar, Fla.
*Sara Oszuscik BS Accounting/Finance Plymouth, Ind.
Erik Pedersen BS Management N. Manchester, Ind.
Sareina Pedersen BS Social Work N. Manchester, Ind.
Maria Penitani BA Marketing/Management N. Manchester, Ind.
Matthew Penner BS Communication Studies Clinton, Md.
Stephanie Phillips BS Exercise Science Indianapolis
Kelly Plank BS Mathematics Education Brookston, Ind.
Michael Poe BS Chemistry Indianapolis
*Richelle Reed BS Math./Computer Science Greenfield, Ind.
Milagros Ridoutt BS Communication/Marketing Warsaw, Ind.
Stephanie Rion BS Athletic Training Schaumburg, Ill.
Jennifer Robinson BS Health & Physical Education Plymouth, Ind.
Kerry Rogers BS Physics N. Manchester, Ind.
Benjamin Rogowski BS Management/Marketing La Porte, Ind.
Zachary Rowe BS Computer Science N. Manchester, Ind.
Robert Ruelas BA Communication Studies East Chicago, Ind.
Caitlin Sautter BS Education N. Manchester, Ind.
Olesya Savinkova BS Music N. Manchester, Ind.
Benjamin Schafer BS Athletic Training Milan, Ind.
Stephen Schellenberg BS Philosophy Terre Haute, Ind.
Emily Schieber BS Education/Mild Intervention Goshen, Ind.
Jennifer Schoenle BA Political Science New Haven, Ind.
Trent Scott BS Communication Studies Greencastle, Ind.
Leeland Shaw BS Environmental Studies Angola, Ind.
* Michael Shock BS Management/Accounting Maryville, Tenn.
Bridgett Shultz BS Education Hudson, Ind.
Meghan Siroky BS History Hobart, Ind.
Ashlee Slone BS Nonprofit Management Kendallville, Ind.
***Sarah Squires BS Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Nathan Stetzel BS Biology-Chemistry Roanoke, Ind.
Jenny Stiffler BA Education Akron, Ind.
*Adam Stokes BA Peace Studies/Pol. Science Greenwood, Ind.
Nathan Strack BS Finance Columbia City, Ind.
Anna Sweeten BS Social Work Pierceton, Ind.
*Nicole Swoverland BA Biology-Chemistry Lakeville, Ind.
*Tedra Tague BA Spanish New Market, Ind.
*Cyndel Taylor BS English Advance, Ind.
*Stephanie Taylor BA Management/Spanish Greenwood, Ind.
*Patricia Thacker BS Psychology/Sociology Indianapolis
Nicholas Tierney BS Education/Mild Intervention Elkhart, Ind.
Shaun Tilghman BS English N. Manchester, Ind.
Andrew Tkacs BA History Valparaiso, Ind.
Jerome Toler BA Biology-Chemistry New Haven, Ind.
*Tamara Ulman BS Social Work Rolling Prairie, Ind.
Megan Updike BS Biology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Adam VanZile BS Exercise Science Burlington, Ind.
Rebecca Varnes BS Environmental Studies Cloverdale, Ind.
Matthew Wagner BS English, Language Arts
*Aubree Walgamuth BS Psychology Warsaw, Ind.
**Danielle Walker BS Psychology Columbia City, Ind.
Abigail Watkins BS Ex. Science/Athl. Training Galveston, Ind.
Brittany Weaver BS Management Royal Center, Ind.
*Melissa Webb BA Psychology Noblesville, Ind.
**Chelsea Weimann BS Chemistry Roann, Ind.
James Wentzel BS Athletic Training Leiters Ford, Ind.
Abby White BS Education Leesburg, Ind.
Brittany Wiecinski BS Biology-Chemistry Waterloo, Ind.
*Melinda Wise BS English, Language Arts N. Manchester, Ind.
*Heather Wohlford BS Education/Mild Intervention Roanoke, Ind.
Tyler Yeager BS Political Science Fort Wayne, Ind.
**Sarah Yocum BA Spanish Education Marion, Ind.
Jared Yoder BA Sociology Frankfort, Ind.
Jamie Zon BS Sociology Plainfield, Ill.



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It's a Manchester tradition: Many graduating students and faculty wear green ribbons on their gowns, declaring they have signed The Graduation Pledge of social and environmental consciousness.