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Let’s go “Green Together” this Saturday


With Earth Day just around the corner, Manchester College is hosting a campus-wide environmental project from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday, April 19. Neighbors are invited to  join the massive project on the College mall.


 “Green Together” aims to reduce, reuse and recycle with pledges, a clothing drive and sale, and education about recycling. Hopefully, the free event will become a tradition, said Liz Bushnell of the College Office of Volunteer Services, which is co-sponsoring the free event with the Residence Hall Association. Games, prizes and refreshments also are planned.


Reduce.  Participants are invited to pledge “Green,” promising to reduce energy use and pollution in simple ways, such as taking shorter showers or buying biodegradable cups and plates instead of Styrofoam. Those who sign the pledge will receive special patches to recognize their commitment for a cleaner world.


Reuse.  Clothing donated by Manchester College students will be on sale so participants can practice buying used in lieu of further cluttering closets and drawers by buying new.  Profits will go toward future projects to make Manchester College more earth friendly. In addition, students will host a table-to-table “garage sale” of lots of other items.


Recycle.  Participants also will find information and tips on recycling. Recycling isn’t hard to do, but knowing how, where and what to recycle is important when getting started, Bushnell noted. 






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