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MC students bring international fashion to the runway Saturday, Nov. 6

Manchester College and generous sponsors will present an International Fashion Show of formal, business, semi-formal and casual attire from around the world on Saturday, Nov. 6. The 7 p.m. show, followed by dessert, will be held in Wampler Auditorium, on the west end of the Administration Building. There is no charge.

At least 14 students will model clothing from India, Palestine, Mexico, Venezuela, United States, Nigeria, China, Japan, Philippines, Spain, Ecuador, Uganda and other countries, including a Quincenera dress girls in Mexico wear for their Sweet 15 birthday and a Japanese kimono.

“Diverse cultures express themselves differently. Because dress is a form of cultural expression, understanding the reasons behind different forms of dressing is a sure way to dispel stereotypes and misunderstandings so prevalent in our world today,” said Peter N. Gitau, director of multicultural affairs at the college. “The fashion show is an attempt to educate our community on the different forms of dressing in different cultures and hopefully stimulate dialogue across many cultural divides.”

Manchester College, with 1,075 students, is temporary home to 72 international students from 30 countries.  U.S. students also have opportunities to study abroad. Last year, 75 students took classes abroad or studied a semester or full year abroad.

Sponsors of the fashion show include the Manchester College Office of Multicultural Affairs, Black Student Union, Hispanos Unidos, MC International Association, JC Penney, Roger’s Formal Wear, Sears and One World Handcrafts.

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