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How to stem the Hoosier “brain drain:”

Send them to Manchester College!

Manchester College students are doing their part to stem the “brain drain” from Indiana, and they’re doing it at record rates.

Continuing what is becoming a Manchester tradition, 97.5 percent of May 2006 grads had jobs or were furthering their education within six months of receiving their diplomas.

And, more than 74 percent of those grads are working and studying in Indiana!

Meanwhile, a Manchester College delegation will travel to Indianapolis this month to lobby legislators for more scholarship support for college students who opt to work and study in their home state after graduation. Gov. Mitch Daniels recently proposed new financing to entice students to pursue their careers in Indiana. Currently, Indiana ranks 44th for residents with a college degree. 

       “Employers and graduate schools in Indiana and across the country continue to recognize there is something very special about a Manchester College graduate,” said Stuart Jones, director of Career Services. “That is why our placement rates are higher than national averages and continue to climb each year.”

       Manchester’s survey of the successes of its May 2006 grads is solid research that future students can take to the bank: College officials connected with 99 percent of the grads. About 68 percent are employed and almost 26 percent are in grad school or furthering their education. The remaining 3 percent are in full-time volunteer work or not seeking employment.

       The six-month placement rate nationally ranges between 72 percent and 85 percent, Jones said. There’s no such flux at Manchester, where the placement rate has averaged 96 percent over the past five years.

       The success spans careers.  All but two of Manchester’s biology-chemistry majors, for example, are in medical or nursing school or seeking graduate degrees in the sciences. One already has a job in the DNA research field … in Indiana. Majors in management, computer science, economics, communication studies, psychology, marketing, sociology and art majors also are enjoying early success in finding jobs in their new careers.

       Education majors – one of Manchester’s cornerstone programs – are teaching and coaching in schools and programs all over Indiana.  All 50 education majors of the Class of 2006 are employed or in grad school. They’re teaching in Plymouth and LaPorte and Elkhart, in Kokomo and Rochester, in Columbia City and Valparaiso, and many other communities.

       Other members of the Class of 2006 are working across the nation, in schools, accounting firms and businesses, often returning to their home states. Manchester College students call 27 states and 26 countries home.

       Manchester provides an ever-expanding support system to help its students find success after college. Internships, student-faculty collaborations, a wealth of career services, and a reputation among educators and businesses all give Manchester grads a head start on their futures. For more about Manchester College, which offers more than 55 majors, visit 


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