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MC students traveling to Indianapolis

to lobby for student aid, network access

       Ten Manchester College students are headed to the Indiana Legislature on Tuesday, Feb. 27 to lobby for increased student financial aid and for inclusion in the state’s fiber optic network that connects several public downstate state universities.

       The students will meet with their legislators and rally with at least 150 students from independent colleges and universities in the state,  represented by Independent College of Indiana.

       “This is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet with their state legislators, thank those legislators for their support of state student financial aid, emphasize the importance of the continuation and growth of that aid, and engage in the civic process,” noted political science Professor Leonard Williams, who will accompany Manchester’s students to the State House.

       Students will urge legislators to maintain Indiana’s leading position in state-funded, need-based grants for students of independent colleges and universities. They also are supporting a new $5,000 annual merit-based scholarship for students who pledge to reside and work in Indiana for three years after graduation. Manchester College also wants a part of the I-Light 2 dark fiber network that currently serves central state public universities such as Purdue and Ball State.

        During a recent visit to Manchester College, Gov. Mitch Daniels said all Indiana colleges and universities should be served by I-Light 2 and said he favors more aid to needy students and those who want to work in the state after graduation.

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