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First-Place Team, from left: Brandon England, Jacob

Brumbaugh-Smith, Mallori Kastner and Jacob Gutzwiller


80 students vie in Wabash County

math contest at Manchester College


Eighty area middle and junior high school students competed in the 12th Annual Wabash County Junior High Mathematics Contest held at Manchester College on March 22.

Seventh-grader Cory Metzger of Southwood Junior High and eighth-grader Jacob Brumbaugh-Smith of Manchester Junior High captured first-place individual honors. Jacob also was on the winning team that included Brandon England of Northfield Junior High, Jacob Gutzwiller of Southwood and Mallori Kastner of Wabash Middle School. First-place winners received TI-83 calculators.

The contest was sponsored by the College’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in cooperation with the four schools and coordinated by Jim Brumbaugh-Smith, associate professor of mathematics. Ten seventh-graders and 10 eighth-graders from each school competed. Individual competition consisted of a 30-minute written exam and a 15-minute “flash” round of questions. Team members worked on 14 more-difficult questions in 30 minutes.

“It was a great success – we had enthusiastic participation by the students,” said Andrew F. Rich, associate professor of mathematics, who oversaw several of the contest events.  “They had a great time competing and being with other math-inclined students. And of course they enjoyed the pizza.”

Teachers assisting included:  Tammy Allen and Laura Koczan of Manchester Junior High School; Jill Glasscock and Vindy Pace of Northfield Junior High; Carl Pace and Collin Boggs of Southwood Junior High; Joey Till of Wabash Middle School; and LaVonne Sparling of the Wabash MSD.

2005 Wabash County Junior High Math Contest

7th Grade Individual Winners: 1) Cory Metzger of Southwood, 2) Ryan Richman of Wabash, 3) Spencer Krhin of Southwood, 4) Alysia Adams of Southwood, 5) Kyle Lahman of Manchester, 6) Alan Haupert of Southwood, 7) Marissa Stoffel of Northfield, 8) Jeremy Walters of Manchester, 9) Brandon England of Northfield, 10) Dev Thompson of Southwood.      

8th Grade Individual Winners: 1) Jacob Brumbaugh-Smith of Manchester, 2) Nathan Miller of  Manchester, 3)  Ben Coffman of Southwood,  4) Megan LaCanfora of Northfield, 5) Alyssa Eckerley of Northfield, 6) Neil Bever of Northfield,  7) Jacob Vogel of Manchester, 8) Laura Merriman of Wabash, 9) Jordan Fox  of Wabash, 10) Caitlin Petry of Southwood.

Team Competition:

1st Place: Jacob Brumbaugh-Smith of Manchester, Brandon England of Northfield, Jacob Gutzwiller of Southwood and Mallori Kastner of Wabash.

2nd Place: Jessica Bedke of Manchester, Megan LaCanfora of Northfield, Cory Metzger of Southwood and Katie Honeycutt of Wabash.

3rd Place: Kyle Lahman of Manchester,  Neil Bever of Northfield, Mary Elizabeth Farlow of Southwood and Tim Eilts of Wabash.

4th Place: Megan Kerr of Northfield, Jenna Hunt of Southwood and Allison Linn of Wabash         

5th Place: Josi Cripe of Manchester, Andrew Glasscock of Northfield, Marshall Schoening of Southwood and Wes Kosel of Wabash.





7th-Grade Winners, from left: Spencer Krhin, Cory Metzger and Ryan Richman









8th-grade Winners, from left: Ben Coffman, Jacob Brumbaugh-Smith and Nathan Miller

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