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80 students vie in Wabash

County math contest at College




Eighty area middle and junior high school students competed in the 14th Annual Wabash County Junior High Math Contest held at Manchester College last spring.

Seventh-grader Amelia Gray of Southwood Junior High and eighth-grader Zach Vigar of Northfield Junior High won first-place individual honors after taking a 30-minute written exam and a 15-minute “flash round” against the clock. They won Texas Instrument graphing calculators, including one donated by Mittings Electronics, Wabash.

The first-place team was comprised of Taylor Johnson of Manchester Junior High, Tiffany Clark of Northfield, Brooke Vielee of Southwood and Tori McElveen of Wabash Middle School. They presented the best score on a 30-minute exam solving 14 problems.

       The contest is sponsored by the MC Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, coordinated by department chair, Andrew F. Rich. Teachers from participating schools and the College, and MC students assisted.

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Seventh-Grade Individual: 1) Amelia Gray, Southwood, 2) Alyson Adams, Southwood, 3) Gabe Hoagland, Northfield, 4) Meagan Chittick, Southwood, 5) Alyssa Stout, Southwood, 6) Samantha Carmichael, Southwood, 7) Hannah Fadil, Southwood, 8) Payton Sorg, Manchester, 9) Darien Rodriquez, Manchester, 9) Lisa Schmalzried, Southwood, 10) Tiffany Clark, Northfield.


Eighth-Grade Individual: 1) Zach Vigar, Northfield; 2) Devin Faust, Southwood, 3) Camron Dawes, Northfield, 4) Lydia White, Wabash, 5) Tanner McCarty, Northfield, 6) Evan Huiras, Northfield, 7) Trevor Patton, Wabash, 8) Bailey Shear, Northfield, 9) Claire Brumbaugh-Smith, Manchester, 10) Olivia Forthofer, Southwood.


Team Competition. First: Taylor Johnson, Manchester; Tiffany Clark, Northfield; Brooke Vielee, Southwood and Tori McElveen, Wabash. Second: Kaytlin Smith, Manchester; Bailey Shear, Northfield; Alyssa Stout, Southwood and Lydia White, Wabash. Third: Claire Brumbaugh-Smith, Manchester; Bethany Azbell, Northfield; Rachale Bridegroom, Southwood and Kelsey Cromer, Wabash. Fourth: Darien Rodriquez, Manchester; Evan Huiras, Northfield; Grant Keaffaber, Southwood and Kasey French, Wabash. Fifth: Payton Sorg, Manchester; Zach Vigar, Northfield; Kayla Teulker, Southwood; and Mike Williams, Wabash. Sixth: Skyler Honeycutt, Manchester; Tanner Chamberlain, Northfield; Olivia Forthofer, Southwood; and Tyler Long, Wabash.



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Seventh-grade individual, from left: Gabe Hoagland (3rd), Alyson Adams (2nd)  and Amelia Gray (1st)

Eighth-grade individual, from left: Zach Vigar (1st), Devin Faust (2nd) and Camron Dawes (3rd)















First-place team, from left: Tori McElveen, Tiffany Clark, Brooke Vielee and Taylor Johnson