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“You know what regret is? I know…what regret is.”

Community, college come together

for “close to home”

underage drinking presentation


Manchester College students and area high schoolers will learn some hard lessons about underage drinking at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 7. First, students will view the video Regret, narrated by a student who was drunk when he took a curve at 100 mph, with three college buddies in the car in May 2005. Then, they’ll talk about it with those in the know.

Regret documents the loss of joy, life, and lifestyles due to poor judgment. Dedicated to the life of college student Chris Mason of Huntington, the film has his family and friends describe the events, their thoughts, decisions, pain and regret based on that fatal night. Local legal and other law enforcement officials will be present – as well as the parents of Chris Mason and driver Sean Jamian – to answer questions in a panel discussion. 

The community is invited to the program, sponsored by MC Counseling Services and student group Facts for Life, and AACTION (Against Alcohol, Controlled substances, and Tobacco in Our Neighborhoods). The event is free, in Cordier Auditorium on campus.

Narrator Sean Jamian was a student at University of Northwestern Ohio when he was driving Chris Mason and two other college students home after a party. Sean was the designated driver because it had been several hours since he had drunk several drinks. Egged on by a passenger, he pushed the car to 100 mph, losing control. The car hit a ditch, crossed a yard and another street and hit a tree. Sean and two other students walked away. Chris Mason, bleeding heavily, died. When tested, Sean’s blood alcohol level was 0.114; Indiana’s legal limit is 0.08.

Sean, his parents John and Cynthia Jamian, and Chris’ parents, Steve and Jen Mason, created the video to demonstrate what could happen when alcohol is mixed with driving. They hope the video will make a difference in someone’s life. Their son is in jail.

For more information about the program, contact MC Counseling Services, at 260-982-5306.      

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