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2009 Symposium Schedule

Student scholars present research

for 11th annual symposium Friday, April 3

The tradition continues at Manchester College: The work students will present this Friday, April 3 for the Annual Student Research Symposium is incredibly diverse. Faculty-mentored research this year ranges from deer ticks and pollution to standards-based report cards, crimes in the name of obedience and galactic bubbles.

Some used students on the Manchester campus for their “lab rats,” researching the origin of their political viewpoints, the effect of high-protein diets on their body composition, and influences on academic success. Their research stretched to the Philippines, Europe, Palestine and Israel.

The public is welcome to join this 11th annual celebration of student research. A total of 35 students will present – some as teams, many as individuals – divided into eight sessions throughout the Science Center on the Manchester College campus. An awards reception follows at 4:45 p.m. in the upper College Union. Each session begins promptly at 3 p.m.

2009 Schedule of Research Presentations

Session I     Science Center 101

COLLEEN HAMILTON (French) A Springtime for Our Language: The Protection and Promotion of Regional and Minority Languages in Europe

BRIANNA KNIGHT, ALYCA LUPKIN and KATHRYN McFADDEN (all psychology majors) Political Views of College Students in Relation to Their Parents and Friends

ANDREW SCOLARO (exercise science) Effect of High Protein Diet on Body Composition of College Students

Session II      Science Center 104

ERICA NISLEY (psychology), MELISSA PIAZZA (psychology) and EMILY TOOLE (educational studies) Education for Conflict Resolution: Teaching Peace Skills to Fourth- and Fifth-Graders

KYLE WATSON (chemistry) Examination of the Assembly of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) on Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

NOELLE NUBANI (biology-chemistry) A Literary Immersion into the Israeli-Palestinian Dilemma

SESSION III      Science Center 122

KATIE HELMERICK (biology) and DELANIE LOSEY (chemistry) A Study of Aquatic Invertebrates as Indicators of Organic Pollution in Pony Creek near North Manchester, Indiana using the Hilsenhoff Family-level Biotic Index

JEFFREY GRABOWSKI (biology) Monitoring Deer Ticks (Ixodes scapularis) and Borrelia burgdorferi in Southern Kosciusko County, Indiana

KELLY FOGLE, JOSALYN FRYE and AMBER RICHEY (all psychology majors) Influence of Sleep, Study and Alcohol Use on Academic Success in College

Session IV     Science Center 124

KATY HOBSON (education) Standards-based Report Cards

NICHOLAS McCOY (psychology) Holmesian Logic and Its Relevance for Today

ASHLEE HAVILAND (biology) Limnological Assessment on the Uses of Hydroacoustic Survey to Describe Littoral Zones in Indiana Lakes

Session V       Science Center 141

DUSTIN SCHUTTE (history) The Stamp Act: The American Reaction

ELLEN ZEMLIN (history) Crimes in the Name of Obedience: An Analysis of the Sociological and Psychological Reasons for Genocide

JASON ADAMS (communication studies) Applying the Fluctuating Non-verbal Threshold of the Structural Differential in General Semantics to the English Language by Utilizing Elements of the Japanese Language                         

Session VI     Science Center 202

CALEB ASBURY (biology) and RYAN PETERSON (environmental studies) Reproduction, Habit Preference, and Year Class Strength of Smallmouth Bass (Micropteus dolomieu) in the Eel River near North Manchester, Indiana

SARAH CURRY (biology), EMMA EILTS (environmental studies) and JACOB WENGER (environmental studies) Freshwater Mussels as a Measure of Lotic System Inquiry

MEGAN UPDIKE (biology) Dietary Preference of Jamaican Fruit Bats (Artibeus jamaicensis) in the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Session VII      Science Center 203

UTSAV HANSPAL (biology-chemistry) Temperature Analysis of Galactic Bubbles

TORRYN HEFFELFINGER and JONATHAN LARGENT (both environmental studies majors)The Respiration Rates of Crayfish Genus Orconectes in Varying Solutions of Suspended Bentonite Clay

KAREN AMES (history) Reactions to Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino Before, During, and After the Special February 1986 ‘Snap’ Philippine Presidential Elections

Session VIII      Science Center 204

MICHAEL POE (chemistry) Heavy Metal Analysis of Sediment

ADAM VanZILE (exercise science) The Effect of Pre-workout Supplements on 40-Yard Sprint Performance

TSEGA MENGISTU (engineering science) AFM Studies of Conducting Polymer P3HT on Mica, Live Gold Electrode Gaps, and Pre-flight Samples for MISSE-7

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