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Cast set for May 6-8 community production

of Sound of Music


More than 120 adults and children auditioned for the Sound of Music, to be presented by the College and Manchester Symphony Orchestra on May 6-8.

The cast of 40 includes residents of North Manchester and the surrounding communities. The performance of the 1959 Broadway musical goes into rehearsals Monday, March 21 on campus.

"The nun’s chorus promises to be spectacular!" said Director Debra Lynn, associate professor of music. "Our audience will really feel like they are in heaven when they hear this group of women.  They have a wonderful intergenerational quality. Some of the new postulants are supposed to be as young as 13, so among them (the novices and the nuns) we have a wide age range.  I love mixing young voices with mature voices, there is just no better sound.  Young voices are very “blendable” and mature voices add a depth and color impossible for young singers to achieve."

Lynn also has praise for the children who auditioned, noting it was difficult to restrain the casting to only seven Von Trapp children.

Sound of Music is a collaboration of Manchester College and the Manchester Symphony Orchestra, which performs on campus. The 50-member community orchestra is comprised of area residents, Manchester College students, faculty and staff.

Lynn offered her thanks to MSO Director Suzanne Gindin and College organist Marilyn Sexton Mason for their help during auditions, as well as members of the MC's A Cappella Choir and the Manchester Symphony Executive Board.  "Auditions would have been a logistical nightmare without their help," she said.

 Here’s the cast:

Captain Georg von Trapp, Andrew Haff

Maria Rainer (postulant at Nonnberg Abbey), Amanda Myers-Walls

Max Detweiller, Michael Raymond

Elsa Schraeder, Amy Hoffman

The Mother Abbess, Debbie Chinworth

Frau Schmidt (housekeeper), Sally Forrester Rich

Liesl von Trapp (age 16), Rachel McFadden

Friedrich von Trapp (age 14), Katy Merriman

Louisa von Trapp (age 13), Piper Tobias

Kurt von Trapp (age 10), Bryce Pyrah

Brigitta von Trapp (age 9), Katy Stuart

Marta von Trapp (age 7), Brooke Pratt

Gretl von Trapp (age 5), Rachel Chapman

Rolf Gruber, Joe Gibble-Keenan

Franz (the butler), Gary Robison

Herr Zeller, Torrance Dean

Sister Margaretta (mistress of the postulants), Myra Martin-Adkins

Sister Berthe (mistress of the novices), Gina Voelz

Sister Sophia, Renée McFadden

Ursula, Kristen Lahman

Admiral von Schreiber, Cameron Hollenberg

Baron Elberfeld, Will Myers

Frau Zeller, Allison Hoover

Baroness Elberfeld, Caitlin Haynes

Frau Schwieger, Jaina Alexander

Nuns, Elizabeth Allen, Meagan Harlow, Kathy Hawkins, Rachael Heath, Amy Hoffman, Allison Hoover

Novices, Jaina Alexander, Caitlyn Haynes,  Becca Kane, Emma Lowman, Julie Thompson, Riyanka Subrahmanyam 

New Postulants, Catherine Chapman, Lydia Chapman, Kristen Lahman, Laura Merriman, Sarah Rich, Amanda Robison

Party Guests, Becca Kane, Andrew Leavens, Emma Lowman, Matthew Overman, Andrew Suhre

Soldiers, Cameron Hollenberg, Andrew Leavens, Will Myers, Andrew Suhre, Matthew Overman

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