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Teens, other future teachers gather

for Manchester College workshop


       Manchester’s Education Department invites high school students and anyone considering a teaching career to a Celebrate Teaching Workshop on Saturday, April 28. The free program runs from 8 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. in the Science Center.

       The day begins with the humor of the Todd Roberts of Northwood Middle School, runner-up 2007 Teacher of the Year.

       Seven sessions will give participants opportunity to interact with current classroom teachers and education majors. A free lunch and optional campus tours are included.

  •  “Learning Stops When the Fun Begins: Creative Teaching Ideas that Dispel This Rumor,” Jabin Burnworth of Manchester High School

  • “Decisions of a Lifetime,” an activity for teenagers who think they are invincible, Kathy Longenbaugh of Whitko High School 

  • “Equation Art,” using computers and software to create art, Cathie Markstahler of Manchester High School

  • “Adding Spice to Bland Journals,” 30 ways for journaling across the curriculum for all grade levels, Laura Smiley of Whitko High School

  • “Create a hands-on social studies elementary classroom,” by using “time travel,” Julie Lassus of St. Therese Elementary School, Fort Wayne

  • “Reading Strategies for Beginning Readers,” Patty Good of Manchester Elementary

  • “Activity-Based Teaching” by turning a worksheet into engaging, hands-on lessons, Nancy Hanback of Manchester Elementary School


       To register for the Celebrate Teaching Workshop, email or call 260-982-5056. To find more about education at Manchester College, visit


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