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Manchester College class starts

business to combat drunk driving

Manchester College senior business students have created a company in their Case Studies in Business class to help combat Drunk Driving in Allen County. #SURVIVE is partnering with the Drug and Alcohol Consortium of Allen County to raise the awareness for Drunk Driving in Allen County.

The students are pairing the business name #SURVIVE with the slogan “Your Life Is Trending.” They will sell coasters, T-shirts, magnets and air fresheners with the logo to local businesses and people interested in the cause of reducing drunk driving.

“This is such a great opportunity for our seniors to get some real-life experience," said marketing major Laine Mello of Fort Wayne, president of #SURVIVE. "This year’s class is setting a higher standard for ourselves. We are looking to not only run a business and return a profit to the Drug and Alcohol Consortium, but also help raise awareness against drunk driving, an issue so many of us have been affected by in some way.”

Besides selling products, students will participate in volunteer projects. They will host car washes in Fort Wayne and an event on campus to bring awareness about drunk driving. The students also will work with the Drug and Alcohol Consortium on projects. The partnership benefits both the students and the Consortium.

“We are honored and excited to be an identified partner of the Manchester College Business Program’s senior project, focused on reducing drunk driving," said Jerri Lerch, executive director of Drug and Alcohol Consortium of Allen County.

"We are heartened that responsible youth are using their time, talents and treasures to assist in getting this important safety message out. We are appreciative of the funds that they will hopefully raise. We are appreciative of their passion and commitment to get the message out. Most of all, we are appreciative of the many lives that they will touch and most probably save at least one important life, if not more.”

Others in the community also are supporting the project. “In a county with one of the highest DUI rates in the state, we’re very fortunate to have these Manchester College students working on such a noble project as this,” said Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries.

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