Commencement benediction, Walter Wiltschek

To the Class of 2015 and all those who are here to support them:

We call today “commencement” because it is a beginning,
A start of a new journey with degree in hand.
So go out into the world and begin:
Begin a new job, a new level of study, or a new opportunity.
Begin a new hobby or a new way to volunteer.
Begin to more deeply explore your vocation, your faith, or your questions about life.
Begin spending a little more time with someone who has slipped off your radar.
Begin to tell your parents or grandparents or others you care about “I love you” more often.
Begin to appreciate the wonderful, unique, diverse qualities in everyone you meet.
Begin to make a list of all the things you want to do someday, and then start doing them.
Begin to make a difference where you can, no matter how small.
The gates are open. The moment is at hand. Begin now. Amen.

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