Kyla Daniels, Commencement Response from the Class of 2015

Kyla DanielsOn behalf of my fellow graduates, we thank all those who have helped us get to this moment. Your presence, involvement and support in our lives defined the people we have become. Whether you were a professor who provoked us to think more critically and examine more closely, a parent whose concern we often disregarded but was always there to provide comfort when challenges became too heavy, or friends who provided some of the greatest memories of our lives, we are grateful for your investment in our success.

As the class of 2015, we have witnessed many changes during our four years here at Manchester. We started our undergraduate careers taking classes in the admin building, sweating through the last weeks of August. We were here for the transition from Manchester College to Manchester University. We were able to celebrate 125 years of this great educational institution and were present for the inauguration of our President, Dave McFadden.

In just four short years we have witnessed major changes in our university, but what has been consistent are the values that Manchester holds dear. There was the ever-present emphasis on service and giving back to others as well as the commitment to student learning. Most importantly Manchester provided a community, where each one of us was able to find our own identity.  We now do, and always will, think of this as home, the home where our eyes were opened to infinite possibilities. Always remember that even when we leave Manchester we will carry a part of it with us. When we create change, touch people’s lives and strive to achieve, we are doing so with the values instilled in us and modeled by the University.  

We’re all going off in different directions to many different places, states, even countries. We have many different goals in mind, volunteer service, full-time positions, graduate schools and more. What the future holds, I’m not sure, but I do know that we will have a positive influence wherever we go and whatever we do. I remind you all, this is a day of reflection and celebration. We have achieved more in four years at Manchester University than we could have possibly imagined. Now we continue into the future with ability and conviction.


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