Commencement invocation, Walter Wiltschek

I share with you a prayer partially adapted from the writings of Joanna Fuchs:

Great Creator, we thank you for this cloud of witnesses—parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, mentors, and others who are here to celebrate this special day—and especially for these soon-to-be-graduated seniors we are here to celebrate.

We ask that you would bless these students as they prepare to go into the world and make it a better place. As they pursue their dreams and seek to maximize their gifts and potential, we ask you to guide them, lead them, and show them the way to true success and happiness through service to others.

Fill them, and all of us, with joy when goals are reached, and with strength when obstacles and challenges come, making each hurdle part of the path to character development and purpose. Help us plan our futures wisely and pursue them with patience and perseverance. Most of all, give us caring hearts to look for ways to help the people we meet along our journeys.

As we send these graduates into the next stage of their lives, encourage them and lift them up as they spread their wings into a clear sky of limitless opportunity. Let each and every one be wrapped in the warm embrace of love and led by the light of wisdom and compassion.

Together we pray, Amen.
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