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Manchester College choir members sing

for your supper with dinner theater

NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. (Jan. 22, 2004) - It's called Dead Air, this latest dinner performance of the Manchester College Chamber Singers. But don't expect men in tights, mischievous medieval melodies or the traditional Madrigal dinner at the Feb 13-15 productions.

This original work is a murder mystery, with 20 characters - each portrayed by a Chamber Singer. Much of the performance will take place among the dining audience, who also will have lots of opportunity to participate and help solve the whodunit.

The story?  In the midst of a storm, local radio station WDUM-FM has lost power and must move across the street, into a restaurant, to remain on the air. The radio program is jazz, and the Dead Air characters/Chamber Singers are at the ready to ensure all air time is filled with appropriate music - from "Stormy Weather" to "Blue Skies" to "Misty" to "Java Jive."

Choral Director Debra J. Lynn wrote the skeleton script for Dead Air, and the Chamber Singers fleshed out their characters during auditions and rehearsals.  Dead Air presents a new challenge to the Chamber Singers, who are accustomed to a Madrigal performance. In Dead Air, the singers must remain in character throughout the evening and not just sing for the audience.

The student singers begged to try a dinner theater production this year, said Lynn, who found composition of Dead Air "a totally new experience." All are having good fun in rehearsals, which makes it a sure bet the audience will be equally entertained. This mystery also has a Valentine's Day theme, added Lynn, who is an assistant professor of music at the college.

In addition to the Chamber Singers and some A Cappella Choir members, the performers include senior Michael Good on piano and Robert Lynn of the Huntington College faculty on bass.

The meal for the evening is chicken cordon bleu with vegetables. The tables seat six, so audience members can come as a group or join others at a table. Cost of the performance and dinner is $15 per person, with a 10 percent discount for parties of four or more. Reservations are required, at least 24 hours before the performance; call 260-982-5427. Patrons may pay for their tickets at the door.

Tickets go very fast to this popular winter offering of the Chamber Singers. Three performances of Dead Air are scheduled: at 7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 13 and Saturday, Feb. 14, and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 15.  All performances are in Winger Recital Hall, on the east side of campus.





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