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2010 Symposium Schedule

Manchester students to present

research at April 9 symposium

How do learning communities compare to traditional classrooms. Do first-generation college students send opposite messages to their parents and their professors? What challenges is post-Katrina art conservation facing? How do migrating Northern Saw-whet owls measure up? Were the gauchos of South America as free-spirited as novelists portrayed?

Manchester College student researchers are curious about these, and other subjects ranging from service learning, gerontology, physics, biology, history, literature, philanthropy, exercise science, college public relations … and even a possible business plan for a new community center.

A total of 38 students will present their findings for the 12th annual Student Research Symposium on Friday, April 9. The presentations, in 10 sessions, are scheduled from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Science Center and Clark Computer Center, immediately followed by awards and a reception in the upper College Union.

“Manchester students from a wide range of majors work side-by-side with a faculty member in a variety of subjects to produce graduate quality research,” notes Glenn Sharfman, vice president and dean for academic affairs. “Our aim is to highlight that our students are experts in their particular field, and allow them to present their work to a public audience.” 

The public is welcome to join the presentations and the celebration. Each session begins promptly at 3 p.m.


2010 Student Research Symposium

Session 1                   Clark 101

BRIANA BASS (English) Arthur Who: The Stuff of Legends

TIFFANY BERKEBILE (Communication Studies, Spanish) Successful Multi-Media Practices of Public Relations Practitioners at Private Colleges and Universities in Indiana

ASHLEY NOLL  (French) Harry Potter and the Holy Grail

Session II                  Clark 102

DEANA STRANTZ (5-12 Social Studies, History) The Great American Cartoon Characters: Comparing and Contrasting Some of the Greatest Cartoon Characters from the Golden Age of Animation


BRANDON WELLS (Exercise Science) The Effect of Nitric Oxide Supplementation on a Football Player’s 1-RM Bench Press Test

ELLEN ZEMLIN (History, Sociology) Born With a Knife in Their Hearts: Jewish Male Adolescence in 1930s Germany

Session III                Science Center 101

KELLY FOGLE (Psychology, Spanish) and HARRISON SIBERT (Psychology, Philosophy) A Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of Service Learning on Retention of Key Concepts in an Introduction to Psychology Course

BRECKEN KENNEDY (Environmental Studies) Effects of Time and Bait Selection on Angler Catch Rates of Flathead Catfish in the Upper Wabash River, Indiana

MELISSA PIAZZA (Psychology) and AMBER RICHEY (Psychology) The Effects of Body Recall on Older Persons


Session IV                 Science Center 104

MELISSA FAUDREE (Communication Studies) Is Facebook a Useful Tool for College Students?

BENJAMIN HARVEY (Religion) Buying the Needy for a Pair of Sandals: Biblical Condemnation of Economic Exploitation

ADAM WELCHER (Education) America and the 1936 Nazi Olympics

Session V                   Science Center 122         

BRENNA AUKER (History, Computer Science) ©Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: An Avatar Going Philanthropic?


NATHAN HODGES (Communication Studies) Blue-Collar Scholar: A Critical Analysis of First-generation College Students From Working-class Backgrounds at Manchester College

KYLE PATTERSON (Religion) Funny the Way It Is


Session VI                 Science Center 124

KATHERINE BRELJE (Philosophy, Art) Wabi: The Beauty of Imperfection in Japanese Aesthetics

CATHERINE DAVIS (Art) Natural Destruction: A Case Study in Oil Painting Conservation

LISA EWING (Spanish) Civilization Versus Barbarism in the Gaucho Martin Fierro

Session VII                 Science Center 141

TIHITINA DAGNEW (Political Science) The Impact of Marital Status on Violent Crime Rates in Texas Counties

JACOB WENGER (Environmental Studies, Biology) Redside dace (Clinostomus elongatus) in Mill Creek, Wabash County Indiana: A Strategy for Research and Augmentation

Session VIII                 Science Center 202

SARAH CURRY (Biology, Environmental Studies) Examination of Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) Fall Migration Patterns in North Central Indiana

STACIA GERARDOT (Athletic Training) The Effect of PNF Hamstring Stretching on Speed

TERRY HONEYCUTT (History, Economics) Cutting a Deal with Hitler: The Making of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Session IX                 Science Center 203

ASHLEY BRIGHT (Psychology), JOSALYN FRYE (Psychology), KESSIE KARG (Psychology) and LISA MORGAN (Psychology) Learning Communities


ERICA HAHN (Finance, Economics), LAURA HAND (Finance, Economics), VIENNA NOEL (Accounting) and JAMES WARD (Finance, Accounting) North Manchester Community Center Business Plan Proposal

Session X                 Science Center 204

JOSHUA KUNKEL (History) Barrier Battle: The Progression of Distance Running with a Case Study on the Conquest for the 4 Minute Mile

MATTHEW LINN (Biology, Environmental Studies) and KERRY NIELSEN (Environmental Studies) A Population Estimation and Year Class Strength of Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieui) at Pawpaw Creek, Mexico and North Manchester in Indiana’s Eel River

CHRISTA PEDEN (Athletic Training, Exercise Science) A Comparison of Two Stretching Techniques for Hamstring Flexibility

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