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Spring 2011 Dean’s List

A total of 294 students earned a spot on the Spring 2011 Dean’s List of Manchester College, reports Registrar Lila Hammer.

To receive the distinction, students achieved a 3.5 GPA or higher during the Spring 2011 semester while enrolled in at least 12 credit hours of classes.


Spring 2011 Dean's List

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Student Class Major Hometown
Afadelyya Adam senior Biology-Chemistry North Manchester, Ind.
Ryan Adams senior Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Akron, Ind.
Kelsey Airgood junior Environmental Studies Simsbury, Ct.
Jared Allen first-year Accounting, Finance Havre de Grace, Md.
Dylan Alltop sophomore Finance Clayton, Ind.
Cho Aung sophomore Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Brandon Baccari sophomore Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Leslie Bailey sophomore Elementary Education Ogden Dunes, Ind.
Emily Ballinger senior Exercise Science  Delaware, Ohio
Kristen Barker junior Biology-Chemistry Decatur, Ind.
Kathleen Barnes first-year Social Work Sturgis, Mich.
Daniel Barr sophomore Life Science Education Pierceton, Ind.
Andrew Barrand sophomore Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Stephanie Barras sophomore English Indianapolis
Scott Barry sophomore Accounting Plymouth, Ind.
Kelsey Barta sophomore English Hammond, Ind.
James Barth junior History Crawfordsville, Ind.
Daniel Bartoli junior Biology-Chemistry Knox, Ind.
Briana Bass senior English Manassas, Va.
Megan Batten sophomore Biology-Chemistry La Porte, Ind.
Jennifer Beakas senior Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Auburn, Ind.
Jasmine Bell sophomore Social Work Huntington, Ind.
Brittany Betz senior Social Work North Liberty, Ind.
Ashlie Biddle sophomore History Wolcottville, Ind.
Alina BigJohny senior English/Language Arts Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Sarah Blake sophomore Elementary Education Plymouth, Ind.
Thomas Blake junior Accounting Plymouth, Ind.
Zackary Boger sophomore Athletic Training Garrett, Ind.
Kristen Bowen senior Management Anderson, Ind.
Melissa Bowman senior Chemistry, Spanish Vienna, Va.
ShaNell Brazo first-year Undeclared Claypool, Ind.
Ashley Bright senior Psychology Vevay, Ind.
Rachel Brown junior Elementary Education Auburn, Ind.
Megan Bucher senior Elementary Education Huntington, Ind.
Todd Byrket junior Psychology Wakarusa, Ind.
Jonathon Caffarelli sophomore Accounting Lansing, Ill.
Kyle Carlson senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Sarah Carman first-year Mathematics Liberty, Ind.
Katelyn Carothers sophomore Biology-Chemistry Glendale, Ariz.
Erin Cartwright senior Peace Studies Indianapolis
Kayla Case first-year Psychology, Criminal Justice Wabash, Ind.
Samantha Chapman junior Political Science Fort Wayne, Ind.
Michael Chaykowski senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Bethany Clark senior Religion Gettysburg, Ohio
Shaina Clark junior Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Cromwell, Ind.
Erin Cole senior Biology-Chemistry Mooresville, Ind.
Karla Conrad senior Mathematics Education Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Calvin Cook sophomore Exercise Science Plymouth, Ind.
Meredith Cors junior Psychology Elkhart, Ind.
Shelby Covington sophomore English, French Indianapolis
Rebecca Creath senior Peace Studies, Sociology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Benjamin Crim junior Accounting Dayton, Ohio
Dana Cronin junior Psychology, Sociology Tell City, Ind.
Brandon Curry first-year Social Studies Education South Whitley, Ind.
Taylor Daggett sophomore Exercise Science  Cincinnati, Ohio
Cayla Davenport senior Elementary Education Warsaw, Ind.
Danielle DeFries sophomore Life Science Education Kouts, Ind.
Alison DeNeve senior Art New Carlisle, Ind.
Kari Deutscher junior Psychology South Bend, Ind.
Kaitlyn Dewitt first-year Psychology Anderson, Ind.
Alyssa Dibley sophomore Psychology, Social Work Elkhart, Ind.
Amanda Dickman junior Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Batesville, Ind.
Tracie Doi sophomore Social Work Granger, Ind.
Kailey Dopkowski senior Sociology Waynetown, Ind.
Kathryn Dunlap senior Psychology Saint John, Ind.
Emily Ehlerding sophomore Chemistry Decatur, Ind.
Benjamin Ellam sophomore Accounting, Management Granger, Ind.
Matthew Ellis sophomore Biology-Chemistry Bristol, Ind.
Chase Estepp senior Elementary Education Nappanee, Ind.
Tyler Evans sophomore English Anderson, Ind.
Kyle Fahey junior Exercise Science  Rockville, Ind.
Nathan Felver junior Sport Management Upland, Ind.
Nathan Ferch senior Sport Management Walkerton, Ind.
Eric Francisco senior Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Lindsey Franks sophomore Communication Studies Warsaw, Ind.
Cody Freels junior Life Science Education Auburn, Ind.
Allison Gallahan senior Elementary Education Peru, Ind.
Emily Gallmeyer senior Elem. Education/ Mild Interventions Albion, Ind.
Jordan Garber sophomore Psychology Vandalia, Mich.
Dustin Garbers junior Exercise Science  Martinsville, Ind.
Megan Garstka sophomore Chemistry New Haven, Ind.
Lauren Gazdick sophomore Accounting La Porte, Ind.
Stacia Gerardot senior Athletic Training Fort Wayne, Ind.
Trent Gerbers senior Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kendra Getz junior Exercise Science  West Harrison, Ind.
Amanda Gibson junior Biology-Chemistry Michigan City, Ind.
Nicole Glassburn senior Spanish Education Rochester, Ind.
Nicole Glassley senior English Westville, Ind.
Cody Goble first-year English Saint Marys, Ohio
Andrew Graber sophomore Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Goshen, Ind.
Jessica Grandlinard junior Elementary Education Berne, Ind.
Stephanie Green senior Music Education: Choral Fort Wayne, Ind.
Stephanie Griffith sophomore Elementary Education Avilla, Ind.
Felicia Grossman sophomore General Business Goshen, Ind.
Kay Guyer junior Peace Studies Woodbury, Pa.
Kevin Hadden first-year Political Science Zionsville, Ind.
James Hall senior Biology   Warsaw, Ind.
Makenna Hamilton first-year Athletic Training Medaryville, Ind.
Ryan Hann junior History Leesburg, Ind.
Allison Harper first-year Biology-Chemistry Granger, Ind.
Taylor Harris sophomore Athletic Training Huntington, Ind.
Matthew Harter first-year Mathematics Education Huntington, Ind.
Megan Hartley senior Management, Marketing Columbia City, Ind.
Micah Hauschild first-year Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kaylee Hawley junior History Winchester, Ind.
Wesley Heath first-year Sociology Anderson, Ind.
Kelsey Heisler senior Elementary Education Plymouth, Ind.
Kate Helm sophomore Elementary Education Elkhart, Ind.
Matthew Helm sophomore Biology   Elwood, Ind.
Stephen Hendricks senior Biology-Chemistry South Bend, Ind.
Andrew Herbel senior Chemistry Sparta, Mich.
Robert Heritz first-year Exercise Science & Fitness Granger, Ind.
Katherine Herrington senior Exercise Science  Saint Johns, Mich.
David Herrmann sophomore Computer Science Fort Wayne, Ind.
Margaret Hess sophomore Political Science, Psychology South Hadley, Mass.
Jessica Hickerson senior English Linthicum, Md.
Whitnee Hidalgo sophomore Sociology North Manchester, Ind.
Dylan Hiner sophomore Psychology Wabash, Ind.
Amanda Hoff junior English Wabash, Ind.
Kristen Hoffman first-year Sociology Hillsboro, Kan.
Alex Hokanson junior Computer Science Granger, Ind.
Amy Hommema junior Sport Management Indianapolis
Kailey Honn senior Biology-Chemistry Westfield, Ind.
Andrea Hopper junior Biology-Chemistry Columbia City, Ind.
Benjamin Houston junior History Bargersville, Ind.
Kari Huang sophomore Accounting Elkhart, Ind.
Kaitlin Hughes senior Music Education: Choral Osgood, Ind.
Kelly Iler first-year Music Education Kouts, Ind.
Alexandra Jansen junior Psychology Noblesville, Ind.
Devin Jenkins sophomore Accounting Niles, Mich.
Chaitra Jewell senior Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Akron, Ind.
Haley Johnson senior Spanish Indianapolis
Kourtney Johnson first-year Accounting Andrews, Ind.
Wesley Johnson senior Biology-Chemistry Decatur, Ind.
Cortney Jones senior Adapted P.E., Health & P.E. Kendallville, Ind.
Kelli Jordan senior Mathematics Education, Mathematics Danville, Ind.
Angelina Jung first-year Music Plymouth, Ind.
William Kallas junior Political Science, Communication Studies Hammond, Ind.
Adelaide Kamagaju senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Phylicia Kelly senior Elementary Education Lake Village, Ind.
Thomas Kesling senior Engineering Science La Porte, Ind.
Caitlin Kessler first-year Biology-Chemistry Kokomo, Ind.
Jordan Kinn junior Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Hicksville, Ohio
Amanda Kirts sophomore Medical Technology Elkhart, Ind.
Sarah Knoch senior Accounting Leo, Ind.
Jordon Knox senior Physical Education Lafayette, Ind.
Stacie Koch junior Social Work, Economics Nappanee, Ind.
Angelika Konik sophomore Management, Marketing Des Plaines, Ill.
Peter Kowalczyk junior Athletic Training, Exercise Science & Fitness Chicago
Christabelle Kozlik first-year Management Emigrant, Mt.
Amy Kraner junior Psychology North Manchester, Ind.
Sarah Kuborn junior Psychology Darien, Ill.
Joshua Kunkel senior History, Sociology Huntertown, Ind.
Brian Kunze senior Social Studies Education Plymouth, Ind.
Andrew Kurtz junior Psychology Plymouth, Ind.
Catherine Lange sophomore English/Language Arts Education Ferdinand, Ind.
Sean Langley sophomore Biology , Environmental Studies Tipton, Ind.
Julia Largent senior Peace Studies, Communication Studies Muncie, Ind.
John Lash junior Chemistry Kendallville, Ind.
Sarah Lauinger junior Chemistry Indianapolis
Hilary Leeper first-year Social Work Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kyle Leffel senior Health & Physical Education North Manchester, Ind.
Ryne Lehrman first-year Exercise Science & Fitness Hoagland, Ind.
Sarah Leininger sophomore Biology-Chemistry, Music, Mathematics Timberville, Va.
Nathan Liddick junior Marketing Marion, Ind.
Matthew Linn junior Biology , English, Language Arts Education Columbia City, Ind.
Kathryn Loeser junior Biology-Chemistry Granger, Ind.
Delanie Losey senior Environmental Studies, Chemistry Butlerville, Ind.
Casey Loshe senior Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Decatur, Ind.
Rebecca Lowden junior Psychology Kokomo, Ind.
Louise Magiera first-year Psychology Wheatfield, Ind.
Ted Maldonado first-year Psychology Portage, Ind.
James Manis sophomore Management Merrillville, Ind.
Daniel Maringer sophomore Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Adam Marlatt sophomore Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Kouts, Ind.
Megan May first-year Accounting Michigan City, Ind.
Ashley McClintic first-year Communication Studies Wakarusa, Ind.
Lauren McCoy junior English/Language Arts Education Goshen, Ind.
Carson McFadden sophomore English Elgin, Ill.
Kathryn McFadden senior Psychology Goshen, Ind.
Amber Melick junior Biology , English, Language Arts Education Geneva, Ind.
Lee Melling sophomore Exercise Science & Fitness Elkhart, Ind.
Matthew Mest sophomore Management Bloomington, Ind.
Brittney Miller senior Biology-Chemistry Goshen, Ind.
Megan Miller senior Sociology Goshen, Ind.
Stephanie Miller first-year Mathematics Education La Porte, Ind.
Zabrian Mills first-year Psychology Alexandria, Ind.
Jonathan Mock first-year Accounting, Management Hobart, Ind.
Kurt Monix sophomore Marketing, Management Crown Point, Ind.
Janelle Morr first-year Athletic Training Ashley, Ind.
Holly Morris junior Psychology Eaton, Ind.
Lisa-Marie Mullen first-year Marketing, Management La Porte, Ind.
Bradley Murphy sophomore Economics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Douglas Murphy senior Accounting Ossian, Ind.
Jamie Murray senior Accounting Hamlet, Ind.
Lauren Nash senior Educational Studies Sellersburg, Ind.
Aida Nattabi junior Economics Kampala, Uganda
Daniel Nave senior Health & Physical Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Maria Neff junior Management Greenville, Ohio
Kerry Nielsen senior Environmental Studies Medaryville, Ind.
Elizabeth Nix first-year History Pendleton, Ind.
Rachel Nowak sophomore Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Crown Point, Ind.
Nadia Nubani senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Quenton Oakes junior Philosophy Rochester, Ind.
Morgan O'Donnell first-year Biology-Chemistry West Lafayette, Ind.
Whitney Ohmer junior Psychology, Spanish Noblesville, Ind.
Allison O'Neill junior English North Manchester, Ind.
Samuel Ott sophomore Religion Churubusco, Ind.
Michael Paynter first-year Communication Studies Huntington, Ind.
Katherine Pea senior Educational Studies, Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ashley Piatt sophomore Educational Studies Rensselaer, Ind.
Whitney Piatt junior Health & Physical Education Clarksville, Ind.
Alexander Pierce first-year History Decatur, Ind.
Miranda Piercy first-year Elementary Education Walton, Ind.
Sarah Plew junior English, French Westfield, Ind.
Mercedes Plummer senior Physical Education Warsaw, Ind.
Justin Podell senior Exercise Science, Athletic Training Walkerton, Ind.
Michael Pownall senior Sport Management Warsaw, Ind.
Alexandria Rans junior Psychology Plymouth, Ind.
Ian Reed junior Biology-Chemistry Kentland, Ind.
Amber Resor sophomore Social Work Troy, Ohio
William Rhudy senior English North Manchester, Ind.
Piero Ridoutt junior Communication Studies Warsaw, Ind.
Austin Rieke sophomore Economics, Finance Fishers, Ind.
Holly Rittenhouse first-year Elementary Education Portland, Ind.
Paula Rodriguez Ormaza first-year Undeclared Quito, Ecuador
Ashley Roth sophomore Elementary Education Goshen, Ind.
Donelda Rudd senior Educational Studies South Whitley, Ind.
Sarah Ruff first-year Accounting Angola, Ind.
Emma Sabinske first-year Elementary Education Warren, Ind.
William Sahy first-year Biology-Chemistry Valparaiso, Ind.
Nicholas Salupo junior Athletic Training Indianapolis
Lesley Sammons sophomore Psychology, Sociology Shelbyville, Ind.
Miranda Scher sophomore Athletic Training Columbia City, Ind.
Veronica Schilb junior Political Science, Communication Studies Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kaitlyn Schmidt first-year Medical Technology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kirsten Schneider senior Elementary Education Columbia City, Ind.
Abigail Schwendeman junior Elem. Education/ Mild Interventions Warsaw, Ind.
Kassie Seidenstucker senior Biology-Chemistry Gosport, Ind.
Nicholas Seman senior Biology-Chemistry Howe, Ind.
Kailin Sewell junior Communication Studies Fort Wayne, Ind.
Linsey Shannon senior English, Language Arts Education Churubusco, Ind.
Erin Shay junior English/Language Arts Education Mishawaka, Ind.
Jay Sheets senior Elementary Education Goshen, Ind.
Edward Shei junior Political Science Hanna, Ind.
Nicole Short senior Elementary Education Markle, Ind.
Harrison Sibert junior Psychology Hobart, Ind.
Mallory Sims first-year Biology-Chemistry Columbia City, Ind.
Amber Skelton junior Psychology Westville, Ind.
Corbin Smith junior Social Studies Education Auburn, Ind.
Je' Nobia Smith first-year Spanish Education Indianapolis
Megan Smith senior Social Studies Education Grabill, Ind.
Charles Snyder sophomore Marketing Goshen, Ind.
Danielle Spiess first-year Elementary Education La Porte, Ind.
Margaret Squires senior Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Jessica Stafford sophomore Psychology Poway, Calif.
Whitley Starnes junior Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kristine Staton junior Elem. Education/ Mild Interventions West Lafayette, Ind.
Jesse Steffen senior Mathematics Education Goshen, Ind.
Brittany Stevens sophomore Elementary Education South Bend, Ind.
Jessica Stiffler senior Elem. Education/ Mild Interventions Akron, Ind.
Michael Stocker first-year Biology-Chemistry Yorktown, Ind.
Elizabeth Stull first-year History Rossville, Ind.
Marie Stump sophomore English/Language Arts Education, Spanish Garrett, Ind.
Matthew Suderman sophomore Spanish, Political Science Bluffton, Ohio
Courtney Suter junior Environmental Studies, Biology South Bend, Ind.
Heather Talley sophomore Exercise Science & Fitness, Athletic Training Valparaiso, Ind.
Benjamin Tapper senior Political Science Hobart, Ind.
Ashley Tate junior Social Studies Education Bippus, Ind.
Kristen Tentler sophomore Biology-Chemistry Pendleton, Ind.
Cambria Teter senior English Upland, Calif.
Clorinda Tharp sophomore Elem. Education/ Mild Interventions Winchester, Ind.
Lisa Thayer sophomore Social Work Elkhart, Ind.
Christopher Thomas junior Political Science Alexandria, Ind.
Matthew Trentman junior Environmental Studies Delphos, Ohio
Kameron Troxell junior Mathematics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ashley Vance senior Sociology, Psychology Mooresville, Ind.
Betsy Varner first-year Religion, Spanish Yorktown, Ind.
Ryan Wallace junior Chemistry Noblesville, Ind.
Brooke Walters senior Psychology Claypool, Ind.
Zachary Washington senior Philosophy, Peace Studies Kokomo, Ind.
Hayley Weagant sophomore Exercise Science & Fitness Chico, Calif.
Lauren Weaver sophomore Marketing Elkhart, Ind.
Derek Wells senior Educational Studies Ashley, Ind.
Jessica Williams senior Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Auburn, Ind.
Stephanie Wilson sophomore Psychology Butler, Ind.
Elizabeth Winey junior Exercise Science  Chesterton, Ind.
Kayla Wiseman sophomore Elementary Education Morocco, Ind.
Robyn Woeste junior History Vevay, Ind.
Corrine Wolpert sophomore Elem. Education/Mild Interventions Decatur, Ind.
Molly Wright first-year Elementary Education Akron, Ind.
Grace Wuethrich senior Exercise Science  Francesville, Ind.
Kyle Yoder first-year Exercise Science & Fitness Goshen, Ind.
Gabriel Zimmerly first-year Peace Studies Shipshewana, Ind.


June 2011