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268 students on fall 2012

Dean’s List


The academic excellence of Manchester University students in a wide variety of majors is reflected on the fall 2012 Dean’s List.

The semi-annual roster honors 268 students who attained high marks in a wide range of majors, including accounting, biology, education, marketing, peace studies, Spanish, math, psychology, athletic training, music, history and pre-pharmacy.

A total of 64 first-years students, 64 sophomores, 46 juniors and 94 seniors earned spots on the fall list, reports Registrar Lila Hammer.

The scholars achieved a 3.5 GPA or higher during the fall 2012 semester while enrolled in at least 12 credit hours of classes. For more about the 55 areas of study at Manchester University, visit


Fall 2012 Dean's List

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Academics at Manchester

Student Class Major Hometown
Meaghan Adams first-year Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Sarah Adamson first-year Art Upland, Ind.
Travis Adkins sophomore Psychology, Social Work Peru, Ind. 
Dylan Alltop senior Management, Finance Clayton, Ind.
Brian Anderson first-year Biology-Chemistry Liberty, Ind. 
Sara Anderson first-year Accounting Union, Mich. 
Jacob Archambault first-year Athletic Training La Porte, Ind. 
Hillary Armstrong junior Accounting, Management Wheatfield, Ind. 
DaiJah Asumang first-year Accounting North Manchester, Ind. 
Cho Aung senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Brandon Baccari senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Riley Bannon first-year Business Warsaw, Ind. 
Kristen Barker senior Biology-Chemistry Decatur, Ind. 
Kathleen Barnes senior Social Work Sturgis, Mich. 
Andrew Barrand senior Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Stephanie Barras senior English Indianapolis
Kelsey Barta senior English Hammond, Ind.
Peter Bauson sophomore Environmenal Studies Kokomo, Ind. 
Deanna Beckner sophomore Undeclared Columbia City, Ind. 
Kaley Bickel sophomore Elementary Education Bremen, Ind. 
Ashlie Biddle senior History Wolcottville, Ind. 
Megan Birky senior Social Work, Sociology Kouts, Ind. 
Sarah Blake senior Elementary Education Plymouth, Ind. 
Thomas Blake senior Accounting, Economics Plymouth, Ind. 
Zackary Boger senior Athletic Training Garrett, Ind. 
Benjamin Bolen first-year Mathematics North Liberty, Ind. 
Kyle Boone junior Environmenal Studies, Biology North Manchester, Ind. 
Jessica Bostic sophomore Psychology Walkerton, Ind. 
Andrew Brisbin senior Exercise & Sport Science Wabash, Ind. 
James Bryant sophomore Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Jonathon Caffarelli junior Accounting Lansing, Ill. 
Sarah Carman junior Mathematics, English Liberty, Ind. 
Katelyn Carothers junior Biology-Chemistry Glendale, Ariz. 
Kyle Carothers first-year Chemistry Glendale, Ariz. 
Rowan Caylor first-year Psychology Ossian, Ind. 
Jaimie Childress sophomore Exercise & Sport Science Indianapolis
Katherine Clark senior Psychology North Manchester, Ind. 
Benjamin Cloud senior Biology   Winamac, Ind. 
Stephen Coble sophomore Mathematics Edwardsburg, Mich. 
Carley Collyer sophomore Elementary Education Howe, Ind. 
Calvin Cook senior Exercise & Sport Science Plymouth, Ind. 
Meredith Cors senior Psychology Elkhart, Ind. 
Kari Cottingim first-year English Eaton, Ohio
Benjamin Crim senior Accounting Dayton, Ohio
Allison Cruse senior Psychology Portage, Ind. 
Eric Cupp first-year Biology-Chemistry Lafayette, Ind. 
Taylor Daggett senior Exercise & Sport Science Cincinnati, Ohio
Kelcey Daugherty first-year Biology-Chemistry Greenwood, Ind. 
Blaine Dean-Hamilton first-year Physics Syracuse, Ind. 
Rachel Decker sophomore Art Huntington, Ind. 
Alyssa Dibley senior Psychology, Social Work Elkhart, Ind. 
Michael Dixon first-year English Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Tracie Doi senior Social Work Granger, Ind. 
Kirby Dopkowski junior English Waynetown, Ind. 
Jamie Dowdy first-year Psychology Hebron, Ind. 
Alexander Drew senior Music Howell, Mich. 
Emily Ehlerding senior Chemistry, Physics Decatur, Ind. 
Andrew Ellam sophomore Communication Studies Granger, Ind. 
Benjamin Ellam senior Accounting, Management Granger, Ind. 
Matthew Ellis senior Biology-Chemistry Bristol, Ind.
Melissa Erickson first-year Biology-Chemistry Goshen, Ind. 
Joshua Fase senior Sociology North Judson, Ind. 
Emma Fedorcak first-year Management Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Hannah Field first-year Finance Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Chelsie Fisher first-year Elementary Education Columbia City, Ind. 
Andrew Flenar sophomore Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Lindsey Franks senior Communication Studies Warsaw, Ind. 
Nathan Frantz first-year Peace Studies Fleming, Colo. 
Cody Freels senior Life Science Education Auburn, Ind.
Matthew Frieden senior Biology-Chemistry Wabash, Ind. 
Martin Garcia Chavez first-year Biology-Chemistry La Porte, Ind. 
Megan Garstka senior Biology-Chemistry New Haven, Ind.
Lauren Gazdick senior Accounting La Porte, Ind. 
Courtney Gick first-year Pre-pharmacy Huntington, Ind. 
Morgan Gilbert sophomore Pre-pharmacy Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Laura Gladfelter senior Biology   Goshen, Ind. 
Hannah Glenn first-year Psychology Indianapolis
Kailah Glock first-year Psychology Brazil, Ind.
Emily Goins junior Psychology, Social Work Madison, Ind.
Kelsey Gower junior Communication Studies Columbus, Ind. 
Andrew Graber senior Elementary Education Goshen, Ind. 
Andrew Gray senior Physical Education Anderson, Ind.
Courtney Greene junior Management Lagrange, Ind. 
Lynette Griffin senior Communication Studies, Sport Management Monon, Ind.
Stephanie Griffith senior Elementary Education Avilla, Ind. 
Latisha Grimme sophomore Psychology Huntington, Ind. 
Felicia Grossman junior Management, Marketing Goshen, Ind. 
Kay Guyer senior Peace Studies Woodbury, Pa.
Arielle Halatek sophomore Elementary Education Hanover Park, Ill.
Megan Hammel senior Physical Education Goshen, Ind. 
Zachary Hansen sophomore Exercise & Sport Science North Muskegon, Mich.
Taylor Harris senior Athletic Training Huntington, Ind. 
Micah Hauschild junior Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Patrick Hazelton junior Elementary Education Ligonier, Ind.
Katelyn Heath first-year Accounting Warsaw, Ind. 
Wesley Heath junior Sociology, Psychology Anderson, Ind.
Kate Helm senior Elementary Education Elkhart, Ind. 
Matthew Helm senior Biology   Elwood, Ind.
Jessica Henson sophomore Elementary Education Bedford, Ind. 
Alexander Herber sophomore Accounting Roanoke, Ind.
Jessica Hernandez sophomore Psychology Monroeville, Ind.
Margaret Hess senior Political Science, Psychology South Hadley, Mass.
Dylan Hiner senior Psychology Wabash, Ind. 
Giang Hoang first-year Biology-Chemistry Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Chelsea Hoffman sophomore Elementary Education Silver Lake, Ind.
Kari Huang junior Accounting Elkhart, Ind. 
Joseph Hunter junior Psychology, Criminal Justice Rushville, Ind.
Devin Jenkins senior Accounting Niles, Mich.
Kourtney Johnson junior Management Andrews, Ind. 
Derek Jones junior Psychology Danville, Va.
Sarah Jones first-year Elementary Education Peru, Ind. 
Angelina Jung junior Music Plymouth, Ind. 
Karissa Junker sophomore Biology-Chemistry Columbia City, Ind. 
Erika Kahlenbeck sophomore Adapted Physial Education Columbus, Ind. 
Ashley Kann sophomore Psychology Etna Green, Ind. 
Jaspreet Kaur first-year Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Amanda Keating junior Art Lafayette, Ind. 
Cole Kellogg first-year Sport Management La Porte, Ind. 
Kaitlin Kemper junior English, Religion Claypool, Ind. 
Reid Kennison first-year Pre-pharmacy Speedway, Ind. 
Caitlin Kessler junior Biology-Chemistry Kokomo, Ind. 
Jordan Kinn senior Elementary Education Hicksville, Ohio
Daniel Kleiman sophomore Marketing Elkhart, Ind. 
Keith Kline sophomore Accounting, Economics Columbia City, Ind. 
Kyle Knepp junior Psychology Fairborn, Ohio
Kelsey Knuth sophomore Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Angelika Konik senior Management, Marketing Des Plaines, Ill. 
Peter Kowalczyk senior Athletic Training, Exercise & Sport Science Chicago
Emily Krabach sophomore English Ft Wayne, Ind. 
Tyler Krempasky senior Sport Management South Bend, Ind. 
Andrew Kurtz senior Psychology Plymouth, Ind. 
Kyle Lahman sophomore Accounting North Manchester, Ind. 
Rachel Laing first-year English/Lang Arts Education Logansport, Ind.
Abigail Lang sophomore Biology-Chemistry Indianapolis
Kelsey Lantz senior Psychology Wakarusa, Ind. 
Brandt Lawyer first-year Engineering Elnora, Ind. 
Amber Leavell sophomore English Silver Lake, Ind.
Lucas Lebbin sophomore Biology-Chemistry South Bend, Ind. 
Brandy Leeper junior Sociology, Psychology Bremen, Ind. 
Hilary Leeper junior Social Work Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Caniece Leggett first-year Psychology Columbus, Ind. 
Caleb Leininger first-year Political Science Timberville, Va.
Jordan Lett first-year Political Science Hagerstown, Ind. 
Jessica Lewis sophomore Elementary Education Goshen, Ind. 
Alyssa Loos senior Physics Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Emily Ludwig junior English/Language Arts Education, English Rochester, Ind. 
Karla Madrigal senior Biology-Chemistry Elkhart, Ind. 
Louise Magiera sophomore Psychology Wheatfield, Ind. 
Ted Maldonado junior Psychology Portage, Ind. 
Mackenzie Mance first-year Sport Management Walkerton, Ind. 
Britney March first-year Environmenal Studies Elyria, Ohio
Corey Marchant senior Biology-Chemistry Prosper, Texas
Daniel Maringer senior Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Adam Marlatt senior Elementary Education Kouts, Ind. 
Karmen Marquart first-year Mathematics Syracuse, Ind. 
Allison Martin first-year Pre-pharmacy Valparaiso, Ind. 
Caleb McAfee senior Psychology Ossian, Ind. 
Diane McAfee sophomore Business Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Ashley McClintic junior Communication Studies Wakarusa, Ind. 
Kaitlyn McDermitt first-year Biology-Chemistry Greenville, Ohio
Alyssa McElwain first-year Undeclared Kokomo, Ind. 
Amber Melick senior Biology, Environmental Studies Geneva, Ind.
Kara Mendez junior Marketing Defiance, Ohio
Courtney Mensing junior Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Matthew Mest senior Management Bloomington, Ind.
Claire Miller first-year Accounting South Bend, Ind. 
Kathryn Miller senior Elementary Education Winchester, Ind.
Stephanie Miller junior Mathematics La Porte, Ind. 
Zabrian Mills junior Psychology Alexandria, Ind.
Christine Minter sophomore Political Science New Paris, Ind.
Alesha Mobley sophomore Psychology Payne, Ohio
Janel Monks sophomore Elementary Education Marion, Ind. 
Shelby Morphew sophomore Athletic Training Brownsburg, Ind.
Bradley Murphy senior Economics Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Bryce Murphy senior Accounting Ossian, Ind. 
Dylan Murphy sophomore Accounting Akron, Ind.
Caleb Murray sophomore Exercise & Sport Science Veedersburg, Ind. 
Katrin Muser sophomore Sport Management Dettenhausen, Germany
Kibirige Nattabi senior Economics Kampala, Uganda
Grant Newlin sophomore Health & Physical Education Muncie, Ind.
Felicia Nichols junior Art Hudson, Ind. 
Abby Niederman senior English Huntington, Ind. 
Elizabeth Nix junior History Pendleton, Ind.
Rachel Nowak senior Elementary Education Crown Point, Ind.
Salwa Nubani first-year Biology-Chemistry Terre Haute, Ind.
Morgan O'Donnell junior Biology-Chemistry West Lafayette, Ind.
Samuel Ott senior Religion Churubusco, Ind.
Melissa Paar sophomore Environmenal Studies Warsaw, Ind. 
Dylan Padgett junior Accounting Kirklin, Ind. 
Alexah Parnin-Choisne first-year Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Maranda Partin first-year Biology-Chemistry Churubusco, Ind.
Michael Paynter sophomore Communication Studies Huntington, Ind. 
Morgan Peas sophomore Communication Studies Urbana, Ind. 
Alexander Pierce junior History, Political Science, Economics Decatur, Ind. 
Miranda Piercy junior Elementary Education Walton, Ind. 
Emily Pleadwell first-year Mathematics Lawrence, Mich. 
Taylor Price sophomore Accounting Mishawaka, Ind. 
Jordan Redding senior Athletic Training Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Lauren Reynolds first-year History Marion, Ind. 
Emily Riley first-year Accounting Mooreland, Ind. 
Wayne Robertson first-year Accounting Zionsville, Ind. 
Katelin Rosenbaum junior English/Language Arts Education La Porte, Ind. 
Ashley Roth senior Elementary Education Goshen, Ind. 
Sarah Ruff junior Accounting Angola, Ind. 
Emma Sabinske senior Elementary Education Warren, Ind. 
Nicholas Salupo senior Athletic Training, Biology-Chemistry Indianapolis
Charles Scheel first-year Biology-Chemistry Lafayette, Ind. 
Trinity Schelich sophomore Psychology Indianapolis
Miranda Scher senior Athletic Training Columbia City, Ind. 
Alison Schlotfeldt senior English/Language Arts Education Elkhart, Ind. 
Hannah Schutter sophomore Communication Studies, English Crown Point, Ind.
Carrie Shank first-year Music Education Elkhart, Ind. 
Conner Shank first-year Undeclared Noblesville, Ind. 
Erin Shei sophomore Educational Studies Hanna, Ind. 
Kaley Shewman sophomore Elementary Education Mentone, Ind. 
Skyler Shortt first-year Business La Porte, Ind. 
Brittany Shuler junior Finance Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Jenna Smith first-year Biology-Chemistry Berne, Ind. 
Levi Smith first-year Music Huntington, Ind. 
Charles Snyder senior Marketing Goshen, Ind. 
Leigh Soderlund senior Psychology Plymouth, Ind. 
Brett Spack senior Athletic Training Indianapolis
Andrew Sparger sophomore Accounting Noblesville, Ind. 
Danielle Spiess junior Elementary Education La Porte, Ind. 
Alexandria Spillman first-year English/Language Arts Education Albion, Ind.
Jessica Stafford senior Psychology Indianapolis
Brittany Stevens senior Elementary Education South Bend, Ind. 
Jaclyn Stiffler sophomore Elementary Education Akron, Ind.
Elizabeth Stull junior History Rossville, Ind.
Marie Stump senior English/Language Arts Education Garrett, Ind. 
Matthew Suderman senior Spanish, History Bluffton, Ohio
Robert Swaby junior Sociology Vernon Hills, Ill. 
Heather Talley senior Exercise & Sport Science, Athletic Training Valparaiso, Ind. 
Kaitlyn Taylor sophomore Engineering Middlebury, Ind.
Megan Taylor sophomore Biology-Chemistry Portland, Ind. 
Kandace Terry first-year Spanish Bourbon, Ind. 
Clorinda Tharp senior Elementary Education Winchester, Ind. 
Kathleen Thayer senior Accounting Elkhart, Ind. 
Brittany Thomas sophomore Business Constantine, Mich. 
Austin Thompson first-year Music Peru, Ind. 
Amanda Toney sophomore Athletic Training Richmond, Ind.
Samuel Torgerson first-year Peace Studies Arcata, Calif.
Kameron Troxell senior Mathematics Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Jonathan Ulrich senior Peace Studies, Philosophy Richmond, Ind.
Rachel Ulrich junior Undeclared Richmond, Ind.
Brooke Waddups senior Athletic Training, Exercise & Sport Science Logansport, Ind.
Aubree Wadkins senior English Mentone, Ind. 
Brooke Walker sophomore History Goshen, Ind. 
Lauren Weaver senior Marketing Elkhart, Ind. 
Gaius Webb first-year Political Science Greenwood, Ind. 
Allison Weber first-year Chemistry Rossville, Ind.
Jessica Western sophomore Pre-pharmacy Cicero, Ind.
Kellen Wilkening senior Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Kirsten Willibey sophomore Accounting Angola, Ind. 
Raymond Wilson sophomore Athletic Training Greentown, Ind.
Stephanie Wilson senior Psychology Butler, Ind.
Alexander Winger sophomore Finance Warsaw, Ind. 
Kayla Wiseman senior Elementary Education Morocco, Ind.
Corrine Wolpert senior Elementary Education Decatur, Ind. 
Tyler Wolpert senior Accounting Garrett, Ind. 
Blake Woodward first-year Art Hebron, Ind. 
Molly Wright junior Elementary Education Akron, Ind.
Loughlin Wylie sophomore Chemistry Eden Prairie, Minn.
Alexis Yanez first-year Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Caitlin Yoder sophomore Accounting Goshen, Ind. 
Brittany Youmans junior Social Work Huntington, Ind. 
Gisele Youth senior Biology-Chemistry Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Loic Samuel Youth sophomore Communication Studies Addis Ababa, Ethiopia