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Fast Forward to your career
a whole year earlier
save up to $25,000 at Manchester College


      Manchester College announces a new way to earn a college degree … Fast Forward.
        This venture puts bright, highly motivated students into careers, graduate school or medical school an entire year quicker – while saving as much as $25,000 – without sacrificing any of the opportunities of a Manchester College education.

       Manchester is the only college or university in the state to offer such a 4-in-3 program in every major. The independent liberal arts and science college offers more than 55 areas of study toward a baccalaureate degree. 

       “Our faculty members are committed to making Fast Forward work for all departments – in education, accounting, pre-med, music, psychology, English, peace studies, and all our other majors,” said College President Jo Young Switzer. 

       Fast Forward students combine aggressive semester schedules with online summer coursework. They’ll still complete internships and international study, participate in campus extra-curricular activities and athletics, and receive financial aid, said David F. McFadden, executive vice president of the 1,036-student northern Indiana residential campus.

       “Fast Forward isn’t for everyone, but we know it is exactly what some students need,” said McFadden. “If you’re bright, disciplined and ready to dig into college, this is a great way to get a start on your future.” 

       The average starting salary for Manchester accounting graduates, for example, is $41,000. That elevates the financial advantage to $66,000 for the student entering the workforce a year earlier. 

       As a hiring manager, I would give extra points for the initiative and discipline of a Fast Forward graduate, said John Snider, vice president of retail logistics for DoItBest Corp.

       Qualified students have a clear idea of where they are headed after college, whether straight into a profession such as accounting, or to medical school or law school, for example. “For them, saving time and money is paramount,” said McFadden.

       “This program could have helped me get a jumpstart on my career, helped me save money for med school or dental school, and still enabled me to get the full college experience,” said Andrea Numbers, a Woodburn native who received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and biology-chemistry from Manchester last May. She is working at Zimmer Inc. in Warsaw to help lessen her future loan burden at dental or medical school.

       Students will take the same number of classes they would have had to take in a four-year program and will pay the same per-credit-hour fee as all Manchester students. But they will save a year of room and board, and with the lower-cost summer online tuition.

       They’ll still get Manchester’s side-by-side learning experiences with highly qualified faculty as they focus on their major. The online courses will be general education, such as political science, sociology and economics.

       Fast Forward students will average 16 credit hours during the fall and spring semester, on the high end of the average load. (Transfer students may be able to skip classes.)

       To ensure discipline and academic preparation necessitated by such an accelerated program, qualified students must be in the top 25 percent of their high school classes, score at least 1,100 on the SAT and maintain at least a B average in the program.

       For more about how to Fast Forward to a college degree and your career, visit or call 800-852-3648.


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Andrea Numbers '07

Spanish and Biology-Chemistry major