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The Class of 2012


Graduation 2012: Manchester's newest graduates

share their applause with faculty, family


Speakers for the 123rd Graduation Day at Manchester College expressed tearful gratitude and gave serious advice. The new graduates shared applause – for fellow graduates, for their parents and families, and for faculty. That joyous, stomping-on-the-floor applause when their professors proceeded into the arena may start a new tradition, suggested one grinning student.

In addition to 256 bachelor’s degrees and two Master of Athletic Training degrees, Manchester conferred an honorary Doctor of Science degree on Herbert Chinworth, who attended Manchester two years in the early 1940s and never let go.

The retired Dow Chemical Co. scientist supervised a catalyst plant in Ludington, Mich. He holds degrees from Purdue University and University of Michigan, and is a longtime benefactor and friend of Manchester. His pride in his new Manchester degree evident, Chinworth told the Class of 2012: “When you have a degree from Manchester College, you have something of real value.

"When you accounting students, prospective med students, social workers, business majors, education majors and all across the disciplines, begin to find your way into the world of work, the response will be similar: ‘Oh, Manchester – that’s a good education. You’re ready; you’re qualified.’ This is your legacy. This is a well-earned degree. I am honored to be counted among you.”

President Jo Young Switzer talked about the graduates’ legacy in her baccalaureate address: “Take with you the goodness that you’ve experienced here – and combine it with the learning you’ve accomplished. Take all these things and make the world better. As you do, the world will be transformed … You have a weighty and wonderful responsibility on your shoulders to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.”

Summa cum laude graduate Natalie Collar, who delivered the “Response” from the Class of 2012, had much to say about faculty:

“Our professors – they give us their cell phone numbers and tell us to call or text if we have questions over assignments; they write impeccable recommendation letters on short notice; they invite us over to eat – or live at – their houses; they even adopt us as their own children for a few weeks to take us off campus to see The Alhambra, The Louvre, Stonehenge, Dunn’s River Falls, Disney World, or Ciudad Antigua, all for the sake of a hands-on education.”

Sunday was the last Manchester College commencement; Manchester becomes a University on July 1. The faculty in the procession also included five from the new School of Pharmacy. Four years from now, they’ll graduate their first class of Doctor of Pharmacy degree holders.


Class of 2012

    ***summa cum laude  **magna cum laude  *cum laude

Graduate Deg. Major  Hometown
Laura Ahnert BA 5-12 English/Language Arts Peru, Ind. 
Kelsey Airgood BS Environmental Studies Simsbury, Conn. 
Corey Aldridge BS Management Lafayette, Ind. 
Ali Algharabeh BS Accounting/Finance Ramallah,  West Bank
Richard Babb BS Philosophy/Peace Studies West Lafayette, Ind. 
Andrea Baker BS Environmental Studies Pierceton, Ind. 
Julie Baker BS Accounting Rockfield, Ind. 
Elizabeth Bales BS Management North Manchester, Ind. 
Chad Ballee BS K-12 Health & Phys Education Peru, Ind. 
Daniel Bartoli BS Biology-Chemistry Columbia City, Ind. 
Briana Bass* BS English Manassas, Va. 
Brittany Batman BA Physics/Spanish Brownsburg, Ind. 
Jesse Beam BS Biology-Chemistry Roanoke, Ind. 
Andrew Blackburn BS History Indianapolis, Ind. 
Reily Blatz BS Accounting/Marketing Wabash, Ind. 
Jessica Bolenbaugh BS Exercise Science Willshire, Ohio
Lydia Bolls BS Early-Mid Education South Bend, Ind. 
Jessica Boursier BA Management/Marketing Hobart, Ind. 
Melissa Bowman*** BA Chemistry Vienna, Va. 
Rachel Brown* BS Early-Mid Education Auburn, Ind. 
Corey Brueggeman BA Sport Management North Manchester, Ind. 
Brittani Bush BS K-12 Health & Phys Education Westfield, Ind. 
Dylan Bush BS Educational Studies/Psychology Culver, Ind. 
Casey Bushong BA Management Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Wallace Butts BA Music Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Humphrey Bwire BS Political Science/Economics Nairobi, Kenya
Melissa Byler BA Spanish LaGrange, Ind. 
Carol Campos BS Biology Huntington, Ind. 
Molly Captain BS Biology Bluffton, Ind. 
Jared Carrier BS Sociology Hart, Mich. 
Logan Carsten BA Management/Marketing Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Katie Chaffins BS English Lagrange, Ind. 
Amanda Chamberlin BS Early-Mid Education Wilmington, Ill. 
Samantha Chapman** BS Political Science Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Michael Chaykowski* BA Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Sara Coffaro BS Social Work Crestview Hills, Ky. 
Natalie Collar*** BA Mathematics Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Kelsey Collins BS English Fishers, Ind. 
Corey Cook BS Environmental Studies Converse, Ind. 
Rebecca Creath*** BS Peace Studies/Sociology Petersburg, Ill. 
Dana Cronin* BA Psychology/Sociology Tell City, Ind. 
Austin Davis BS 5-12 Social Studies Hamilton, Ohio
Cassandra Davis BS Political Science Cloverdale, Ind. 
Christine de Kater* BA Social Work Indianapolis, Ind. 
Matthew DeGolyar BS K-12 Health & Phys Education Lafayette, Ind. 
Anthony DeMarco BS Environmental Studies Goshen, Ind. 
Kelsey DeMott BS Exercise Science/Fitness & Sports Management Martinsville, Ind. 
Joshua DePew BS Marketing/Management Lafayette, Ind. 
Kari Deutscher BS Psychology South Bend, Ind. 
Amanda Dickman* BS Early-Mid Education/Mild Int Batesville, Ind. 
Hajer Dlame BS Computer Science Baghdad, Iraq
Jonathan Dravet BS Economics Crown Point, Ind. 
Kathryn Dunlap* BA Psychology Saint John, Ind. 
April Erxleben BS Biology-Chemistry Decatur, Ind. 
Derek Eubanks BS Management Nashville, Ind. 
Kyle Fahey* BS Exercise Science Rockville, Ind. 
Kristina Faudree BS Early-Mid Education Fishers, Ind. 
Jessica Fauser BA 5-12 Mathematics Valparaiso, Ind. 
Nathan Felver* BS Sport Management Upland, Ind. 
Clint Fisher BS Fitness & Sport Management Yorktown, Ind. 
Aaron Flenar BS Physics Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Trey Forbes BS K-12 Adapted Phys Education Kendallville, Ind. 
Patrick Forester BA Physics/Mathematics Indianapolis, Ind. 
Preston Frame BS Early-Mid Education Kouts, Ind. 
Garrett Fredrick BS Religion Prairie Creek, Ind. 
Eloise Fulmer BA Psychology Buford, Ga. 
Traci Fuqua BS Accounting Indianapolis, Ind. 
Dustin Garbers BS Exercise Science Martinsville, Ind. 
Shanitra Garner BS Accounting South Bend, Ind. 
Kendra Getz BS Exercise Science West Harrison, Ind. 
Amanda Gibson BS Biology-Chemistry Michigan City, Ind. 
Nicole Glassley* BA English Westville, Ind. 
Joseph Goellnitz BS History Sylvania, Ohio
Anna Graham* BA Spanish/Social Work Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Jessica Grandlinard* BS Early-Mid Education Berne, Ind. 
Monte Gregory BS Computer Science Larwill, Ind. 
Melissa Grinstead* BS Financial Accounting North Manchester, Ind. 
Kyle Grubbs BA Spanish Muncie, Ind.
Alexandra Hagen BA Spanish Perrysburg, Ohio 
Austin Hamilton BS Accounting/Finance Huntington, Ind. 
Elizabeth Hamman* BS Environmental Studies Claypool, Ind. 
Clifford Hannon* BS 5-12 Social Studies Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Joi Harmon BA Management/Marketing Indianapolis, Ind. 
Brenden Hart BS Management/Marketing Warsaw, Ind. 
Megan Hartley BS Management/Marketing Columbia City, Ind. 
Ryne Hastings BS Communication Studies Andrews, Ind. 
Kaylee Hawley BA History Winchester, Ind. 
Katie Helmerick BS Biology-Chemistry Lafayette, Ind. 
Eric Hemmerlein BS Environmental Studies/Biology New Palestine, Ind. 
Tyler Henn BS Accounting/Management Huntington, Ind. 
Shaina Hiatt* BS Early-Mid Education/Mild Int. Cromwell, Ind. 
Stephanie Hofer** BA 5-12 Spanish Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Amanda Hoff BA English Wabash, Ind. 
Alex Hokanson BA Computer Science Granger, Ind. 
Amy Hommema BS Sport Management Indianapolis, Ind. 
Kailey Honn BA Biology-Chemistry Westfield, Ind. 
Andrea Hopper BS Biology-Chemistry Columbia City, Ind. 
Anden Hormann BS Athletic Training Lynnwood, Wash. 
Benjamin Houston** BA History Bargersville, Ind. 
Joshua Huffer BS Environmental Studies Clayton, Ind. 
Brooke Hulburt BS Biology-Chemistry Winamac, Ind. 
Sabrina Huskins BA Biology-Chemistry Mulberry, Ind. 
Satomi Imai BA Peace Studies Hokkaido, Japan
Cole Jackson BS 5-12 Social Studies/History Logansport, Ind. 
Alexandra Jansen BS Psychology Noblesville, Ind. 
Brittany Jarnagin BS Social Work Lebanon, Ind. 
Heather Johnson BA Accounting/Finance Columbia City, Ind. 
Kaitlin Johnson BA Chemistry/Spanish Huntington, Ind. 
Annaleza Jones BS Athletic Training New Castle, Ind. 
Jason Jordan BS Management Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Kelli Jordan** BA 5-12 Math/Mathematics Danville, Ind. 
Lauren Kalis MAT Athletic Training Indianapolis, Ind. 
William Kallas BA Political Science/Comm Studies Hammond, Ind. 
Emily Katona BA 5-12 English/Language Arts Porter, Ind. 
Erik Kenny BS Communication Studies Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Thomas Kesling* BS Engineering Science La Porte, Ind. 
Addy  King BS Psychology/Sociology Tipton, Ind. 
Sarah Knoch*** BS Accounting Leo, Ind. 
Stacie Koch** BA Social Work/Economics Nappanee, Ind. 
Mary Kohrman BS Biology New Haven, Ind. 
Sarah Kuborn BS Psychology Darien, Ill. 
Joshua Kunkel BS History/Sociology Huntertown, Ind. 
Chessany Kyle BS Psychology Kirklin, Ind. 
Matthew Landrum BS Fitness & Sport Management Bunker Hill, Ind. 
John Lash BS Chemistry Kendallville, Ind. 
Shae Lauer BS Early-Mid Education/Mild Int. Wabash, Ind. 
Sarah Lauinger BS Chemistry Indianapolis, Ind. 
Matthew Layman BS Athletic Training Mishawaka, Ind. 
Andre Lee BS Exercise Science Indianapolis, Ind. 
Kyle Leffel BS K-12 Health & Phys Education North Manchester, Ind. 
Peter Lewis BS History Griffith, Ind. 
Nathan Liddick BS Marketing Marion, Ind. 
Matthew Linn** BS Biology/Environmental Studies Columbia City, Ind. 
Kathryn Loeser BS Biology-Chemistry Granger, Ind. 
Allison Long BS Management/Finance Plymouth, Ind. 
Benjamin Long BS Environmental Studies Rochester, Ind. 
Delanie Losey** BA Environmental Studies/Chemistry Butlerville, Ind. 
Casey Loshe* BS Early-Mid Education/Mild Int. North Manchester, Ind. 
Sarah Louvier BS Early-Mid Education/Mild Int. Wolcottville, Ind. 
Rebecca Lowden* BA Psychology Kokomo, Ind. 
Amy Luthanen BS Psychology North Manchester, Ind. 
Benjamin Madsen BA History South Bend, Ind. 
Katie Majka BS English Saint John, Ind. 
Herb Manifold BS Environmental Studies Mooreland, Ind. 
Robert McClintock BS Marketing/Management South Bend, Ind. 
Anthea McCormick BS Biology-Chemistry Mishawaka, Ind. 
Lauren McCoy BS 5-12 English/Language Arts Goshen, Ind.
Ashley McGovern BA Accounting/Finance Niles, Mich. 
Sarah McKinney BS Sport Management Connersville, Ind. 
Laine Mello BS Marketing Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Mitchell Mellott BS Communication Studies Bourbon, Ind. 
Justin Minnich BS K-12 Health & Phys Education Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Ryan Monce BS Accounting/Finance Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Najah Monroe BA Music South Bend, Ind.  
Eric Moreland BS Management Modoc, Ind. 
Holly Morris BS Psychology Eaton, Ind. 
Jordan Moss BS Early-Mid Education Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Douglas Murphy* BS Accounting Ossian, Ind. 
Jamie Murray* BS Accounting Hamlet, Ind. 
Daniel Myers-Bowman BS Music Manhattan, Kan. 
David Neal BS Exercise Science Lafayette, Ind. 
Maria Neff** BA Management Greenville, Ohio
Danielle Neill BS Early-Mid Education/Mild Int. Crown Point, Ind. 
Andrew Nicodemus BA Accounting Columbia City, Ind. 
Nicholas Null BS Marketing/Management Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Quenton Oakes BS Philosophy Rochester, Ind. 
Benjamin Ogden BS Marketing/Management South Whitley, Ind. 
Emily Ogden BS Accounting Wabash, Ind. 
Whitney Ohmer BA Psychology/Spanish Noblesville, Ind. 
Dorothy Oliver BS Sociology Noblesville, Ind. 
Jessica Orban BS Accounting South Bend, Ind. 
Kyle Patterson* BA Religion/Philosophy Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Elizabeth Pattison BS Biology-Chemistry North Manchester, Ind. 
Rebecca Pendergrass BS Communication Studies Fairborn, Ohio
Joseph Peters BS Sport Management Decatur, Ill. 
Ryan Peterson BS Environmental Studies/Biology Marion, Ind. 
Whitney Piatt BS K-12 Health & Phys Education Clarksville, Ind. 
Julia Pierce BA Biology Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Sarah Plew** BA English/French Westfield, Ind. 
Ashley Poe BA Fitness & Sport Management Dunkirk, Ohio
Erin Puckett BS Accounting/Finance Rochester, Ind. 
Carmen Pyles BS Environmental Studies Racine, Wisc. 
Michael Raines BS English Terre Haute, Ind. 
Alexandria Rans BS Psychology Plymouth, Ind. 
Ian Reed*** BS Biology-Chemistry Kentland, Ind. 
Krista Reese BS Sociology/Peace Studies Wyoming, Mich. 
Teagan Rhoades BS Biology-Chemistry Brownsburg, Ind. 
William Rhudy BS English North Manchester, Ind. 
Piero Ridoutt BA Communication Studies Warsaw, Ind. 
Alma Rodriguez BA Political Science Goshen, Ind. 
Jessamy Rogers* BS Mathematics/Physics North Manchester, Ind. 
Jason Scheuer BS Economics Warsaw, Ind. 
Veronica Schilb** BS Political Science Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Luke Schroeder BS Educational Studies Westfield, Ind. 
Joshua Schwartz BS Management Anderson, Ind. 
Abigail Schwendeman* BS Early-Mid Education/Mild Int. Warsaw, Ind. 
Micah Seidner BS Management/Marketing Montpelier, Ind. 
Kailin Sewell BS Communication Studies Fort Wayne, Ind. 
John Sharp BS Management Indianapolis, Ind. 
Erin Shay* BA 5-12 English/Language Arts Mishawaka, Ind. 
Jay Sheets BS Early-Mid Education Goshen, Ind. 
Edward Shei* BA Political Science Hanna, Ind. 
Beau Shenefield BS Sport Management Lafontaine, Ind. 
Pooja Shrestha BS Accounting/Finance Kathmandu, Nepal
Harrison Sibert* BS Psychology North Manchester, Ind. 
Matthew Siegel BS Economics Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Garrett Singer BS Accounting Cambridge City, Ind. 
Amber Skelton* BS Psychology Westville, Ind. 
Sheridan Slagle BS Communication Studies New Castle, Ind. 
Corbin Smith BS 5-12 Social Studies Auburn, Ind. 
Jennifer Smith BS Athletic Training Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Dylan Snyder BS Management/Marketing Greenfield, Ind. 
Margaret Squires*** BA Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Alexandra Starkey BS Accounting New Haven, Ind. 
Whitley Starnes** BS Early-Mid Education Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Kristine Staton BS Early-Mid Education/Mild Int. West Lafayette, Ind. 
Megan Stephens BS 5-12 English/Language Arts Peru, Ind. 
Chelsie Stout BS Sport Management Rockville, Ind. 
James Stuart BA Peace Studies Mount Vernon, Ohio
Courtney Suter BS Environmental Studies/Biology South Bend, Ind. 
Ryne Sweeney BS Sport Management Walkerton, Ind. 
Benjamin Tapper BA Political Science Hobart, Ind. 
Brian Tarnowski BS Management/Marketing Roanoke, Ind. 
Ashley Tate BS 5-12 Social Studies Bippus, Ind. 
David Tatham BS Accounting Nashville, Ind. 
Rebecca Tepes* BA Management Knox, Ind. 
Christopher Thomas* BA Political Science Alexandria, Ind. 
Kelsie Thornburg BS Sociology Cutler, Ind. 
John Topsoglou BS Environmental Studies Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Andrew Totheroh BS Fitness & Sport Management Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Matthew Trentman* BS Environmental Studies Delphos, Ohio
Kristin Tritch BS Educational Studies Hudson, Ind. 
Casey Vallier BA Communication Studies Noblesville, Ind. 
Ha Vu BS Finance/Accounting North Manchester, Ind. 
Samantha Wade BS Accounting Harvest, Ala. 
Brittney Wagler BS Exercise Science Morgantown, Ind. 
Carrie Waits BA Environmental Studies/Biology Goshen, Ind. 
Joshua Walker BS Management/Marketing Columbia City, Ind. 
Ryan Wallace BS Chemistry Noblesville, Ind. 
Justin Weber BS 5-12 Social Studies Avilla, Ind. 
Emma Weiler BS Exercise Science Auburn, Ind. 
Kira Wennerholm* BS Management Iowa City, Iowa
Kayla Werbianskyj BA Environmental Studies/Biology Elkhart, Ind. 
Robert Wertz BS Environmental Studies North Manchester, Ind. 
Devan Whitaker BS Early-Mid Education North Manchester, Ind. 
Kyle Whonsetler MAT Athletic Training LaOtto, Ind. 
Kristen Wilhite BS History Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Charles Wilk BS Marketing/Management Valparaiso, ind. 
Elizabeth Winey BS Exercise Science Chesterton, Ind. 
Robyn Woeste BA History Vevay, Ind. 
Alec Womboldt BS Biology-Chemistry Dewitt, Mich. 
Christine Woodard BS Environmental Studies Indianapolis, Ind. 
Micaela Wynkoop BS Accounting/Management Thorntown, Ind. 
Carol Yanez BA Communication Studies North Manchester, Ind.
Kayla Zehr BS Biology-Chemistry Goshen, Ind. 
Katelyn Zuber BS English Greenfield, Ind. 





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