Congratulations to Manchester University Class of 2015

Manchester University Mission Statement

Manchester University respects the infinite worth of every individual and graduates persons of ability and conviction who draw upon their education and faith to lead principled, productive, and compassionate lives that improve the human condition.

Manchester University honored its 252 newest alumni on Sunday, May 17.

President Dave McFadden introduced the 2015 graduates, first taking a few moments to thank all who helped them get to this day.

"In becoming college graduates, you have fulfilled a goal that many people around the world only dream of. We are proud of you and we celebrate with you," McFadden said. This is his first Commencement ceremony as president of the University.

The University honored Stanley J. Noffsinger, general secretary of the Church of the Brethren, with the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa.

"We recognize you for your tireless pursuit of peace and justice in a broken world and for your deep faith in the infinite worth of every person," McFadden said to Noffsinger. "Without desire for fame, you have encouraged dialogue between people of differences and given hope to the displaced, the dispossessed and the discouraged."

The Commencement speaker, Noffsinger continued the theme of what a privilege it is to become a college graduate, describing how the Boko Haram took over Kulp Bible College in Nigeria last fall and that those students are still waiting to return, and how they face great peril in pursuit of education.

Noffsinger encouraged graduates to take up the mantle of responsibility.

"This is a shrinking world," he said, "and you have accountability to it."

Class of 2015***summa cum laude  **magna cum laude  *cum laude
MAT = Master of Athletic Training    MED = Master of Education


Austin Adams BA Marketing Dowagiac, Mich.
Travis Adkins * BA Psychology Peru, Ind.
Caitlyn Ailor BS Biology-Chemistry Ossian, Ind.
Cole Allison BS History Education Lafayette, Ind.
Tarek Al-Zoughbi BS Economics South Bend, Ind.
Breegan Andersen BS Environmental Studies Quincy, Ind.
Grant Anglemyer BS Management Osceola, Ind.
Katelynn Arn BA Art Van Wert, Ohio
Joyce Bangel BS Educational Studies Winamac, Ind.
Scott Barry BA Accounting Warsaw, Ind.
Katelyn Barta BS Elementary Education Griffith, Ind.
Kyle Bassett BS Management Auburn, Ind.
Peter Bauson BS Environmental Studies Kokomo, Ind.
Brent Beck MAT Athletic Training Elk Grove Village, Ill.
Bobbie Beckner BS Biology-Chemistry Mooreland, Ind.
Deanna Beckner ** BA Communication Studies Columbia City, Ind.
Alivia Benbow BA Psychology Middletown, Ind.
James Berns III BS General Business Avon, Ind.
Corey Birchmeier BS Exercise Science & Fitness Dexter, Mich.
Megan Blatz BS History Lafayette, Ind.
Jessica Bostic BS Psychology Walkerton, Ind.
Kody  Brandenburg BS Accounting Warsaw, Ind.
Cassandra Breach BS Biology-Chemistry Cicero, Ind.
Jordan Brower BS History Clinton, Ind.
Kasey Brubaker BS Biology Wabash, Ind.
Adrien Brudvig BS Athletic Training Chesterfield, Mich.
Keriann Bunch BS Chemistry Shelbyville, Ind.
Andrew Burgess BA Marketing Fort Wayne, Ind.
Chelsea Butler BS Accounting North Manchester, Ind.
Donald Campbell BS Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Rowan Caylor BA Psychology Ossian, Ind.
Maritza Chavez Stahly MAT Athletic Training Goshen, Ind.
Jaimie Childress BS Exercise Science & Fitness Indianapolis, Ind.
Stephen Coble BS Mathematics Education Edwardsburg, Mich.
Carley Collyer BS Elementary Education Howe, Ind.
Joshua Copp BS Sport Management Kokomo, Ind.
Kari Cottingim BS English Eaton, Ohio
Zachary Cowell BS Athletic Training Twelve Mile, Ind.
Dylan Crosley BS Sport Management Lapel, Ind.
Rèhab Dahab BA Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kyla Daniels BS Social Work Indianapolis, Ind.
Daniel DeLong Jr. BS Accounting Windfall, Ind.
Dana Dillon BS Biology-Chemistry Crete, Ill.
Ashley Dobrzykowski BS Psychology Goshen, Ind.
Cheryl Driver BS Marketing Westfield, Ind.
Andrew Ellam * BS Communication Studies Granger, Ind.
Heather Elson BA English Indianapolis, Ind.
Joleen Erb-Abplanalp BS History Wolcott, Ind.
Allison Evanich BA Biology Logansport, Ind.
Lauren Feigel BA Social Work Fort Wayne, Ind.
Austin Finley BS Accounting Kokomo, Ind.
David Fisher ** BA Social Work North Manchester, Ind.
Demetria Fleming MAT Athletic Training Fort Wayne, Ind.
Andrew Flenar ** BS Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Quinton Flora BS Marketing Huntington, Ind.
Amanda Fogle BS Psychology Garrett, Ind.
Randall Frederick BS Sport Management Granger, Ind.
Megan Garner BS Medical Technology Plainfield, Ind.
Lydia Gawthrop MED Education North Manchester, Ind.
Shaylee Gerber BS Exercise Science & Fitness Ossian, Ind.
Duell Ginter BS Educational Studies Brownsburg, Ind.
Bertin Gisagara BS Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Jessica Graber BA Elementary Education Goshen, Ind.
Erica Graphman BA English Pittsboro, Ind.
Samantha Green BS Psychology LaGrange, Ind.
Tracy Green BS Elementary Education Warsaw, Ind.
Courtney Greene-Ruppert BA Elementary Education LaGrange, Ind.
Victor Grimes *** BA Criminal Justice Sturgis, Mich.
Latisha Grimme BA Psychology Huntington, Ind.
Brandon Haines BS Social Work Bourbon, Ind.
Arielle Halatek BA Elementary Education Hanover Park, Ill.
Matthew Hall BS Accounting Newport, Mich.
Jocelyn Hamilton BA Sport Management Columbus, Ind.
Andrew Hammel BS Management Goshen, Ind.
Alyssa Hammond BS Marketing Osgood, Ind.
Zac Hansen * BS Exercise Science & Fitness North Muskegon, Mich.
Allison Harper BS Biology-Chemistry Granger, Ind.
Kirsten Hart-Hults BA Environmental Studies Indianapolis, Ind.
Andrew Hartsel BS Accounting Bettsville, Ohio
Amanda Hendricks BA History Franklin, Ind.
Jessica Henson * BS Elementary Education Bedford, Ind.
Alexander Herber *** BS Accounting Roanoke, Ind.
Nickolas Hitchings BS Management Rensselaer, Ind.
Giang Hoang ** BS Biology-Chemistry Logansport, Ind.
Alexandra Hoffman BS Biology-Chemistry Ashley, Ind.
Chelsea Hoffman BS Elementary Education Silver Lake, Ind.
Skyler Honeycutt BS Environmental Studies North Manchester, Ind.
Ronkeshia Howard BS Athletic Training Indianapolis, Ind.
Catherine Huddleston BS Instrumental Music Education Goshen, Ind.
Alan Hudkins BA Criminal Justice Rochester, Ind.
Collin Huffine BS Environmental Studies Richmond, Ind.
Logan Hug BS Exercise Science & Fitness Indianapolis, Ind.
Emilie Hunt BS Accounting Centerville, Ohio
James Jackson BS Sport Management New Castle, Ind.
Taylor Jantzi BS Psychology Shipshewana, Ind.
Samantha Johnson BA Exercise Science & Fitness Milford, Ind.
Jamahl Jones BS Sport Management East Chicago, Ind.
Natalie Jones BS Communication Studies Decatur, Ind.
Nicole Junk MAT Athletic Training Carthage, Ill.
Erika Kahlenbeck * BS Elementary Education Columbus, Ind.
Ashley Kann BA General Business North Manchester, Ind.
Brian Kautz * BS Health & Physical Education Indianapolis, Ind.
Kaitlin Kemper *** BS English Claypool, Ind.
Michael Kendall BS Computer Science Indianapolis, Ind.
Amber Kent BS Elementary Education Fountaintown, Ind.
Doo Yun Kim BA Management Daejeon City, South Korea
Trevor Kimm BS Exercise Science & Fitness Anderson, Ind.
Mallory Kirkwood BS Environmental Studies Greenfield, Ind.
Daniel Kleiman BS Sociology Elkhart, Ind.
Keith Kline II *** BS Accounting Columbia City, Ind.
Gary Knable II BS History Lagro, Ind.
Morgan Korte BS Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Emily Krabach ** BA English Fort Wayne, Ind.
Nathan Kuhn BA Accounting Bourbon, Ind.
Christopher LaFree BS Exercise Science & Fitness South Bend, Ind.
Kyle Lahman *** BS Accounting North Manchester, Ind.
Abigail Lang BS Biology-Chemistry Indianapolis, Ind.
Cody Larimore BS Mathematics Education Walton, Ind.
Lucas Lebbin BS Biology-Chemistry South Bend, Ind.
Quincie Leininger BS Educational Studies Atlanta, Ind.
Sean Liedtky BS Sport Management Rensselaer, Ind.
Benjamin Linker BA Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Michael Love BS Management Bloomfield, Ind.
Jack Lowe BS Exercise Science & Fitness New Haven, Ind.
Maureen Lund BS Athletic Training Huntington, Ind.
Nicole Lynn BS Exercise Science & Fitness Nashville, Ind.
Brianna Martinez BA Sport Management Schererville, Ind.
Megan May BA Accounting Michigan City, Ind.
Diane McAfee BS Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Maxwell McConnell BS Accounting Columbia City, Ind.
Samantha McCullough BS Sport Management Greensburg, Ind.
Alexander McKee BS Computer Science Syracuse, Ind.
Breanna McLane BS Athletic Training Westville, Ind.
Kaitlyn Meneely BA Spanish Fort Wayne, Ind.
Audrey Messer BS Educational Studies North Manchester, Ind.
Hazel Miles BS Mathematics Plainfield, Ind.
Drew Miller BS Management Cutler, Ind.
Justin Miller BS Sport Management Muncie, Ind.
Matthew Miller BS Environmental Studies New Carlisle, Ohio
Stephen Miller BS Computer Science Goshen, Ind.
William Miller BS Chemistry Goshen, Ind.
Christine Minter ** BS Political Science New Paris, Ind.
Kecia Missos BS Biology-Chemistry Warsaw, Ind.
Joshua Mitchell BA Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Alesha Mobley BS Psychology Payne, Ohio
Kelsey Monce BS Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Janel Monks BA Elementary Education Marion, Ind.
Shelby Morphew * BS Athletic Training Brownsburg, Ind.
Dylan Murphy * BS Finance Akron, Ind.
Caleb Murray * BS Exercise Science & Fitness Veedersburg, Ind.
Ashlea Nash BA Sport Management Gas City, Ind.
Abigail Neff BS Educational Studies Tipton, Ind.
Grant Newlin BS Health & Physical Education Muncie, Ind.
Megan Nibert BS Sociology La Porte, Ind.
Selamawit Nicolai BS Political Science Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Jordan Nieman BS Sport Management Michigan City, Ind.
Kyle Norris BS General Business Indianapolis, Ind.
Trisha Nowak BS Elementary Education Hobart, Ind.
Kara Olson BA Biology Angola, Ind.
Allison O'Neill * BS English North Manchester, Ind.
Kylee Ort MAT Athletic Training Syracuse, Ind.
Amber Oster BS Elementary Education Waterloo, Ind.
Melissa Paar * BS Environmental Studies Warsaw, Ind.
Dylan Padgett BS Exercise Science & Fitness Kirklin, Ind.
William Pancake BS Physics Birdseye, Ind.
Nathan Patterson BS Environmental Studies Silver Lake, Ind.
Brice Peyton BS Environmental Studies Covington, Ind.
Jennifer Pilgrim BA English LaGrange, Ind.
Brittney Plantinga BS Exercise Science & Fitness Michigan City, Ind.
Ryan Pohrte BS History Munster, Ind.
Kyleigh Poole BS Social Work North Manchester, Ind.
Chelsea Purcell BS Social Work Westfield, Ind.
Susan Purdy BA Biology-Chemistry Denver, N.C.
Cayla Pusey BS Exercise Science & Fitness New Haven, Ind.
Nicolas Quintanar BS Physics Splendora, Texas
Brittnie Rannells BS Communication Studies Hamlet, Ind.
Nicholas Reed BS Social Work Marion, Ind.
Erika Reffitt BS Music Rochester, Ind.
Jordan Reinoehl BS Educational Studies Mishawaka, Ind.
Drew Rensberger BS Political Science North Manchester, Ind.
Loreal Richard BS Biology-Chemistry Rochester, Ind.
Chelsea Ridenour BS Accounting North Manchester, Ind.
Paula Rodriguez BS Engineering Science Quito, Equador
Emily Rogers BS Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Alyssa Rosheck BS Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Erik Russell BS Sport Management Northwood, Ohio
Michael Rutledge BS Management Granger, Ind.
MaKayla Sainsbury BS Elementary Education North Manchester, Ind.
Ellyn Sallee BA Communication Studies Bloomington, Ind.
Laura Sandoval BS Biology-Chemistry Elkhart, Ind.
Trinity Schelich ** BA Psychology Indianapolis, Ind.
Hannah Schutter BS Communication Studies Crown Point, Ind.
Jonathon Scribner BS Exercise Science & Fitness Fort Wayne, Ind.
Connor Seavers BS Biology-Chemistry Auburn, Ind.
Mark Sexton BS Athletic Training Fort Wayne, Ind.
John Shaffer BS Psychology Culver, Ind.
Tyler Shearer BS Accounting Huntington, Ind.
Andrea Sherva MAT Athletic Training Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kaley Shewman BS Elementary Education Mentone, Ind.
Abby Shidler BS Marketing Rochester, Ind.
Garth Simpson BS Criminal Justice Rochester, Ind.
Silas Sims BS Environmental Studies Hope, Ind.
Hailee Sizemore BS Athletic Training Osgood, Ind.
Hunter Sloderbeck BS Environmental Studies Noblesville, Ind.
Aubrey Smith BS Exercise Science & Fitness South Whitley, Ind.
Alyssa Smith BA Marketing Peru, Ind.
Taylor Smith * BS Biology-Chemistry Auburn, Ind.
Megan Spice BS Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ethan Stanifer BS Biology Shelburn, Ind.
Carley Stanton BS Communication Studies Jones, Mich.
Lindsey Stiffler MAT Athletic Training Indianapolis, Ind.
Jaclyn Stiffler * BS Elementary Education Akron, Ind.
Christopher Stock BS Criminal Justice Indianapolis, Ind.
John Straub BS Psychology North Manchester, Ind.
Marie Stump BA English Garrett, Ind.
Briauna Taylor BS Biology-Chemistry Centerville, Ind.
Jared Taylor BS Management Greenfield, Ind.
Megan Taylor * BS Biology Portland, Ind.
Kaitlyn Taylor *** BA Engineering Science Middlebury, Ind.
Trent Teltoe BS Sport Management Edinburgh, Ind.
Brittany Thomas BS Management Constantine, Mich.
Jonathon Thompson BS Communication Studies Rushville, Ind.
Nicholas Tirro BS Communication Studies Noblesville, Ind.
Amanda Toney ** BS Athletic Training Cape Coral, Fla.
Phillip Truitt BS Management Huntington, Ind.
Travis Trump MED Education Warsaw, Ind.
Sofia Tzortzinis BA Exercise Science & Fitness Ann Arbor, Mich.
Rachel Ulrich *** BA Sociology Greenville, Ohio
Robyn Vanheste BS Exercise Science & Fitness New Carlisle, Ind.
Brittany Vervynckt BS Sport Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Martin Voglewede BS Biology Oxford, Ind.
Raymond Wajda BS Criminal Justice North Judson, Ind.
Brooke Walker BS History Education Goshen, Ind.
Chloe Webber BS Management Valparaiso, Ind.
Allison Weber * BS Chemistry Rossville, Ind.
Morgan Weldy BS Marketing Bremen, Ind.
Evan West BS Exercise Science & Fitness Dunkirk, Ind.
Ellis Whitt BS Finance Bourbon, Ind.
Rebecca Williams BA Biology-Chemistry Kendallville, Ind.
Kirsten Willibey *** BS Accounting Angola, Ind.
Emily Willmann BS Biology-Chemistry Montpelier, Ind.
Raymond Wilson ** BA Athletic Training Greentown, Ind.
Alexander Winger BS Finance Warsaw, Ind.
Morgan Wolff BS Management Wanatah, Ind.
Loughlin Wylie *** BS Chemistry Eden Prairie, Minn.
Alexis Yanez BA Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Brennan Yoder BS Finance Muncie, Ind.
Glendon Yoder BS Health & Physical Education LaGrange, Ind.
Morgan Yoder BS Exercise Science & Fitness Goshen, Ind.
Caitlin Yoder ** BS Accounting Goshen, Ind.
Loic Samuel Youth BA Communication Studies Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mark Zinser BA Communication Studies Guilford, Ind.

List as of 3:45 p.m. Thursday, May 14.

May 17, 2015

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