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The Class of 2013


2013 graduates: Share your Manchester

experience to make the world better

“That’s my girl!” The mom’s proud shoutout as her daughter received her Manchester University diploma was joyfully embraced by 2,500 Graduation Day celebrants of the Class of 2013.

Applause and cheers greeted recipients of 262 bachelor degrees, two associate degrees, 11 Master of Education degrees and four Master of Athletic Training degrees at the May 19 ceremony. A total of 43 graduates wore gold cords designating their degrees are “with honors.”

The University also awarded a Doctor of Science honorary degree to solar physicist Sarah Kurtz, a principal scientist for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The 1979 Manchester physics and chemistry graduate is internationally recognized for her ground-breaking research in super-efficient solar cells for powering homes, businesses and even satellites and Mars rovers.

True to her Manchester roots, Kurtz challenged the graduates to use their interests and talents to solve problems. It was a common theme throughout the day as speakers urged graduates to share their abilities and convictions garnered at Manchester to make the world a better – and more hospitable – place.

“At its core, hospitality means being kind to strangers,” said President Jo Young Switzer. “It means welcoming those who might not be welcomed by others – people with skin color or religious beliefs different than ours, people with more piercings than we like, people whose mental illness or memory loss makes them act inappropriately.”

Hospitality takes courage and strength, Switzer warned. “Small changes in our lives, cultivated over time, can reshape us and our communities.”

Students and their parents (and grandparents) thanked faculty and staff who had helped them and their students along the Manchester journey.

“I have seen that each person here has a unique set of abilities and spiritual gifts that you've developed through the pursuit of knowledge and through actions toward others,” physics major Dylan T. Ford of Tipton, Ind., told the graduating class at Baccalaureate service. “I've learned not to be so proud to think that I can function without relying on the rest of you, so thank you for being that support.”

Yousra Kamoona left Baghdad, Iraq, four years ago to embark on a Manchester education. While her journey began timidly, she soon was stepping boldly into friendships, academic challenges and campus life.

“Do not be afraid of change, change is good. If it is not good, then change it,” advised Kamoona, a computer science major. “Do not think of change and differences as having to change yourself … think of it as discovering more about yourself and adding more to your experiences. Be willing to see it, accept it, and embrace it.”

Just as the graduates and their families shared their appreciation, their Manchester “support system” of faculty and staff and coaches echoed President Switzer’s final words of the day:

“Thank you for choosing Manchester. We are stronger because you have been here.”


Class of 2013

    ***summa cum laude  **magna cum laude  *cum laude

Graduate Deg. Major Hometown
Raleen Abrams  BA Educational Studies Elwood, Ind.
Anisa Adam  BA Accounting, Finance North Manchester, Ind.
Tyler Adams  BS Education Silver Lake, Ind.
Bashar AlGharabeh  BS Finance Ramallah, West Bank
Daniel Allen  BS Communication Studies Fort Wayne, Ind.
Dylan Alltop  BS Management, Finance Clayton, Ind.
Brenna Auker  BS History, Computer Science Elkhart, Ind.
Cho Aung*  BS Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Brandon Baccari  BS Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Leslie Bailey  BS Educational Studies Ogden Dunes, Ind.
Zeth Baker  BS Management Waterloo, Ind.
Nicolas Balmoria  BS Computer Science Fort Wayne, Ind.
Nicolas Barbknecht  BS Accounting Indianapolis, Ind.
Sara Barker  BA Chemistry Goshen, Ind.
Kristen Barker*  BS Biology-Chemistry Decatur, Ind.
Kathleen Barnes*  BA Social Work Sturgis, Mich.
Daniel Barr  BS Biology Pierceton, Ind.
Andrew Barrand  BS Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Stephanie Barras  BA English Indianapolis, Ind.
Kelsey Barta  BS English Hammond, Ind.
James Barth  BS History Chesterton, Ind.
Megan Batten  BA Biology-Chemistry LaPorte, Ind.
Alice Bayingana  BA Biology-Chemistry Kigali, Rwanda
Chaz Bellman  BS Communication Studies Elkhart, Ind.
Dorothy Bennett  MED Education Fairmount, Ind.
Luke Bentley  BS Health, Physical Education Chicago, Ill.
Ashlie Biddle*  BA History Wolcottville, Ind.
Kelsie Biglin  BS Biology Monroeville, Ind.
Megan Birky  BS Social Work, Sociology Kouts, Ind.
Sarah Blake*  BS Education Plymouth, Ind.
Thomas Blake***  BA Accounting, Economics Plymouth, Ind.
Ann Blanton  BA Biology-Chemistry South Whitley, Ind.
Zackary Boger  BS Athletic Training Garrett, Ind.
Brandon Bohrer  BA Peace Studies South Bend, Ind.
Joshua Brameier  BS Mathematics Education Shelbyville, Ind.
Matthew Brian  BS Life Sciences Education Mattawan, Ind.
Andrew Brisbin  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Wabash, Ind.
Shelley Brubaker  BS Management Wabash, Ind.
Seth Brunner  BS Athletic Training Huntington, Ind.
Jonathon Burtoft  MAT Athletic Training Warsaw, Ind.
Alma Butts  BA Biology-Chemistry, Spanish Osceola, Ind.
Todd Byrket  BS Biology, Psychology Wakarusa, Ind.
Geneva Carney  MED Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Bailey Carpenter  BS Social Studies Education Crawfordsville, Ind.
Katherine Clark  BA Psychology North Manchester, Ind.
Benjamin Cloud  BS Biology Winamac, Ind.
Carol Collett  MED Education North Manchester, Ind.
Zachary Collins  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Anderson, Ind.
Calvin Cook*  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Plymouth, Ind.
Amanda Cooper  BS Biology-Chemistry New Haven, Ind.
Meredith Cors*  BA Psychology Elkhart, Ind.
Aaron Cotner  BS Environmental Studies, Biology Logansport, Ind.
Zackarie Coulter  BS Management LaPorte, Ind.
Shelby Covington*  BA English, French Indianapolis, Ind.
Benjamin Crim**  BA Accounting Dayton, Ohio
Allison Cruse  BS Psychology Portage, Ind.
Elizabeth Curtis  BS Education Parker City, Ind.
Taylor Daggett***  BA Exercise Science & Fitness Cincinnati, Ohio
Danielle DeFries  BS Life Sciences Education Kouts, Ind.
Audrey Deitrich  BS Biology Logansport, Ind.
Evan Denari  BS Sport Management Carmel, Ind.
Emily Densel  BA Art Delphos, Ohio
Kaitlyn Dewitt  BS Psychology Anderson, Ind.
Alyssa Dibley*  BS Psychology, Social Work Elkhart, Ind.
Dante Dinkins  BS Educational Studies Hammond, Ind.
Tracie Doi  BS Social Work Granger, Ind.
Alexander Drew  BS Music Howell, Mich.
Kaitlin Eads  BS Management Mentone, Ind.
Jason Eakins  BS Chemistry Churubusco, Ind.
Matthew Ellis*  BS Biology-Chemistry Bristol, Ind.
Melissa Eltzroth  BS Exercise Science & Fitness North Manchester, Ind.
Kyle Evans  BS Health, Physical Education North Manchester, Ind.
Felicia Fahey  BS Accounting, Marketing Wheatfield, Ind.
Matthew Fanning  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Greenwood, Ind.
Michael Fansler  BS Sport Management, Marketing Walkerton, Ind.
Joshua Fase  BS Sociology North Judson, Ind.
Cory Feltner  BS Computer Science Huntington, Ind.
Teirenney Fincher  BS Social Work Fort Wayne, Ind.
Morgan Finke  BS Marketing, Management Indianapolis, Ind.
Keyana Fitzpatrick  BA Social Work Merrivllville, Ind.
Dylan Ford  BS Physics Tipton, Ind.
Scott Fox  BA History Greenwood, Ind.
Forrest France  BS Environmental Studies, Biology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Cody Freels*  BS Life Sciences Education Auburn, Ind.
Matthew Frieden  BS Biology-Chemistry Wabash, Ind.
Todd Fry  BS History Logansport, Ind.
Nathan Gage  BS Management, Marketing Granger, Ind.
Jordan Garber  BS Psychology Vandalia, Mich.
Estefania Garces  BS Biology-Chemistry Elkhart, Ind.
Barbara Garcia  AA Education South Milford, Ind.
Barbara Garcia  BS Educational Studies South Milford, Ind.
Megan Garstka  BA Biology-Chemistry New Haven, Ind.
Lauren Gazdick  BS Accounting LaPorte, Ind.
Thomas Gillam  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Flora, Ind.
Goretti Gonzalez  BS English Warsaw, Ind.
Andrew Graber**  BS Education Goshen, Ind.
Kenneth Green  BS Marketing Portage, Ind.
Lynette Griffin  BA Comm. Studies, Sport Mgmt. Monon, Ind.
Stephanie Griffith  BA Education Avilla, Ind.
Olan Griffiths  BS Sociology Kendallville, Ind.
Collin Grogan  BS Fitness & Sport Management New Castle, Ind.
Kay Guyer***  BS Peace Studies Woodbury, Pa.
Cameron Haley  BS General Business Lafayette, Ind.
Megan Hammel  BS Health, Physical Education Goshen, Ind.
Annie Harrell  BS Psychology Huntington, Ind.
Taylor Harris**  BS Athletic Training Huntington, Ind.
Alissa Hart  BS Philosophy Fort Wayne, Ind.
Amy Hayden  BS Education North Manchester, Ind.
Alli Heeter  BS Chemistry Nappanee, Ind.
Matthew Helm*  BS Biology Elwood, Ind.
Kate Helm***  BA Education Elkhart, Ind.
Trevor Herrli  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Elkhart, Ind.
Margaret Hess  BS Political Science, Psychology South Hadley, Mass.
Jeramey Hicks  BS Marketing, Political Science West Lebanon, Ind.
Whitnee Hidalgo  BS Sociology Saint Clair, Mich.
Morgan Hill  BS Environmental Studies Carmel, Ind.
Dylan Hiner*  BS Psychology Wabash, Ind.
Melody Hoffer  BS Education Warsaw, Ind.
Charles Holmquest  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Plymouth, Ind.
Cheyenna Holt  BA Psychology Bedford, Ind.
Amanda Hoover  BS Accounting Warsaw, Ind.
Ian Hoover  BS Political Science Huntington, Ind.
Jenny Howard  MED Education North Manchester, Ind.
Danielle Howell  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Denver, Ind.
Brianna Huff  BS Educational Studies Huntington, Ind.
Benjamin Jabobs  BS Marketing Laketon, Ind.
Laura Jenkins  BS Environmental Studies Sellersburg, Ind.
Jennifer Jenkins  MED Education Huntington, Ind.
Derek Jones  BS Psychology Danville, Va.
Yousra Kamoona  BS Computer Science Baghdad, Iraq
Simon Peter Kateregga  BS Computer Science Kampala, Uganda
Garrett Kautz  BS Accounting LaPorte, Ind.
Brecken Kennedy  BS Environmental Studies North Manchester, Ind.
Bailey Killinger  BS Social Work Fishers, Ind.
Christopher Kimmel  BS Management Eaton, Ohio
Jordan Kinn***  BA Education Hicksville, Ohio
Amanda Kirts  BS Medical Technology Elkhart, Ind.
Rachel Kloentrup  MAT Athletic Training Morning View, Ky.
Denis Knuth  BS Social Studies Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kyle Konarski  BS Management, Marketing Elkhart, Ind.
Angelika Konik  BS Management, Marketing Des Plaines, Ill.
Ashley Kopla  BS Chemistry Valparaiso, Ind.
Peter Kowalczyk*  BS Ath. Training, Ex. Science, Fitness Chicago, Ill.
Tyler Krempasky  BS Sport Management South Bend, Ind.
Robert Krisch  BA Accounting South Bend, Ind.
Erika Ksiezopolski  BS Educational Studies Claypool, Ind.
Jennifer Kuepper  BS Social Work Peru, Ind.
Andrew Kurtz***  BA Psychology Plymouth, Ind.
Sean Langley  BS Biology, Environmental Studies Tipton, Ind.
Kelsey Lantz  BA Psychology Wakarusa, Ind.
Rachael Larson  BS Management Pierceton, Ind.
Laura Lichauer  BS Marketing Wakarusa, Ind.
Joshua Lofton  BS Marketing, Management Indianapolis, Ind.
Alyssa Loos  BS Physics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Todd Lortie  MED Education Laotto, Ind.
Kelley Love  BS Biology-Chemistry Saint Louis, Mo.
Jennifer Maciejewski  AA Education North Manchester, Ind.
Amy Maciejewski  BS Political Science Hammond, Ind.
Karla Madrigal*  BS Biology-Chemistry Elkhart, Ind.
Brooke Mahrenholz  BS Educational Studies Vernon Hills, Ill.
James Manis  BA Management Merrillville,
Corey Marchant  BS Biology-Chemistry Prosper, Texas
Gay Maria  BA Political Science Fort Wayne, Ind.
Adam Marlatt  BA Education Kouts,
Ryan Marshall  BS Education Laotto, Ind.
Deidra Martin  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Indianapolis, ind.
Abbey Mault  MED Education Kimmel, Ind.
Gabrielle McAfee  BS History Columbia City, Ind.
Caleb McAfee  BA Psychology Ossian,
Carson McFadden  BA English Elgin, Ill.
Ryan McKee  BS Accounting Elkhart, Ind.
Caitlynn McKinney  MED Education Brazil, Ind.
Amber Melick*  BS Biology, Environmental Studies Geneva, Ind.
Lee Melling  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Elkhart, Ind.
Edward Mendez  BS Management Pembroke Pines, Fla.
Matthew Mest*  BS Management Bloomington, Ind.
Aron Miller  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Wolcottville, Ind.
Justin Miller  BS Biology-Chemistry Bristol, Ind.
Kathryn Miller*  BA Early/Mid Chldhd Generalist Winchester, Ind.
Cameron Miser  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Fort Wayne, Ind.
Dorehyl Mobley  MED Education North Manchester, Ind.
Abdikadir Moburuk  BS Educational Studies Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kurt Monix  BS Marketing, Management Crown Point, Ind.
Kathryn Moore  MED Education Rochester, Ind.
Craig Morphew  BS Physics Goshen, Ind.
Matthew Morris  BS History Bellefontaine, Ohio
Bradley Murphy*  BS Economics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kibirige Nattabi  BS Economics Kampala, Uganda
Braden Nelson  BS Sociology Angola, Ind.
Chelsea Newcomer  BS Psychology Elkhart, Ind.
Sarah Newkirk  BS Education Lakeville, Ind.
Connor Nickell  BS Management, Marketing Walkerton, Ind.
Abby Niederman*  BA English Huntington, Ind.
Rachel Nowak  BS Education Crown Point, Ind.
Jamie Osborne  BA Marketing Garrett, Ind.
Steven Otis  BS Health, Physical Education Huntertown,
Samuel Ott***  BS Religion Churubusco, Ind.
Sydney Oukrop  BS Biology-Chemistry Maineville, Ohio
Dean Ousley  BS Sport Management Peru, Ind.
Cory Overmyer  MAT Athletic Training Rochester, Ind.
Holly Pawlak  BS English Elkhart, Ind.
Brandon Pawloski  BS Accounting, Finance Michigan City, Ind.
Ian Petty  BS Finance Livonia, Mich.
Ashley Piatt  BS Educational Studies Rensselaer, Ind.
Jeremy Pogorzelski  BS Management Crown Point, Ind.
Sheila Prather  BS Social Work Denver, Ind.
David Prokop  BS Sport Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Dian Radev  BA Management, Marketing Burgas, Bulgaria
Jordan Redding  BS Athletic Training Fort Wayne, Ind.
Leigh Reed  BS Exercise Science & Fitness Huntington, Ind.
Kourtney Reed  BA Political Science, Peace Studies Bluffton, Ind.
Amber Resor  BA Social Work Troy, Ohio
Matthew Rezutko  BS Computer Science Elkhart, Ind.
Elizabeth Rhoades  BS Social Work Goshen, Ind.
Austin Rieke  BS Economics, Finance Fishers, Ind.
Jessica Rinehart  BA Communication Studies Granger, Ind.
Turner Ritchie  BS Peace Studies Richmond, Ind.
Crystal Rodriguez  BA Management Orland, Ind.
Kyle Rosenbaum  BS Accounting LaPorte, Ind.
Ashley Roth**  BA Early/Mid Chldhd Generalist Goshen, Ind.
Maranda Rude  MAT Athletic Training Liberty, Ind.
Emma Sabinske***  BS Education Warren, Ind.
Nicholas Salupo*  BS Athletic Training, Biology-Chemistry Indianapolis, Ind.
Lesley Sammons  BS Psychology, Sociology Bargersville, Ind.
Miranda Scher*  BA Athletic Training Columbia City, Ind.
Alison Schlotfeldt  BS English Education Elkhart, Ind.
Rebekah Scoles  BA Sociology Noblesville, Ind.
Justin Scott  BS Sport Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Matthew Servizzi  BS Exercise Science Loveland, Ohio
Lucas Shelly  BA Chemistry Goshen, Ind.
Shayla Shirk  BS Mathematics Education North Manchester, Ind.
Nancy Shitakha  BS Management, Marketing Kampala, Uganda
Darren Slater  BS Athletic Training Bloomington, Ind.
Anthony Smith  BS Adapted Physical Education Chesterton, Ind.
Ariel Smith  BS English North Manchester, Ind.
Charles Snyder  BS Marketing Goshen, Ind.
Jared Snyder  BA English Ellettsville, Ind.
Leigh Soderlund  BS Psychology Plymouth, Ind.
Brett Spack  BS Athletic Training Indianapolis, Ind.
Jason Spindler  BS Sport Management Harlan,
Jessica Stafford*  BS Psychology Avon,
Brittany Stevens*  BA Early/Mid Chldhd Generalist South Bend, Ind.
Jenny Stiffler  MED Education Akron, Ind.
Lisa Stojanovich  BA Marketing Hobart, Ind.
Natalie Szymkowski  BA Spanish, History LaPorte, Ind.
Heather Talley  BA Exercise Science & Fitness, Athletic Training Valparaiso, Ind.
Christopher Teeters  BS Music Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kristen Tentler*  BS Biology-Chemistry Pendleton,
Clorinda Tharp***  BS Education Winchester,
Kathleen Thayer  BS Accounting Elkhart, Ind.
Samantha Thumpston  BA Sociology Middletown, Ind.
Rodney Tigaa  BS Chemistry Navrongo, Ghana
Cori Timmons  BS Educational Studies Valparaiso, Ind.
Sarah Tobola  BA Exercise Science & Fitness London, Ontario 
Brittney Tremaine  BS Sociology Plymouth, Ind.
Kameron Troxell*  BS Mathematics Fort Wayne, Ind.
Jeffrey Turner  BS Management Shelbyville,
Chad Ulmer  BS Social Work Bourbon,
Jonathan Ulrich**  BA Peace Studies, Philosophy Richmond, Ind.
Joshua Vardaman  BS English Middletown,
Brooke Waddups  BS Ath. Training, Ex. Science, Fitness Logansport,
Stacey Ward  BS Marketing West Milton, Ohio
Hayley Weagant**  BA Exercise Science & Fitness Chico, Calif.
Kimberlee Weaver  BS Communication Studies Mishawaka,
Lauren Weaver*  BA Marketing Elkhart, Ind.
Cassandra Whitaker  BS Music Beavercreek, Ohio
Kellen Wilkening  BS Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Thonsend Willits  BS English Goshen, Ind.
Jessica Wilmer  BS Accounting, Finance Whiteland,
Bethany Wilson  BS Communication Studies Cincinnati, Ohio
Stephanie Wilson  BS Psychology Butler, Ind.
Bryan Wiltfong  BS Sociology New Carlisle, Ind.
Alex Windbigler  BS Educational Studies Knox, Ind.
Kayla Wiseman**  BA Education Morocco, Ind.
Corrine Wolpert**  BS Education Decatur, Ind.
Kayla Yates  BS Education Delphi, Ind.
Tiffany York  BS Biology Richmond, Ind.
Gisele Youth  BS Biology-Chemistry Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
John Zickmund  BS Physics Medaryville, Ind.





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