Baccalaureate Reflections from the Journey


Samantha J. Carwile ' 10

May 23, 2010


My journey here at Manchester has been a tremendous blessing. While academics were a large part of that blessing, what became even more fortunate were my experiences outside of the classroom. One of my best decisions once arriving on campus was getting involved by joining clubs, making friends and doing all that I could do to foster a healthy social life. By doing this, I quickly found a wonderful community that was conscientious, supportive and fun.

My Manchester community was Conscientious. I found that Manchester fosters caring and conscientious living. As a Peace Studies student, I was also involved in Kenapoc, the peace and justice club. I attended countless discussion groups, forums, demonstrations, conferences, and more that fueled my fire for activism. I found that Manchester values service, which enabled me to participate in numerous volunteer trips and opportunities. The Manchester community creates students who become voices of justice and compassion into the world, and I have full confidence that the Class of 2010 will do extraordinary things to make a difference in this world.

My Manchester community was Supportive. I felt encouraged throughout my time here. My professors became outstanding mentors for me; who were just as much invested in my education as I was. The Chapel became my church family that stimulated my relationship to God as well as my relationship with others. I owe most of the support I received, though, to my friends who walked my journey alongside me to grow and care for one another together. This supportive community ensured my well-being in more ways than I recognize.

My Manchester community was Fun! From trips with clubs and friends, to sharing meals twice a day, I do not remember enjoying life as much as I have in college. Participating in Camp Mack days, playing Frisbee, having movie nights, being involved in student clubs, and playing in Symphonic Band are just a few ways I managed to have fun during my time. I found Manchester to be successful in providing recreation to its students.

I am proud to call myself a Manchester graduate, not only because of its rigorous and inspiring academics, but I am proud of its sustainability of a thriving community that I could call home. Being a part of the community was crucial to my success. I became an active citizen in the community, aspiring toward the values the Manchester community upholds. As my journey continues, I hope to carry my sense of active citizenship to future communities in which I may be involved. May the journey continue to be a blessing.