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Saturday, Feb. 9: 6 p.m. dinner, 7:30 p.m. opera

Sunday, Feb. 10: 1:30 p.m. dinner, 3 p.m. opera

                             6 p.m. dinner, 7:30 p.m. opera

Manchester U offers dinner

and Puccini one-acts

to warm the heart Feb. 9-10

Manchester University presents Opera d’Amoré – a romantic Italian dinner followed by two of Puccini’s one-act operas – in three performances the weekend of Feb. 9-10.

Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi are a classic tragedy-comedy pairing of Giacomo Puccini’s short works. Suor Angelica is the tragic tale of a nun who joined a convent to hide the birth of her illegitimate son. Gianni Schicchi is a light piece about a family’s attempt to change a wealthy relative’s will.

The original score of Gianni Schicchi is set in the early 1900s. “Because greed is a timeless vice, our performance will be set in the present, and will include humorous options that Puccini would never have dreamed of – like members of the family texting each other on their cell phones,” says Debra Lynn, chair of the MU Music Department and director of Gianni Schicchi.

The menu offers lasagna (meat or vegetarian), asparagus, Caesar salad and red velvet cupcakes. Dinner is served in the upper MU Union at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 9 and at 1:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 10. The performance follows immediately across the street in Wine Recital Hall, at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday and 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Tickets for the opera and meal are $20; the opera without meal is $7. Proceeds support a 2014 overseas tour for the MU A Cappella Choir. Reservations are necessary: online at or 260-982-5426.

The casts:

Suor Angelica
Sister Angelica – Caitlin Kessler, soprano, junior biology-chemistry major from Kokomo, Ind.
Princess – Janelle Jacowski, mezzo-soprano, Garver Hall director for Manchester University
Sister Genevieve – Erika Reffitt, soprano, sophomore music major from Twelve Mile, Ind.
Abbess – Madeline Clark, mezzo-soprano, first-year psychology major from Warsaw, Ind.
Mistress of the Novices – Marjan Boogert, mezzo-soprano, MU assistant professor of history
Monitor – RaeAnne Schoeffler, mezzo-soprano, sophomore chemistry major from Richmond, Ind.
Sister Dolcina – Emilie Hunt, soprano, junior accounting major from Springboro, Ohio
Nurse – Ashley Dobrzykowski, mezzo-soprano, sophomore psychology major from Goshen, Ind.
Sister Osmina – Emily Lynn, soprano, freshman at Manchester High School
Le Converse – Miriam Zielinski, mezzo-soprano, junior music education major from South Bend, Ind.
Courtney Haines, soprano, first-year music major from Pittsboro, Ind.
Novices – Chloe Steele, soprano, freshman at Manchester High School
Megan Marie Corbran, soprano, junior at Northfield High School
Lay Sisters – Aliyah Johnson, soprano, junior sociology major from Indianapolis
Kortney Jennings, mezzo-soprano, first-year art major from Richmond, Ind.
Assistant to Angelica – Louise Magiera, mezzo-soprano, sophomore psychology major from Wheatfield, Ind.
Production Director: Shelley Ploss, MU adjunct voice professor

Gianni Schicchi
Gianni Schicchi – Jeremiah Sanders, baritone, junior music major from Marion, Ind.
Zita – Kelly Iler, mezzo-soprano, junior music education major from Kouts, Ind.
Simone – Alex Drew, baritone, senior music major from Howell, Mich.
Rinuccio – Adam Ousley, tenor, sophomore music major from Columbia City, Ind.
Gherardo - Jeremy Walters, tenor, junior political science major from North Manchester, Ind.
Nella – Ashlea Koehl, soprano, sophomore psychology major from Fort Wayne, Ind.
Marco – Michael Rueff, baritone, first-year computer science major from Indianapolis
La Ciesca – Angelina Jung, soprano, junior music major from Plymouth, Ind.
Betto – Tarek Al-Zoughbi, baritone, sophomore biology-chemistry major from South Bend, Ind.
Lauretta – Emily Lynn, soprano, 9th grader at Manchester High School
Dr. Spinelloccio – Jeremy Nevil, baritone, sophomore at Northfield High School
Nicolao – Levi Smith, baritone, first-year biology-chemistry major from Huntington, Ind.
Pinellino – Joseph Myers, baritone, junior communication studies major from Indianapolis, Ind.
Guccio – Nevil, baritone, sophomore at Northfield High School
Gherardino – Gabe Case, treble, fourth-grader at Manchester Elementary School
Buoso Donati – Oscar Erwin, senior music major from Plymouth, Ind.
Production Director: Debra Lynn, MU associate professor of music

January 2013




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