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Safety at Manchester College


A statement about the Virginia Tech tragedy

by President Jo Young Switzer


As we express our sympathy, concern and solidarity for the community of Virginia Tech, we also look to the care and safety of our Manchester College community.


Manchester College has numerous proactive plans for averting and dealing with myriad emergencies. In addition to formal emergency procedures, our students and employees immediately recognize strangers among us. To care for students with challenges, faculty and staff have developed an effective Early Alert system that brings competent attention for students who are troubled or who are struggling academically.


Key campus leaders are adjusting our emergency procedures in light of what we have learned from the Virginia Tech tragedy – particularly to ensure our communication procedures will be immediate and effective. For years, Manchester has had an extensive system of guidelines to prevent and react to a wide variety of emergencies, including, but not limited to:

  • Fire

  • Dangerous weather

  • Accidents involving biohazards

  • Disease outbreak

  • Violence, rioting and behavioral outbreaks


Immediate communication and coordination with area law enforcement and other agencies are at the foundation of many of these plans. All procedures have communication elements, and we are adding even more methods for communication. Persons who play key roles in enacting these plans have received training for their duties in the event of an emergency.


In the case of civil disturbances, we ask students, faculty, and staff to follow these general guidelines:

  • Call Safety and Security at x5999 or 982-5999 or touch the red button at the many emergency posts on campus.

  • Dial 911 or, from an on campus telephone, 9 - 911

  • Avoid the area of disturbance

  • If the disturbance is outside, stay away from doors & windows and stay inside.

  • Secure areas (lock doors, cover windows as much as possible, stay low)


For persons who need to talk, we hope you will begin with campus resources:


Manchester College is a community that communicates. We will remain alert to ways we can improve that relationship.


Jo Young Switzer


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