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A lesson in ethics
Doug Murphy, Accounting and Business Club Publications Assistant

898 Case Studies in Business Students
Accounting and Business Club leaders with Patrick Khuse

The Accounting & Business Club’s fall on-campus “field trip,” held Oct. 11 in Cordier Auditorium, was sure to be a memorable experience for 240 students who listened to Patrick Kuhse, a former stockbroker-turned-felon, motivate students to make ethical business decisions by telling them about his own sordid history.

Kuhse told students about his past as a successful financial advisor whose ambition and desire to succeed financially led him to a series of illegal acts, an escape from the FBI and, eventually, his conviction and imprisonment. Kuhse’s downfall began when a friend proposed a kickback scheme involving Oklahoma state funds. Kuhse admits that although he knew it was wrong, he rationalized his involvement with “everyone-else-is-doing-it reasoning.” When the FBI began an investigation into his activities, he fled to Costa Rica. After four years on the lam, he eventually turned himself in and was found guilty of fraud. He received a six-year prison sentence and was required to pay $4 million in restitution, a fine he continues to pay. He was released from prison after four years.

Kuhse draws on his experiences to set examples for setting personal moral standards. He regretted that he missed out on more than eight years of his life due to judgment errors he made during his professional career, he told students. His ego lead him to believe that he was entitled to what he was receiving, despite knowing that his behavior was unethical and illegal. What he failed to realize at the time, he said, was that his actions would not just affect himself, but would have a profound impact on his family and others as well. He acknowledged that his most critical mistake was defining success in terms of income, rather than personal integrity and relationships. “We all make mistakes. Own up to them and do better tomorrow,” said Kuhse.

Moving on up

898 Case Studies in Business Students

The Department of Accounting and Business looks forward to its move to the College’s $9.1 million Academic Center, which will open for classes in the fall of 2012.

The department faculty is excited about the interactive, collaborative and engaging spaces that the Academic Center will offer students, including 16 new classrooms, faculty offices, study lounges, conference rooms and more.

Having been headquartered on the third floor of the aging Administration Building for the last several decades, faculty members will also welcome a move to a climate-controlled environment, state-of-the-art pedagogical technology and accessible spaces.

An extensive transformation of the former Holl-Kintner Hall, the Academic Center will be the home to 11 academic departments and will feature a Welcome Center for admissions, an atrium and a café.

Fundraising continues for the Academic Center, including naming opportunities for classrooms, offices and other areas. Learn more about the Academic Center here.

Alumni news

Doug Kroll ’94 recently moved into a new leadership position in the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Information Technologies.
Anthony Brescol ’99 has owned his own law firm of Brescol Law Offices, PLC for the past four years.
Brenda Ramsey ’92 recently passed the Certified Financial Planner exam.

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