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Advising & Vocational Terminology


Advisor - A student’s advocate and support system on campus; someone from faculty who can help students register, think about college, think about careers, think through challenges they face on campus and at home; FYS instructor serve as first semester advisors.

BA - Bachelor of Arts, a four-year degree; requires modern language proficiency

BS - Bachelor of Science, a four-year degree, requires statistics or calculus proficiency

BCA - Manchester’s primary study abroad program. Bridge the world. Connect for peace. Act for justice.  Also referred to as Brethren Colleges Abroad

Career Profile - A Career Services appointment allowing students to take a series of career assessments, including Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, Strong Interest Inventory and Work Values exercise, to help students explore possible major fields and career fields.

Catalog - The online document that contains degree and graduation requirements, academic policies, and course descriptions. The Catalog is students’ official academic guidebook.

Center for Service Opportunities - Office that coordinates volunteer projects and service opportunities for students, faculty and staff; CSO staff develops and maintains partnerships with community organizations; oversees the Office of Volunteer Services (OVS), Indiana Reading Corps, and Pathways (see below); located on the first floor of Calvin Ulrey.

Certificates - An award given at the completion of specific career training programs. Having a certificate means that the student is qualified to enter the workforce in a particular career area. A certificate requires fewer credit hours to complete than an associate's degree.

Chapel - Petersime Chapel, at the south end of the mall, is the hub of Religious Life on campus. “Chapel” is also used sometimes as the name for the optional weekly worship service held at 5:55 p.m. Tuesdays in Petersime.

Core - Short for Manchester Core: A Program in the Liberal Arts – a set of academic requirements students must complete to graduate

Corequisite - If a course has a corequisite, you must take the two courses during the same semester.

Course Code - Each course is assigned a six-digit code (three letters and three numbers), along with a three-digit section number to use when signing up for classes. Example: Principles of Marketing, BUS-130-001. The first three digits describe the subject (BUS for business), followed by the course number (130 for Principles of Marketing). Since Manchester offers the same courses at different times, with different instructors, each class also has a three-digit number to designate the specific class time (001).

Course Load - The number of credit hours students take during a semester.

Credit Hours - The amount of credit students receive for completing a specific course.

Curriculum - A set of courses for a particular program.

Drop/Add - The procedure by which you may change your class schedule by dropping or adding a course without penalty after initial enrollment.

D2L - Computer-based course support system used by some professors to list class assignments, grades, etc.

Electives - Courses taken that are not required in a major or as a Core requirement (see above)

EOM - Election of Major/Minor – a procedure and form completed by students by the end of the sophomore year

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center - This is an online career library that students can search to find “job profiles” for thousands of professions; located on the Career Services website.  Job profiles include details on responsibilities of the job, qualifications, salaries, job market & professional associations

Full-time - Meaning, Full Time Students—Anyone taking 12 credit hours or more during the fall or spring semesters, or six or more credit hours during the summer semester.

FYS - First Year Seminar – classes all first year students take in the fall to study a specific topic, focus on writing skills and learning strategies for succeeding in college.

FYS Activities - Required activities for all students in FYS focused on helping students connect to campus resources and experience programs related to Manchester’s values.

Gateway - Portal to the MU website specifically for MU students, faculty and staff.  Important announcements and messages are posted here, access to ChetAdvisor (see below).

GPA - Grade Point Average - a numerical summary of grades, based on a 4.0 scale in which A=4.0, A-=3.7, B+=3.3, B=3.0, etc.

Hours - Also called credit or semester hours, one credit hour refers to the equivalent of one hour of in-class meeting time per week for an entire semester

Intercultural Center - Multicultural student center located across the street from the Ad Bldg, open to all 

Internship - Also called clinical or field experience. Provides an opportunity for students to apply what they've learned in the classroom in a supervised work setting. May be for academic credit or not, may be paid or unpaid, may be full or part time.

January Session-A three-week academic session between fall and spring semesters, in which students enroll in a single class

Job Shadow - An opportunity for students to spend time (typically a day) with a professional to observe their work and ask questions.

Kenopoc - (KEEN-oh-poke) Short for the Kenopocomoco Coalition, a discussion group open to all that meets weekly to discuss a wide range of topics

Manchester Connect - A database of Manchester alumni who have volunteered to help current students with their career explorations by answering questions, completing informational interviews, hosting a student at their work site, and/or hosting an intern.  Manchester Connect is accessible via Spartan Jobs (see below).

Major - A set of courses and requirements designed to help students develop academic and professional expertise; required for graduation

MBTI - Myers-Briggs Type Inventory is an assessment used to help determine a person’s four-letter psychological type.  Career Services uses this assessment to help students explore career options based on their personality type.

Minor - A set of courses designed to complement a major or to develop a special area of interest; not required for graduation

Mock Interview - A practice interview with a Career Services’ staff member that is taped and reviewed so the participant can learn and practice good interviewing skills.

Nonprofit Internship Experience Awards - Annual opportunity for students to apply for an award to fund their summer internship at a nonprofit organization in Indiana; funded by a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Pathways - An opportunity for students to apply for grant funds to do an intensive service-based summer internship.

Prerequisite - An introductory course that must be taken before the next level course. Prerequisites are listed in the catalog and in each semester's class schedule.

Registrar - The person who keeps track of grades, registration for courses, assigns classrooms, and lets students know how they are progressing towards graduation

Registration - The process of enrolling in classes

SCE - Senior Comprehensive Evaluation - a graduation requirement for all students

Semesters - The fall semester lasts 16 weeks between August and December. The spring semester is 16 weeks from February to May. Also see January Session. The regular summer sessions are divided into three blocks and generally last five weeks each from June through August. Check the course schedule for details.

Service Engagement - Volunteer experience that connects concepts in the classroom to service experiences in the community

Service Learning - Applying academic resources (knowledge & expertise of students and faculty) to address community needs; typically for credit and highly incorporated into a class

Spartan Jobs - An online database of all on-campus, internship, part-time and full-time job openings for MU students, alumni, staff & faculty.

Success Center - A central location where students can learn about free tutoring, study skills assistance, career exploration, study abroad opportunities and other academic services, located on the 2nd floor of the JYSC.

The Source - MU’s student handbook

Strong Interest Inventory - An online assessment used to help determine a person’s interests which can help students identify possible career options. All first year students take the Strong Interest Inventory as part of their FYS class.

Syllabus - A document that lists a course's objectives and requirements. Each instructor distributes a syllabus at the beginning of the semester.  Syllabi for all classes can be viewed on Gateway. Gateway > Departments > Academic Affairs > Public Documents > Syllabi

Transcript - This document is a complete record of all courses taken and grades received at Manchester. It is available in the Registrar’s Office (or on Gateway).

Transfer Programs - Curriculum that can be applied toward bachelor's degree programs at four-year colleges and universities.

VIA events - Values, Ideas and the Arts (sometimes called ‘Convo’). VIA events are held at 3:30 p.m. on some Tuesdays, some evenings and weekends.  The VIA schedule is available on the MU website. This is a graduation requirement.

Vocation - A calling; an intentional career path that reflects a person’s values and sense of purpose

ChetAdvisor - On-line system listing students’ grades, transcripts, schedule of classes, VIA attendance, and personal information

Withdrawal - The process of discontinuing enrollment in a course or courses. A grade of "W" is recorded on the student transcript. No refund of tuition is given.

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