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Create an Internship Program

Step One: Identify Significant Internship Projects

The key to a successful internship is providing challenging and productive work assignments. When considering internship projects, look at current business activities and consider what ongoing work you would like to expand, or projects you would like to initiate or complete. Consider projects that are beneficial to your organization and are good learning experiences for students.

Interns benefit from interesting work on real teams. Students want to learn from real-world experience, to work with professionals in their field, and to make a meaningful contribution to your organization. You can benefit from the intern's energy and academic training. Assigning interns significant projects benefits students from an educational and employment standpoint and maximizes the return on your investment in the internship.

Step Two: Find a Supervisor on Site

The selection of a site supervisor can have a significant impact on the success of your internship program. The best supervisor is someone who is interested in teaching others, understands the organization and its operating procedures, and can develop quality work assignments for students. A supervisor or mentor can ensure a successful internship by guiding the student through the organization, providing advice and training, and helping with problems. Good supervisors not only help students learn, they also help the company learn about the student as potential full-time hire.

Step Three: Write a Job Description

A detailed job description can enhance your changes of getting the most qualified candidates to apply for your position. Job descriptions should include:

  • Company Information (name, short description, website)
  • Primary responsibilities of the intern (major projects, regular activities)
  • Internship logistics (length of internship, full or part time schedule, payment and/or other benefits for students)
  • Application Process (required skills and experience, application materials, submission deadlines, and contact information)

Step Four: Advertise & Find an Intern

The Manchester University Office of Career Services can help! Post your internship on Spartan Jobs and we'll advertise it to students.

In addition, we can arrange on-campus interview space and establish an interview schedule based on your preference for time length and number of interviews. To arrange an on-campus interview recruiting date, contact Betty Butterbaugh, recruiting coordinator, at (260) 982-5242 or email. Interview dates can be scheduled for the fall and spring semesters. Interview schedules are open sign-up for students unless you prefer otherwise.


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