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Junior Year


General Activities:

  • Attend a professional conference
  • Join campus organizations, activities and professional organizations in your chosen field
  • Take electives and special problems courses to enhance qualifications
  • Experience internships, practicum and work in your chosen career field
  • Network with professionals in your selected career field
  • Develop a list of potential employers

Work with Career Services:

  • Use career resources in the career library and on the OCS website to explore alternative career plans
  • Read job vacancy newsletters and browse websites to heighten awareness of positions
  • Attend workshops and seminars
  • Update or write a résumé from your list of activities and experiences
  • Investigate graduate school options
  • Attend job fairs


  • Ask your student if they have updated or written a résumé
  • Internships are extremely important-encourage your student to pursue internship opportunities
  • Help them find an internship by connecting them with your friends or colleagues in their career field of interest
  • Find out if they want to go to graduate school. If so, help them to investigate options
  • Let your student know that OCS workshops are available and they should take advantage of them
  • Encourage your student to use resources in the career library and on the OCS website to explore career plans



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