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Sophomore Year


General Activities:

  • Evaluate work values and current skill levels
  • Explore and determine preliminary major/career choice
  • Continue talking with professionals to learn about career options
  • Seek leadership roles through campus activities or volunteer service
  • Secure summer work and continue building a good work reputation
  • Develop professional skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication

Work with Career Services:

  • Take the career assessment or talk with a career counselor
  • Participate in the Career Network Program to do information interviews
  • Explore career options in the career library and on the OCS website
  • Update your list of activities and experiences and/or résumé


  • Do not push your student to declare a major. If your student is unsure of a major, remind them that they could do a career assessment with OCS for suggested career areas they might want to research.
  • Just because you think a major is "practical" does not mean they should major in it
  • Make sure your student knows that faculty are willing to help him/her out
  • Extracurricular involvement is very important, especially ones related to their chosen field
  • Start talking to your student about the importance of networking
  • It is never to late for them to start their résumé
  • Encourage your student to use resources in the career library and on the OCS website to explore career options




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