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Senior Year


General Activities:

  • Discuss career plans with faculty and counselors
  • Collect references from faculty and employers
  • Plan and implement job search or graduate school campaign

Work with Career Services:

  • Finalize résumé and develop a cover letter
  • Complete an mock interview
  • Participate in on-campus interviewing (if appropriate)
  • Attend job fairs
  • Regularly check Spartan Jobs and search websites
  • Research companies which offer the type of work you seek
  • Network with friends, family and people employed in your field
  • Visit company websites for information about job vacancies
  • Email or mail resumes and cover letters to employers for actual openings
  • Contact targeted employers, inquiring about possible openings


  • Keep in touch and discuss your student's career plans
  • Make suggestions of people with whom they can network including friends, family and people employed in your student’s field
  • Offer assistance by sending information on jobs in their career field when you come across them
  • Do not help too much
  • Remind your student to inquire about on-campus interviewing opportunities
  • Find out if they have finalized their résumé and developed a cover letter
  • Let your student know that workshops are available and they should take advantage of them
  • Encourage your student to utilize Career Services and Spartan Jobs
  • Support them through everything. This can be a hard time for you as parents and them as job and career seekers!




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