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Undergraduate Employment Guarantee

Since 1995, Manchester University has offered an employment guarantee for baccalaureate graduates:

If, at six months following graduation with a baccalaureate degree, a baccalaureate graduate of Manchester University has not secured employment or enrollment in a graduate program* after an appropriate effort to obtain it, he or she can return to the University for additional undergraduate courses and career preparation for one year without a charge for tuition.

To qualify for this guarantee, students will need to follow a prescribed program of preparation before graduation that supplements their course of study. This includes:

  • aggressively seeking employment or admission to graduate school
  • completing an internship and/or successful campus employment
  • participating in at least one significant campus extracurricular activity and/or extensive volunteer service
  • fully utilizing Office of Career Services career assistance and employment preparation
  • receiving a positive letter of recommendation from their academic advisor

This program is open to any student who meets the criteria as specified.  Baccalaureate graduates may apply any time between 6-12 months after their graduation. Call the Office of Career Services at 260-982-5242 for program details.

* Graduate program guarantee requires the application threshold and requirement of the graduate institution be met in order to qualify.

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