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Internship Creation Guide

Set Your Goals

Think about what you are looking for in an internship. The better you understand what you want to gain from an internship, the more likely you are to have a successful internship experience. Useful questions are:

  • Why do I want an internship?
  • What do I want to learn from an internship?
  • What sort of company or organization would enable me to learn those things?
  • Where do I want the internship to be situated?
  • How much time do I want to spend at the internship?

Identify Companies

Make a list of companies where you might like to work.

Do some research on each company (Use Google, company websites, etc.). You’ll want to know a little about the company prior to contacting them. If at all possible, try to find contact names.

Make a position description. Describe what you would like to do in detail. The more information you have about what you would like to do in the internship, the more likely you are to be able to describe it to potential employers.

Once you have generated a "Target Company" list, and a description of what you would like to do, contact each one to propose an internship to them.

Call, email, or send a letter to the company. Typically this will go to the Human Resources department unless you have a specific contact name at the company. Email or hard copy may be a better first step if you do not have a specific contact at the organization.

Make Contact

By phone:

  • Be prepared to leave voice mail messages.
  • Ask if you may forward your resume.
  • Keep the conversation brief

By letter (Email or Hard Copy):

  • Write a self-introduction. Let reader know you will follow up with a phone call.
  • Get the correct spelling of names, titles, and addresses.
  • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if requesting more information.

Sample Telephone Script

Hello, my name is _____________________________. May I please speak with ___________________________? OR

Hello, my name is __________________________. I would like to speak with the _____________________department head, could you give me his/her name please?

Once you have the person on the telephone:

Hello, (their name), my name is _________________________. I am a student at Manchester University and am majoring in ________________________. I have been researching your company and am interested in possibly discussing an internship idea I have developed with you. I have considerable experience and knowledge in ______________________________ and feel that your company would be a great opportunity to apply those skills. Would it be possible for us to meet to discuss a possible internship?

When sending your resume, cover letter and internship proposal by hard copy, make sure you print them on quality resume paper. Also, do not fold your documents, use letter-size envelopes. Presentation is important!

Always ask for a meeting to discuss an internship. If you are told an internship is not an option, ask for an informational meeting. The more information you can gather about the industry you are interested in, the more likely you are to find the right experience!

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