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Welcome to Family Connections!

If you follow stories in the popular press about college trends, you’ll know that we parents of college students are a sorry bunch. We’re called “helicopter parents,” hovering over our kids. In my work at Manchester and as the parent of a Manchester junior and a recent MC graduate, I see the best and the worst of this hovering, smothering, protecting, encouraging behavior in myself and others.

The bottom line for all of us at Manchester – faculty and administrators alike – is student success. We know that families are equally passionate about seeing students make the most out of their MC investment and accomplish their goals. 

Dave McFadden The purpose of this new family newsletter is to give you some tools and ideas for contributing to that success, to connect you to people at the College who can help, and to keep you informed about what is happening at Manchester.  Let us know if what we share is helpful. Enjoy!

David McFadden '82
Executive Vice President

Family Weekend is September 29-30

Family Weekend and Homecoming are combined this year, providing many fun family events:

  • Four on-campus athletic contests;
  • Current student/alumni joint performances with the A Cappella Choir and the Symphonic Band;
  • President Switzer speaking at the Friday evening dinner and the Saturday breakfast in the Big Top on the Mall;
  • Two classes specifically for parents on “Pandemic Flu” and “;”
  • A tailgate party on Saturday at noon;
  • And a high energy group called “Recycled Percussion” on Saturday evening rounding out the weekend. 

Click here to check out the full range and times of activities.

Campus resources to help students succeed

To assist new students in their adjustment to college life, Manchester College provides specific training to all primary advisors, hall directors, resident assistants (RAs), and student orientation leaders (SOLs) on issues that transitioning students may face. 

Students, staff, and faculty also use the Early Alert program ( to notify staff about students who might need help on campus. Students may be referred if they are missing classes frequently, experiencing emotional difficulties, or for other concerns so that they may be linked to appropriate resources. Families may also refer their student to Early Alert (some have already done so during advising and registration days over the summer).

On our Counseling Services website, you'll find lots of helpful information, including a section especially for parents of first-year students. Please look through the site for hints on how to support your student and for additional resources.

Counseling Services are confidential and free. Students wanting a confidential person with whom to talk may make an appointment by contacting Kelly Hippensteel, secretary for Health and Counseling Services, at ext. 5306.

Advice from Students

When asked to reflect on their experiences of beginning college at Manchester last fall, five sophomores give advice to parents and students as the new school year begins.

Melissa Webb “Encourage your student to stay at Manchester for at least the first month of school. By staying on campus, students develop relationships and make MC a second home.”

Melissa Webb
Noblesville, IN
Ashlee Brown “Encourage your student to get out and meet people, to get involved in activities and to get to know their next door neighbors and others on their hall.”

Ashlee Brown
Hamilton, IN
Ustav Hanspal “Try to connect and communicate with friends and the faculty.  Study hard but make time for fun. Learn how to manage your time and don’t worry too much! There’s always someone around who will be ready to help you if needed.”

Utsav Hanspal
New Delhi, India
Ben Hoover “Be encouraging of your student – especially if they feel homesick. Encourage them to stay on campus and get involved in clubs and intramural sports. Building relationships with others is the key!”

Ben Hoover
Noblesville, IN

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