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ISSUE #36 April/May 2011

101 Days to Commencement

Make your plans for Graduation Day

Graduation Day 2011 is Sunday, May 22, and the Manchester College campus will be abuzz with excited students, satisfied faculty and proud parents and siblings. Baccalaureate Service starts at 11 a.m., no tickets required, and Commencement is at 2:30 p.m. Graduates are entitled to five reserved tickets for Commencement to share with family and friends, and unreserved seating is available for those without tickets. Doors open at 1:30, and unreserved seating fills up quickly, so come early! Visit our Graduation Day website for all the details.

Register now for next year’s classes

As the 2010-2011 school year wraps up, it's already time to start planning for next year. Online registration for summer session 2011 through spring semester 2012 opens April 12, starting with graduate students, followed by staggered opening dates for each class.

Students can register online until April 29 or visit the Office of the Registrar until May 19, when registration closes.

Continuing students should select their courses with the assistance of their academic advisor, who must sign their Course Request form to approve registration. New students will enroll during Summer Orientation Days or individually with the registrar.

All students are encouraged to make their class choices as early as possible. Find complete registration schedules and instructions on the Office of the Registrar web page.

Speaking of class registration … 

Have you or your student considered off-campus study opportunities during January session? A number of courses are offered each January that take students for study across the U.S. and abroad. January 2012 will find students studying theatre in England, business in the Czech Republic, economic development in India, psychology in Hawaii, American pop culture at Disneyland and Spanish language in Spain, among other offerings.

Now is the time to begin planning for January session study. Registration opens according to the schedule in the previous article, and most classes accept students into the fall semester. Students should consult with individual instructors about details, including travel fees, for each class. Find more information about January session on the registrar's registration page. See photos of past January session classes in our Photo Album.

Assistant Professor Joe Messer took a January 2010 business class to Australia

End of Semester Anxieties – How Can You Help?
Danette Norman Till - director of counseling services

As we approach the end of the semester and spring begins to arrive, students experience a variety of feelings – from spring fever, to anxiety over end-of-semester demands, to anticipation of summer. Here are some reminders about what your student may be experiencing and how you, as a parent, might assist your student.

It's not unusual for students nearing the end of the school year to experience:

  • End of semester pressure
  • Excitement with arrival of spring
  • Final exam anxiety
  • Worries about finding summer employment
  • Apprehension about returning home for summer
  • Sadness over leaving new friendships and/or love relationships at school
  • Realization of how college influences life decisions

How can parents help?

  • Encourage use of campus resources:
  • Listen, encourage and acknowledge your student's stress.
  • Send written notes of encouragement (snail mail, not just electronic messages) and care packages.
  • Affirm your student’s good decision-making skills and your faith in him/her.
  • Encourage positive stress reducers – taking a brief walk, changing study locations, regular sleep and eating schedule.
  • Dialogue openly about summer and expectations.
  • Support feelings of sadness (don’t take it as your student not wanting to return home or not loving you).
  • Be aware of your own sense of loss while having your student gone, and now transition of the student’s return home for summer.
  • Accept your student’s changes; try not to second guess or challenge.
  • Ask questions to genuinely learn about the changes/growth, not to correct.

Adapted in part from Mullendore, R.H. an d Hatch, C. (2000).

Dates you should know
12-29 Registration for 2011-2012 classes
22-24 Easter Break (classes dismiss 6 p.m. April 21; resume 8 a.m.
April 25)
16-19 Final examinations
22 Graduation Day
24 Start summer session I (online classes only)
6 Start summer session II
7, 14, 21, 27 Summer Orientation Days for new students
8 Start summer session III

Extend Family Connections to Grandparents

Are Grandma and Grandpa asking what's going on in your MC Student's life? Click here to fill out a simple form we'll include them in the mailing list for Family Connections and invite them to campus for special events!

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