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ISSUE #37 June/July 2011

101 Days to Commencement

Manchester College continues campus transformation
with new Academic Center

Manchester College is transforming the learning environment for its business and liberal arts students with construction of a $7.5 million Academic Center on its North Manchester campus.

In just 14 months, the 52-year-old Holl-Kintner Hall will open as an Academic Center fine-tuned to 21st century challenges and opportunities – merging contemporary learning with timeless liberal arts study. The renovation represents several important Manchester College values, said President Jo Young Switzer. “We want to use our resources responsibly, we are careful stewards and strategic planners and we are putting students first.”

Just as the College’s 6-year-old Science Center directly across the mall enhances learning and enrollment in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics, environmental studies, pre-med and pre-pharmacy, the Academic Center poses a perfect opportunity for similar growth in the liberal arts.

Read full news release >

Health forms due soon – don’t wait!

Okay, we know ... nobody likes to fill out forms. But this is pretty important stuff, and we've made it as easy as we could ...
so let's get down to business, shall we?

Health insurance
All Manchester College students are required to be covered by health insurance and, by default, are automatically enrolled in the College’s student health insurance plan. However, if you have pre-existing coverage with another play, you may waive this coverage by completing the online Waiver/Enrollment Form. If you do not waive coverage, your student’s tuition account will be charged and he/she will receive coverage for the year. If at any time during the school year pre-existing coverage is lost, students will need to contact Student Financial Services to sign up for College-provided insurance.

If you elect to subscribe to the College’s health insurance plan, use the online Waiver/Enrollment Form to choose your plan options. Please read the plan thoroughly before making your decision. If you belong to a managed care plan (HMO), consult your primary care provider or a service representative regarding benefits for medical care while at college. Many managed care plans won’t provide benefits for patients out of the service area or if care is provided by an "out-of-network" provider.

Whether waiving or subscribing to the College's plan, ALL students (new and returning) must complete the online Waiver/Enrollment Form by Aug. 1 (requires login to Gateway*).

Health History Form
First-year students must also submit a Health History Form by July 1. A physical examination and a record of immunizations are requirements of the form.

See Health Services’ Information for New Students page to find out more.

*See these instructions for logging into Gateway.
Having trouble? Email or call 260-982-5454.

Move-in Day is just around the corner

Summer goes fast, and before you know it, you’ll be moving your student into his/her residence hall at Manchester. Check out this article from a previous issue of Family Connections for some great tips about Move-in Day.

Especially for first-year students

Is your first-year student ready to attend Manchester College this fall? If you have questions about what to bring, what to plan for, and when to arrive on campus, you'll want to visit our new student web page. It’s designed to be your one stop shop for everything you and your student need to know between now and move-in day, including helpful information about textbooks, class scheduling, room dimensions, computers, meal plans, automobile registration, and much, much more.

Returning students will find it useful, too!

Dates you should know
21, 27 Summer Orientation Days for new students
15 Fall payment due
27-30 New Student Orientation
31 Fall semester begins

Extend Family Connections to Grandparents

Are Grandma and Grandpa asking what's going on in your MC Student's life? Click here to fill out a simple form we'll include them in the mailing list for Family Connections and invite them to campus for special events!

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