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ISSUE #46 June/July 2013

It’s time to do your to-do list

Seems like summer just started, doesn’t it? But it’s already time to start gearing up for a new school year at Manchester, with classes beginning Aug. 28, and it will be here before you know it. This “Back to School” issue of Family Connections is designed to prepare you to mark some “to-do” items off your checklist, and make sure you’re on track to get your student off to Manchester.

Will your student be a first-year student? Make sure to visit, where you’ll find a lot of great information, especially for new students, collected all in one place. If your student is returning to Manchester, then you probably know the drill. But there are a lot of dates and deadlines you’ll need to know, so use this issue to mark your personal calendar. It’s going to be another year of discovery and growth for Manchester students, and we’re ready for them to return! Are you?

Looking for a job?

Many Manchester students get part-time jobs on campus to help pay their bills or have spending cash, and having a campus job can be a great learning experience. The University employs a lot of students for anything from campus tour guides to kitchen help to office assistants to departmental interns. Many jobs get advertised before the school year begins, so it’s best to act early!

For students interested in finding a campus job in the fall, the Office of Human Resources has some information to share: how to apply, what forms need to be completed, and what ID to bring along. Students returning to previous employment will also have some steps to follow before they can get back on the job.

You’ll find all that information and some helpful links here:

Making a home away from home sweet home

About 75 percent of MU students live on campus in one of five residence halls. It’s community living at its finest, and Manchester does as much as possible to make it comfortable and conducive to learning.

What should you bring to campus? How big is my room? Can I build a loft? Can I have a pet warthog? The answers to these questions (except the last one, and that answer is “no”) can be found on the web pages for the Office of Residential Life. You’ll also find room photos and some handy-dandy forms here, plus an opportunity to meet hall directors and RAs (They’re the go-to folks on your floor when you need assistance).

Make sure to visit this website for valuable resources related to campus living:

Health forms due soon – don’t wait!

Health insurance
All Manchester University students are required to be covered by health insurance and are automatically enrolled in the University’s student health insurance plan. If you have pre-existing coverage with another play, you may waive this coverage by completing the online Waiver/Enrollment Form. If you do not waive coverage, your student’s tuition account will be charged and he/she will receive coverage for the year. If at any time during the school year pre-existing coverage is lost, students will need to contact Student Financial Services to sign up for University-provided insurance.

If you elect to subscribe to the University’s health insurance plan, use the online Waiver/Enrollment Form to choose your plan options. Please read the plan thoroughly before making your decision. If you belong to a managed care plan (HMO), consult your primary care provider or a service representative regarding benefits for medical care while your student is at college. Many managed care plans won’t provide benefits for patients out of the service area or if care is provided by an "out-of-network" provider.

Whether waiving or subscribing to the University's plan, ALL students (new and returning) must complete the online Waiver/Enrollment Form by Aug. 1 (requires login to Gateway*).

Visit Health Services web page on Health Insurance to find out more:

Paying the bill is no fun, but it doesn’t have to be painful

We know, college is expensive. The value comes in knowing that your student’s chance to succeed in a career and, ultimately, his/her quality of life is greatly enhanced with a college degree. That’s why 100 percent of Manchester students receive financial aid, and we try to help ease the difficulty of the student loan process with help from the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS).
For incoming new students who need to complete their Federal Direct Loan application, SFS offers some advice. These steps are required to be completed before Manchester University will be able to receive your Federal Direct Loan funds (Subsidized, Unsubsidized).

  Step 1. Complete your online Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling session
    o Go to
o Sign in using your Federal Student Aid PIN
o Click - Complete Counseling (Entrance, Financial Awareness, and Exit)
o Under Entrance Counseling click-Start
  Step 2. Complete your Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note
    o Click- Complete Master Promissory Note
o Click - Subsidized/Unsubsidized

Reminder: Fall semester balances are due Aug. 5.

Questions? The staff at SFS is glad to help.

Yes, we still use books

Technology is valuable and well-utilized in Manchester’s curriculum, but there are some things you can get from a text book that just can’t be replaced by technology. Your student can start ordering books now, before the rush hits the Campus Store.

Follow this link and click on “Books.”

Dates you should know
1 Health Insurance Waiver form due
5 Fall Billing statements due
22 International Student Orientation
24-27 New Student Welcome Week
28 Classes begin
4 Homecoming and Family Weekend
14-15 Fall Break

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