Name: Alivia
Hometown: Middletown, IN
Major: Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience
Grad Year: 2015

Why attend MU: I visited two colleges: IU and MU. It took me no time at all to decide that MU was right for me! It is such a welcoming environment and just felt like home!

Favorite thing: The professors! I love that I can just walk into their offices without making appointments, that they know me by name and by my personality inside and outside of the classroom, and that they will literally sit in their office with you for hours if you need help or just for a mental breakdown!

Never expected: I never expected to get involved in the research projects that I have. I never saw myself as doing research in any way, but I have now been a part of 3 projects and I love it!

I found: Family! The people here are people that I will have connections with for a lifetime.